Mar. 9th, 2015

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In an effort to do that reaching-out-to-people thing, I sent a text to a friend I haven't talked to for a few months, but she hasn't responded yet and I don't know if she 1) changed her number, 2) hasn't had a chance to respond yet for whatever reason, or 3) simply didn't receive it because I also attached a giant photo of my cat. It's nice that I'm in a healthy place mentally/emotionally where I'm no longer anxious that not having heard back from someone means that they hate me or don't want to talk to me because I've done something wrong or whatever (because what an awful feeling that is), but I'm still very much the kind of person who starts to get frantically worried if I don't hear from people. So I'll wait a few days and then maybe just send her an e-mail if she doesn't get back to me. XD

I made a new icon! Look at how perfect Bun-chan is!!! I invested in a permanent LJ account back when they were on sale years ago so I have all this icon space that I'm never going to fill up because I'm not good at making icons, but every once in a while I give it a shot and have a new icon to use, and it makes me want to post a journal entry even though I have nothing to talk about except how I texted someone but she hasn't texted me back.

I was chuckling to myself earlier about how I've been sifting through idols I'm obsessed with pretty quickly over the past year, but on some level it seems like a natural arc as I fall into fandoms and dig deeper and watch old stuff with ~new eyes~. Ultimately I've discovered (rediscovered?) a bunch of new (renewed?) people in a bunch of different groups that I love lots and I'm really happy to have so many good people I want to support in Johnny's fandom as a whole.

But it's very very official now. Bun-chan is, in fact, the one for me.

A little happiness: I got a cat shawl from one of those young and hip shops along Takeshita-dori when I visited Japan in December, and I decided to leave it in the office because I can't actually control the temperature in the space. It's currently keeping me warm/protecting me from the evils of the world.


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