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I haven't mentioned it here, but a number of you know that my brother and I are Japan trippin' this August! I'm looking for recs for places to see/foods to eat/things to do, approximately on the following schedule, so if there are any must-sees you can think of, lay 'em on me. For you Japan-side folks, if you're around these parts at these times and you wouldn't mind a quick meal/whatever with me (and my awkward but well-meaning brother), I'd love to meet up. :D

Here's what our schedule looks like, because my brother is much more ambitious about getting around to everywhere than I think is realistic:


09 (R) - arrive Thursday night

10-11 (F-S) - Tokyo

12 (Su) - Nagoya

13-14 (M-T) - Kyoto

15-16 (W-R) - Osaka

17 (F) - Hiroshima

18 (S) - Yokohama/Tokyo

19-20 (Su-M) - Tokyo, depart Monday afternoon

Let me know what's up where. :3

Date: 2012-07-05 08:08 (UTC)
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I should be able to make room in my schedule to hang with you guys in Osaka! I'm not sure yet what my job schedule will be at that point, so I can't really give any further particulars as of yet.

In Nagoya, definitely eat Miso Katsudon. It's really delicious :9

If you have time in Hiroshima, take the ferry to Miyajima Island and see the tiny deer and super cool shrine! Hiroshima in a day is pretty doable, in my experience: a few years back a friend and I visited and we went to the A-bomb museum, rode the cool trolley, visited Miyajima, and ate Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki twice. :D

Osaka tourism recs: Osaka castle is nice, there's a big park right by it that's very pleasant to walk through. The Umeda Sky Building at night is great if you're into looking at night scenery. Also in Umeda is the ferris wheel at Hep Five which I'm told has a very good view as well.

For me, though, Osaka is all about the Namba area and its vicinity, which is where you can find Shinsaibashi/America Mura/awesome shopping, Dotonbori where you can eat all the awesome food the city has to offer (and also look at the river from the many bridges), Nippombashi which is where I live XD and where you can find Den-Den town, which is basically Osaka's Akihabara: lots of electronics, figurine shops, and maid cafes.

As far as what to eat in Osaka: okonomiyaki of course, and takoyaki, but one of my favorite Osaka foods is kushikatsu, which is basically an assortment of delicious fried stuff on sticks, which you dip into delicious sauce.


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