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I just bought some things on LJ. 105 userpic slots... doushiyou, doushiyou~ XD

[ profile] minkyleigh, [ profile] emiriya, [ profile] x_beautyaintall: please join [ profile] project_nero. Everyone else can stalk, but only project members can join. It'll work, really.

I really wish my head didn't hurt like this, but I don't think it's getting better anytime soon, so I may as well edit now. *tooootally not in the mood ><*
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1. I sneeze in groups of five. If I sneeze less than that, I feel emotionally empty for a few minutes (seriously). If I sneeze more than that, I feel accomplished.

2. I haven't forgotten about the lovespam posts. I just wanted to get the reciprocal ones shipped out first. :D

3. I take back ever saying I can't draw. I draw well enough. You can kind of tell who the characters are and stuff. It just takes a FRICKIN' LONG TIME. It took five hours to draw four pages last night. I still have six pages to go, if all goes as planned. And that's just the sketchy pencil rough draft. Without backgrounds. Then I have to draw the clean copy with all the random details, and then I have to ink it using the one size pen I have (I need different-sized pens, I say), and then I have to scan it and edit in all the text and do all the shading on the computer without a tablet and/or stylus.

And then maybe if it doesn't make me cry on the inside, I'll post a LQ version of it. And pimp the anthology it's going to be printed in. And encourage everyone to go to Malaysia and buy a copy. :D

4. My to-do list for tonight:
- finish placement essay for first-year writing seminar, GAHH IT'S DUE TODAY YOU FREAK
- edit Blood+ because I'm a loser and I've been sitting on it for, like, a week
- finish rough draft, cry into my pillow when I take back ever saying that I take back ever saying that I can't draw, because I can't draw
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You know what's distracting? Having a name like "Inez". It's obscure enough to catch your attention whenever something remotely similar pops up. Like InuTez. Why is my name in that post? And why does it have a random "uT" in the middle?

Today was the worst day ever to forget my lunch. No monies to buy anything here, car in the shoppe so I can't drive home... gunna die, gunna die...

And on the agenda for today: )

I can't believe it's Thursday already. Gekidasa. :/
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So apparently Scot and USA both have birthdays today. Happy birthday! d(^_^)o

I was just thinking about ToriShishi (ahaha, as if there's any time when I'm not thinking about them, and with Nico's recent entry, it's been worse than usual). But yeah, I was thinking... since, in the buttsecks formation, Ohtori stands behind Shishido, that officially makes Ohtori the seme, right?

I've been pinging out of IRC for the past two days. It's driving me nuts. >< But Blood+, yay... I have to finish editing before we go over to my brother's friend's family's house for 4.July festivities.
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So I'm at work... with nothing to do... so I'm just dawdling online. Don't you love these types of posts?

I have some fics to write/finish and some fansubbing to do, but I really can't do any of that on corporate time (especially without my fic-writing/finishing or fansubbing programs and equipment), so I guess I'll just type some uninteresting stuff for a bit.

We had quartet rehearsal last night... Oh, how I've missed my quartet... We picked our way through old "favorites" like Euphonic Sounds and Clair de Lune (and our comfort music, Brandenburg), and we transposed Canon in D into C (usually we do it in Eb (or, well, D)) and sight-read some Borodin just for kicks. And Elizabeth got me plates/cups/bowls (all matching) for my dorm room at Bed Bath & Beyond, where she apparently ran into Alan and Brian(...?!), and Alice brought yummy baked goods, of which I had some orgasmic banana bread. I haven't had banana bread for such a long time... ^_______^

The stitches in my mouth are coming out, bit by bit. It's kind of gross and sort of distracting and pretty frickin' TMI, actually, but I find that as each piece comes out, my headache and toothache lessen. :O

Ah, I'm going to deposit a bunch of pennies ($20+) in the bank today. The teller is going to smack me. I'm looking forward to it.

So Kamakari's finally blogging again. Still no pictures, but whatever. He's cute. And Jiroh Takuya has pictures of him on his blog, so it's all good. :3

And I think I had something to say about Tenimyu, but I forget what it was now. :(
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Toribura mood theme from someone who posted it on [ profile] trinityblood. Because Nakajima Atsuko's gheiness brings all the boys to the yard (against their will).

