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I've always had a lot of respect for people who actually keep in touch with their friends, so I've been trying to be a little more aggressive about reaching out to people when I think about them. What happens fairly often is that someone will message me and I'll be like, "Hey, I was totally thinking about you the other day! :D" and it feels fake even though it's true (because I think about people randomly all the time), so I'm going to make more of an effort to actually let people know when I'm thinking about them instead of being the one to have to be contacted.

It's hard sometimes, especially when it's been a while and I'm not sure what all to say, but I know from my end it's always nice to hear from old friends even if it's been a long, long time. So I'ma be that person! Wait for me, friends...!

I forgot to include a little happiness in last night's post, so have a few recent ones:

- The other day Boss N told me that he ran into my dad on campus, and naturally I wondered if they actually recognized each other since they'd only met once before. Boss N was like, "Oh yeah, I called him by name and we talked for a few minutes!" That evening my dad mentioned that he ran into Boss N and I was like, "Yeah, he told me you actually recognized each other!" But as it turns out my dad just kept up a conversation for a few minutes while trying to figure out how he knew Boss N, and the only reason he figured it out was because Boss N eventually brought me up in conversation. XD Oh, Pa. I will be forever angry that I inherited the inability to remember where I've met people from you, but you gave me a good laugh that I won't share with Boss N lest it breaks his heart.

- Last night my dad brought home Singaporean noodles and they were mild enough for me to eat without suffering too much.

- I had a 7am tutoring Skype session scheduled with one of my Japanese tutees this morning but she cancelled because she woke up without a voice, so I had an early morning with nothing to do. The fact that I'm happy about this probably makes me a bad tutor but eh.

- I'm listening to this week's 7raji right now, and I'm just really glad that Yamada has grown up in recent years and my feelings about him have turned around. He's still my least favorite in the group (because unfortunately someone has to come last in a ranking), but generally I feel pretty good about his existence these days.
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