Feb. 16th, 2015

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Last night I took a jump rope, some free weights, and the mysterious exercise ball that I'm 90% sure William and I found left in our summer apartment nearly seven years ago, and I lugged them down into the cold, unfinished basement to spend a few minutes moving. There's a stationary bike down there, too, poached from some neighbors who, for reasons that quickly became apparent to us, decided it was a piece of junk they were willing to shoo away for $5.

I subsequently fell asleep curled up on the couch in a bundle of Pokémon blanket, and I've spent today sore, either with the strain of unexpected exercise (because while I move my legs to run I rarely move anything else) or the weight of the poor decision I'd made to try at all.

I'm enjoying writing about my life in long form and it's resulting in this strange attempt at dryly humorous prose. I'm sure soon enough I'll transition back into my noisily erratic emoticon-ridden spurts of nonsense.

Today's little happiness: I did my taxes wooooo. I actually enjoy the tax-filing process because I'm at heart a process logician but I never get to play much with numbers. :<


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