Tomorrow is Claire's birthday. And graduation. I have the entire day planned out. It's going to be frickin' sweet once I finally get past those episodes that I've had to edit for way too long now...
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Diki's home.

Yaaaay. :| )

Good to have you back, Diki. T___T

It was crew prank night at the musical last night. Pranks included, but weren't limited to, filling a piñata with rice instead of candy and replacing a recorded cue with a sound clip of what I think was the Wicked Witch of the West laughing maniacally. We could hear the cast (onstage and off) and crew laughing the entire time. XDD

Afterwards, I watched about 1.5 bands at Battle of the Bands and then went home. Spent a heinous amount of time online (and now I don't even remember what I was up to), went to bed pretty late (early). And I did stuff this morning, too, but I don't really remember what I did then either. Listened to MabeRajio after I came back from teaching, edited Blood+, then had to help unpack.

Diki and I just watched the first episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuu(uuuu)tsu. Cute. XDD Reminded me of this Pokémon spoof, so we watched that afterwards. And now I have the musical to play for. Again. =_=;;

Can't wait for prom (six days and counting)... I'm so excited... ><;;
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As per the usual, I'm wasting time on LJ because I can.

I have a job interview of sorts (for a ResNet Computer Assistant something-or-other position that I'd be doing next year at Notre Dame) in a little bit, and right now, I'm just at the library (which is right next to the OIT building), sifting through LJ. It's exciting.

I've been downloading a crapload of stuff lately. I recently finished downloading Hikago (and now I just have to sit down and watch it), and I have about twenty different series on the "new spring season" list that I'm keeping up with, regardless of how good or bad the series are. I've also got a few things to edit, but I don't think I'll get around to them while AP tests (amongst other things) are being as biotchy as they are. T_T

Calc BC tomorrow. Yeah, that's gonna suck.

And the prom situation is still up in the air. I'm hoping it'll land eventually.
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Yes, it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so I should be holed up in my room studying instead of relaxing in front of the computer, I know (I'd be outside, but I'm photosensitive). Just stop giving me reproachful looks already. -_-;;

Mm. Be sure to suggest something for my art meme. *pimp-pimp-pimp* I already have a few good (i.e. impossible O_o) ones waiting to be drawn. XD

Locked my keys and cell phone in my trunk earlier this morning. It was brilliant. I had to borrow a random person's cell phone to get my dad to bring the spare key so that I could go home. One of my better moments in recent history, if I do say so myself.

I've been talking to a random fansub editor lately. He asks me for editing help and stuff (but he's not incompetent... *phew*). I just hope he doesn't make a habit of it, because, as much as I enjoy talking to him, I do other things besides sitting in front of my computer, waiting for something to happen. (No, seriously. I do.)

MabeRajio is fun. I just wish my computer were normal so that I could encode it once and get it over with. XD Oh, and they finally stopped playing that silly little "song" thing... you know, the weird one. ._.;;

Happy birthday, Rae~!
Goodbye, youth. Hello, porn and cigarettes. And lottery tickets. And... strip clubs? What else...?
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Check out my new desktop wallpaper!

What do you think? ^^ )

Otherwise, Blood+ = yay. I'm all caught up, and I just thoroughly pwned QCed episode 23 a few minutes ago. :D Waiting on Matt for 24-25 so that I can edit after he does... :/

Feels so good to get back to fansubbing... *_*

I'm also downloading the dub DVD rips of Zoids Shinseiki/Zero because I live for that series. Well, I live for Zoids in general (seriously, it's just so much fun... I was in a battle RPG and everything). I've got the strange notion in my head that I'll someday buy the Japanese DVDs, rip the video, and sub the original version of Shinseiki/Zero, but that requires about $500 and two five years of translating experience that I just don't have.

