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... just how hot MoriEiji is. I mean, like, wow. Srsly.

And I hate that the sentence doesn't flow as well as "I can't believe I've forgotten...", but I had to set up the post properly.

But really. I wish I hadn't had to sell my *pnish* panic days book, but I think it was necessary. Or maybe I just need to stop spending money.

In other news, I'll be selling all of the doujinshi I have (miscellaneous doujin-ka first (including a bunch I bought from [ profile] emiriya) and Cheap Soup after I've scanned them all) when I get back to school. I'd make a list now, but I don't remember all of them and their stats. BUT if you'd like to take a gander at what I have (all ToriShishi) before I open it up to the public for a good old-fashioned auction-style sale, let me know.
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I realize that the people on my friends list who regularly read updates from the tenimyu-related communities will already know all this, but I really have to comment.

Kamakari's getting an idol DVD. )

But look at the pretty pictures (Katou, Saitou, and Kamakari)! Aw, why so angsty, Kenta-kun [I just want to eat you asdfafhlasgflasj]?

Enough of that.

quick blurb about Christmas )

I hope everyone has a nice rest-of-the-holidays, even if you didn't have particularly Merry Christmases. ;_;
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October 2nd is Scandia's birthday. Dunno if I ever said it, though, so happy belated birthday! ^^;;;;;;;;

October 3rd is MoriEiji's birthday. <333 He's so funny... ><;;

October 4th is Atobe's birthday, and as a tribute to his wonderful voice, I'm using a little clip of his "ore-sama no BIGI ni yoi na" when I start up my computer (and if you're curious, I'm using a clip of MoriEiji saying some stuff I don't understand but sounding really cool as my shutdown clip). :D

October 7th is Tezuka-buchou's birthday. Love for Buchou, people, love for Buchou~...

October 10th is Ayu-chan's birthday, even though she refuses to tell people because she's afraid of people forgetting or whatever. -_-

October 11th is Mrs. Chismar's birthday, and we all ("all" as in me, Beth, Claire, and Bobby) remember that amazingly happy-fuzzy Econ Elite moment we had after school - Danny brought cake and candles, and we all gathered in Mrs. Chismar's office, huddled around her desk (all nine of us) while we sang her happy birthday.

October 14th is Alan's birthday! I spent the day using up my eighteen "Alan's face" comments. (Beth can tell you the tale about the last one, which I promised would be nice and ended up being something insane like "Alan's face is heaven." XDD)

There are lots of other awesome birthdays in October (and if someone reading this also has an October birthday and I didn't mention it/forgot it/got the date wrong, sorry!!), but the best is yet to come. Yes, oh, yes, my glorious eighteenth is coming up this weekend, so I'm getting my parents to buy me stuff. Well, buy me more stuff (my mom got me the latest Series of Unfortunate Events book (suhweet!), but I can't read it yet since I haven't read the previous eleven... XD Additionally, Diki got me a stuffed neko-Kyo ("nekyo"? XD) from Furuba and the first Yotsuba&! graphic novel... it's amazingly cute and funny, but predictably, it's cheesy-stupid Azumanga humor that isn't terribly sophisticated and is sometimes difficult to appreciate since it's so... stupid)... So yeah, since my quest for birthday gifts is neverending, I decided to look up the *pnish* panic days photobook (I want it!!!! ><), but I could only find it on websites that export from Japan as opposed to importing into the US before shipping domestically. What does that leave me with?

1. Don't get *pnish* panic days because my parents don't want to deal with the shipping even though the book itself is, like, $17. And so what if the shipping is 2-3x the actual cost of the book? It's for a good cause!! [insert selfish pout here]
2. Find some domestic store that'll special order it for me so that I can get it eventually.

You know me. I'm not a watch-as-it-happenser, I'm a make-it-happener.

To: )

I thought the textbook "to whom it may concern" line was good... Maybe they'll actually take me seriously (again, you know me... it's tough for me to be completely serious in writing).

But yeah, in other news, I was sick yesterday. Really sick. Dreadfully sick. Woke-up-at-four-but-literally-started-sobbing-because-I-couldn't-move-a-frickin'-muscle-and-pull-myself-out-of-bed-to-go-to-the-bathroom-till-six sick. Wrenched-my-screaming-body-back-into-bed-and-called-my-dad-downstairs-via-cellphone-begging-him-to-bring-me-water-and-medicine sick. Was-cold-on-my-bed-but-couldn't-raise-my-arms-enough-to-get-more-cuddled-under-the-covers sick. Writhed-in-bed-from-a-throbbing-headache-and-a-terrible-fever-and-achey-Lupusiness-when-I-could-move-several-hours-later sick.

I haven't been that sick in a while.

Mercifully, my parents let me recover at home today. Mommy and Daddy went to Purdue yesterday (that's how they delivered Diki's presents for me) and got me pizza on the way home, and Mommy also got me cream of broccoli soup (one of my favorites) for lunch today.

Lupus sucks, but it's nice to be so extremely pampered sometimes. ^^;;

Oh, one more thing, for everyone out there who returns my love for you (and dude, if I don't love you, WTF are you doing reading my LJ?):

Happy National Friendship Week!
Even though there is no such week. National Friendship Day, though, is August 4th. =^_^=


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