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After talking to my parents, I've come to the decision to stick around at home for a little more -- try to find a job at the university, maybe (because it's easiest to work here), and live at home and save up money. It'll give me the time to really get together a fund for whenever I'm ready to move out for good. In the meantime, I'm going to try to see if I can't find some freelance translation work to do on the side of whatever full-time job I have, so that I'm developing those skills that I want to use in the future.

Part of me finds it incredibly frustrating to have finished an advanced degree and to come home and still be dependent on my parents, but I do think this'll be a good opportunity to save up money and make the necessary preparations for being truly financially independent when the time comes. My worry, of course, is that I'll be stuck at home working at a university I don't like in a community that has nothing in the way of how I want to develop my career, but free room and board is pretty great, and the prospect of having enough money that I won't constantly be worrying about how to pay for basic necessities is enticing. That's the kind of equilibrium I want to establish earlier than later (and frankly something I need a lot of practice at).

I had impromptu lunch with my boss (who at times becomes my mentor) today, and she mentioned another aspect of staying at home that I really hadn't considered before: Being at home would give me the opportunity to get to know my parents as adults, and to develop an adult-to-adult relationship with them that I wouldn't have been able to when I was younger. I think that'd be a really wonderful thing to develop with them, because off on my own, I'm known to not contact them for months at a time. I guess I'll see what I can soak up while I'm here.

So yeah, cautiously optimistic about staying at home. Still hoping the staying part doesn't last too long, because I really want a job doing something I like. Also, a cat. :<
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