Really wanna do it, though. I'll do it eventually, perhaps (if the DVDs aren't out of print by then... but they're still mildly available at both CDJapan and HMV, so we'll see how it goes)... It's a shame that the vast majority of us (yes, myself included) have only seen the dub. ~_~

Meanwhile, I have to find A-E&Conclave's Trinity Blood 09 somewhere... It was the one that was rush-released for about thirty minutes before we took it down because of the convention announcement of its being licensed. XD
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I envy those of you who can change your icons without making a new post about them, but I'm unfortunately not as controlled as you are. ~_~

New Kamakari icon (replacing my previous Kamakari icon) = new default icon! And since the icon clashed with my Tezuka-colored layout, I just randomly picked a new S2 layout with a calm theme. Icon lyrics (I don't think you can read them) are from "Falling Upstairs" by Fastball. Of course. I love Fastball with all of my being. ><

In other news, I'm getting back into the fansubbing groove, finally. Major Blood+ marathoning this week before I edit some episodes during my happy four-day weekend. =^_^=


Oct. 5th, 2004 17:09
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Go pick up the Anime-Keep release of My HiME episode 1... the ending karaoke looks great. :D And we spent incredible amounts of time perfecting the episode, so yay.

Ergh, yay for random plugs. *hugs Alan's sweatshirt* Off to read Deerslayer! Sounds fascinating!
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Propaganda is getting to be so funny nowadays. =^.^=

In other news, our car broke down, so I can't go out and buy that stack of CD-Rs that I desperately, desperately need.

And Samurai 7 got licensed. ~_~ So I'm working on five projects now... four that're active (one of which finished off with the twelfth episode's airing today), two that haven't started yet, and one that's horribly stagnant. -_-;;


Aug. 17th, 2004 18:58
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I really need to stop spending money. Like, really. I'm rivaling [ profile] fiore777 here as the "random binge-buyer."

Well, maybe not. ^.~

Went to Best Buy and Media Play. I couldn't find what I was looking for in Best Buy (Fushigi Yuugi DVD 1... nicely-handled series rerelease (like Eva Platinum), yo), but I felt badly because I almost always go on Tuesdays, and I'm positive the people working recognize me by sight now (that guy who nods at you and drops the "HELLO HOW ARE YOU TODAY" line when you enter the store... he's there every time), so I leafed around the CDs (yes, English stuff O_o) and got myself Linkin Park's Reanimation and Meteora (I'd have bought Avril's CDs, but I figure I'm more likely to squeeze those out of my parents than the Linkin Park CDs). Bobby, I'll lend those to you tomorrow (along with Hybrid Theory) so you can burn your own copies borrow them and make extremely accurate audio copies with your amazing memorization techniques. >_>

You wouldn't typically take me as someone who likes Linkin Park, but "eh."

otakuism, with random references to Ilse and quasi-cheap shots at my child )

Orientation tomorrow! I have no idea how it's going to work, nor do I know what I have to do for the Freshmen, but I'm sure I won't blow too many things up.
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Now that my blog is official AWOL (yes, I know that doesn't make any sense), and BD's server is officially out of commission until she gets more money, I'll probably be using my livejournal more often. I mean, it's not like I used my blog, ever, but now that I don't even have another option, I guess I'll just have to live with this. :D

Gonna watch Soylent Green tomorrow. :D Finally...

>.< I really need to finish reading those books. I really want to get everything done by Saturday, but I'm seriously doubting it's possible. I'll probably pull an all-nighter to finish The Lively Art of Writing, then I'll knock down How To Read A Book between naps and violin practice before I go to a check-up with Dr. Lupus (that's not his real name; it'd be one hell of a coincidence if it were) and then to teach my child. And then I'll come home and read some more before going to Beth's for a nice viewing of bad movies and good (or so I'm told) musicals.

I've decided to buy myself a nice 200GB hard drive. That, of course, involves saving up a lot of money (I compared three different hard drives, and they were all around $130). Additionally, I've decided to, well, temporarily screw all of the things I want to buy in favor of saving up for the Utena Black Rose Saga and Apocalypse Saga box sets. I zipped through the first 13 episodes fairly quickly, and now I can't touch the third disc in the Rose Collection box set without buying the eight DVDs that chronologically come before it. And it's such a fscking good series, too.

