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Happy new year! And Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and happy Thanksgiving (though just the US version), etc. etc. etc.

At some point there was just so much to write about that I got overwhelmed by all of the things I haven't yet said on LJ, because even after all this time, even though the journalsphere has more or less dried up in favor of less formal, more immediate forms of communication and interaction, I still feel like big life moments aren't official until I've written about them on my journal.

So, here's a rundown of Inez's life over the last few months in no particular order, Color by Number edition:

1. Got a temp job at the university processing applications to the graduate school, lasting till mid-February. A little mindless and slow aside from randomly SUPER BUSY DAYS, but I don't dislike it. (blue and gold)
2. Looking for a job having to do with Japanese. Found some recruiter leads in the Chicagoland area, but nothing definite. (green)
3. Still hate living with my parents. (red)
4. Patched up the hole I punched in the wall, though! (white on yellow)
5. Went to Kino's wedding in November and it was lovely. (rainbow; barefoot future)
6. Super excited for the new Sailor Moon anime. (crystal)
7. Saw a therapist a few times for anxiety and other issues; slowly but surely working on things. (almost clear)

OH AND a few things that I guess I never actually mentioned on my LJ but are pretty big: Japan happened in August (IT WAS GREAT if a little frustrating because my brother is pretty annoying about some things); moving back home (which was implied but never explicit) happened in September; my birthday happened in October. I think that's it?

Anyway, I'm in the process of teasing productivity into my schedule. It's kind of hard to want to do anything when I come home tired from work (effing adulthood, how does it work?!), but I do have lots of things I want to do. Writing! Reading! Self-studying! But I guess as with anything else, one thing at a time~
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