Just within the first 13 episodes, so many characters are explored so deeply... my favorite episodes were Nanami's duel episode, Juri's duel episode, and the episode with Utena and Touga's second duel (episode 12). The others are good - great - but those three just stuck out in my mind as absolutely phenomenal. The direction was spectacular. It was so much fun to sit there and watch things develop... Nanami's twisted yet still somehow innocent childhood (and how the episode ended so passionately with the last beats of Last Evolution), and the thing with Juri's friend covering her eyes (topped off with the final revelation of the episode). And episode 12, where Utena is forced to take back who she is, and Wakaba's confrontation (and what happened at the table - I gained so much respect for Wakaba during that scene... I watched it about 10 times straight, too). Uwaa... ;_; I really wanna know what happens next (as it turns out, the random dub episodes I'd seen before were 11-13... it was nice to listen to them with actual emotion in the voices this time around).

Heh, my brother keeps walking in during weird times while I'm watching that series. His idea of the series so far is something like "cryptic elevator where they're talking about eggshells; shadow girls; a snotty blonde girl getting pummeled by elephants in India; lots of water and some creepy-ass lyrics as the pink-haired character walks up stairs; sword that comes out of purple-haired girl's chest; lesbianic girl who likes to pounce on pink-haired girl; playboy red-head who likes to hit on people; Chu-chu." ~_~

After that long tangent, I'll get back to my main point: saving up money for Utena.

I've decided that I'll still buy Imadoki!, Kare Kano (for Claire's sake!), and D.N.Angel as they come out - that's $10 and $20 alternately each month, which really isn't that bad. I want to go ahead and buy the rest of the Gravitation DVDs as they come out (the first DVD is looking rather lonely in that pretty little box I bought), as well as the Evangelion Platinum Edition DVDs as they come out (I owe it to myself to bye that series... it's made me rethink some things about life (for the better)), but other things, like the Yami no Matsuei manga and the R.O.D the TV and Stellvia (and Get Backers... I forgot to mention it) DVDs will have to wait. The Gravi DVDs may take a back seat, since they're relatively inexpensive, there are only three left, and I can probably ask for them for my birthday (yahaa), but I'm hoping to get those the days they're released. ;_; I love Gravi.

It's a good thing Nausicaa, Totoro, and Porco Rosso have been pushed back to a 2005 release date. I don't know what would happen if they were released during my "let's save money, Inez! You can do it!" rally.

Which reminds me, I've got movies to get. Princess Mononoke included. I also want to get Hoshi no Koe (awesome OVA for being so short... same goes for Comedy, though I don't think that's licensed) and some Kon Satoshi stuff (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers). Oh, and some J-pop/rock CDs, too: Fiction, Seventh Heaven, SMILE, Coordinate (in that order... a cookie for each correctly-named artist).

Something to mention: Mommy finally bought Spider-man 1 and Harry Potter 2. :D Wahaa! We all sat around the TV and watched HP 2 on Sunday night. It was cute and fuzzy and stuff. ^^

But all-in-all, I still need money, and lots of it. Since I'll be depositing a lot from one of the September weddings into my bank account, I won't be able to do a heck of a lot with what I'll have. I'm considering calling up Woodwind & Brasswind or Blessing Music and setting up a thing where people can get lessons from my through them or something. ;_; Seriously. I need t3h money.

Oh, and someone finally told me why "shit" is bad while "the shit" is good. Evidently, it's because "the shit" is like THE shit... the head shit. So it's sort of like the top of the bottom type o' thing, while "shit" is just one of the lowly shits.

I wonder when it got so easy for me to cuss. ;_; It's really depressing.

By the way, I rarely use AIM anymore (O_o who'd've guessed?!). I've been using IRC for a long time now, especially since it's it's sort of mandatory for fansubbers. -_-;; Hop in my IRC channel (#ltgmars on and we can chat in there. Honestly, people.

And if you were wondering (because I know you all just care so much about the happy little goings-on in my life), I've been assigned to two projects so far. An episode of one of them should be coming out fairly soon, and a batch of episodes for the other should be coming out fairly soon + a few days or so. I'll take screenshots of my username in the credits (yeah, shut up) so you don't have to download the episodes to see my contributions. :D

I'll tell you now that the series waiting for the batch release is *really* underrated, just because drama series aren't as popular as say, action series *cough-cough Naruto cough-cough FMA (which, by the way, cough, is a really good series, even though I have some episodes to catch up on) cough-cough*. I mean, I was going to download it, but decided to wait for a while and download other series (there's only so much space on my computer... why do you think I'm going to start saving up for such a spacious hard drive?)... when I started watching these random episodes, I realized that the series is actually really good. After a while, the main character starts getting pretty good-looking even though the character designs are meant to be realistic and less typical of anime (and bishies)*. X_x;; Anyway...

The other series (the one with an episode due out fairly soon) is Chobits all over again... without someone as adorable as Chii. ;_; It's hilarious, I'll give it that, but it doesn't really have much charm right now. My heart goes out to Inoue Kikuko for having to play her role in the series...

*Which reminds me... I've been catching up on some episode of Kyou Kara Maou! :D Ahh, how cute. The main cast is five good-looking guys. Two of them are engaged (don't ask... one slapped another on the left cheek and also picked up a knife... the knife has nothing to do with the engagement, actually, but it's still a part of the story). :D

And after all that crazy rambling, I have one more thing to say. Two, actually. Adam Adam.
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Got back from Spidey 2 just now. Claire and I set up a nice little Spidey afternoon, where we rented the first movie (since I hadn't seen it yet), watched it at my house, and then went to watch the second in theatres.

Man, the first one was good, but the second one just blew me away. Holy crap. *_* I mean, some of the action scenes I couldn't handle (all the bone-crushing noises and stuff... I got used to it in anime, but live action still freaks me out), but of course the entire Peter/Mary Jane thing is totally *eeeeeek*. :D That Tobey Maguire guy is so fuzzy. ^^ He's like a young Matthew Broderick in terms of fuzziness... but fuzzier.

And the end of the movie... with what MJ did. *eeeeeek* I was this close to squealing my lungs out in the theatre.

I'm definitely likin' the Spider-Man series of movies. They're just so touching and fuzzy and funny and angsty and actiony and stuff... there's quite literally something for everyone. ^^ Claire even shed some light on an industry joke that I hadn't caught (where Peter was trying to be Spider-Man-y and he hits a bunch of cars, gets up, and complains about his back; something about how Tobey Maguire wasn't going to do the second movie because of back complications from Seabiscuit).

I'd say it was a very well-spent afternoon, all in all.

Ilse called to confirm that I'd be able to tag along for the planned Michigan Interlochen Let's-Watch-Drama trip that she and Mr. and Mrs. Hamburg had planned, but because she called so late at night, the night before, I realized I couldn't go. I think my parents would have gotten over the whole "crazy-ass short notice" thing (even though I had mentioned it to them about a week or so ago, though I'm sure they'd have forgotten), but the problem was with my violin lesson tomorrow - it's too late to reschedule the lesson (we need at least 24 hrs notice, and I'd already tried to pull a "late-at-night-the-night-before lesson switch" before, which, ultimately, didn't go well (I had to skip out on a lot of anime-watching at Sam's house)), and I can't miss any since they cost money. What's more, since she'd already told me that I couldn't go (as was determined earlier, but evidently changed over the course of the evening, while I was out), I already scheduled work on Friday (and since they called us specifically and we (my brother and I) had already agreed, we can't go back on our word), so if I'd have gone on the trip, I'd have had very little sleep over more than 24 hours, maybe a quick nap (probably not), and hours of more work. Those of you who know me really well will know that putting a physical strain on my body is really bad for me (hence having missed about twice my fair share of school), usually ending with a nice case of "bed-riddenness" for at least a day.

I mean, I feel so badly about it, especially since I'd made Ilse go through all the trouble of calling Mrs. Hamburg and stuff (I have some weird aversion to using the phone; I'm sure most of you know that), but there's nothing I can do. As much as I want to go (as I told Ilse, like, a zillion times, I haven't seen any really good drama for a long time, and Interlochen is an elite art camp, so it's bound to be good; besides, it's Rae!), I can't work on such short notice, especially since I thought I'd already been turned down (hence had been able to agree to more work and not cancel/reschedule my violin lesson when such a thing was feasible), and I don't think it'd be fair to force everyone else to work on such short notice either. My parents would be a little annoyed but OK with it, my brother'd probably be angry, my violin teacher would be disappointed (I don't want to do anything to disappoint her - I'm one of her best students; she's had enough stress as it is (both her husband and cat died just last year))... I mean, I know Ilse's upset, especially after all she's done to pull this off. If it were up to me, I'd go in a heartbeat, but I have to factor in my money and time and health into this, and unfortunately, it seems that things just didn't work in my favor this time.

Sorry, Ilse. I still luff you. ;_;

Sorry, I hate leaving things in a depressed state, especially after seeing such a good movie, so I'll end with some quick notes.

  • I was accepted by Anime-Keep to be an Editor/QCer... I haven't been assigned a project yet, but it's nice to know I passed such grueling tests. Makes me all proud and stuff. :D Oh, and my recruit-buddy (we were recruited during the same round of recruiting), MT0, just had his first release today. Go pick up A-Keep's Soukyuu no Fafner 03 (amazing opening theme) and look for Magician Type 0 in the credits.
  • Since I'll be staying home tomorrow (hey, might as well make this positive), I'll have time to finish up The Old Man and the Sea and do my best to get large chunks of The Lively Art of Writing and How to Read a Book down.
  • I got my hands on the Shoujo Kakumei Utena Rose Collection box set (DVDs 1 and 2 plus the Limited Edition movie)... :D I like what I've seen so far (and the dub does a superb job of finding some way to mispronounce every character's name! -_-).
  • Got Chobits 7 and 8 the other day (same day I got the Utena box - I actually went to Media Play, spent about, oh, 2 seconds looking for the things I wanted (I'd already planned my route and attack pattern), paid for my stuff, and sped home), which means I've finished the manga! :D It was really cute. ^^ I mean, there were still some ecchi moments, but now that I've officially Seen Worse, I guess I'll live. :P
  • Evanescence concert in less than two weeks!
  • My child did really well at her lessons last week... she's already putting down her second finger on both the E and A strings! :D

    And now here's a bad list (small):
  • Withdrew $100 from the bank to buy that stuff I mentioned when I definitely shouldn't have; I'll probably deposit a wedding's worth of money into the account when our two September weddings roll around.
  • Am going to have to give every single cent (and then some) of my upcoming wedding money to Ilse's mom for the concert tickets.
  • As it stands, I currently don't have enough money to buy Evangelion Platinum Edition DVD 1 when it comes out, which I've had my eye on for months, nor will I be able to buy Imadoki! 2, D.N.Angel 3, and Yami no Matsuei 1 any time soon.
  • I've yet to memorize the piece I'm going to perform in two weeks' time... cadenza and all... ;_;

    And just for kicks, a wishlist:
  • Anime (Utena DVDs 3-10, Evangelion PE DVDs 1-7 (as they come out), Infinite Ryvius DVDs 2-6, Gravi DVDs 2-4 (as they come out), R.O.D the TV DVDs 2-7 (as they come out), Stellvia DVDs (as they come out))
  • Manga (Imadoki! 2-5 (as they come out), D.N.Angel 3-9 (as they come out), Yami no Matsuei 1-11 (as they come out), Gravitation 4-12 (as they come out; 4-6 are already out), FMP! 5- (as they come out), Kare Kano 11- (as they come out))
  • Both Avril Lavigne CDs (yeah shut up... she has better lyrics than most of the stuff I hear on the radio nowadays)
  • Spider-Man 1! :D And 2 when it comes out!
  • More weddings to play at... they pay so much better than catering does (the rate for the full quartet is $300 for the first two hours and then $100 for each additional hour - at the 4-hour gig we have in September, we'll each get $125)
  • Money
  • My purse... ;_;

    Ahh, that's still a bad note... umm, I plan on finishing the assigned summer reading by the end of July so that when August rolls around, I can work on my website, make some stuff for Animanga and SSCo., and finally get around to reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!
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