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I originally tried to do this while listening to Baystorm, but as it turns out, my Japanese comprehension is pretty terrible when I'm typing in English. Go figure. Also, Nino speaks so quickly and mumbles, and there aren't those helpful highlight-captions like on Japanese television. So I had to concentrate while he was talking and type only when he played songs, and even then I only got a little bit of it.


At any rate, an icon meme stolen from Cami! )

ETA: I know your name now, bwahaha.
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New icon is from Grounded for Life. This particular screenshot is from an episode during season four in which Lily and Brad go to their first formal dance as a couple, and Lily pretends to sprain her ankle because Brad's dancing is just too embarrassing. Needless to say, it's all resolved within 30 minutes (of course), and it's very cute at the end. Brad and Lily make me wibble inside.

Grounded for Life is just so fun... one of my favorites, even though it received bad ratings, got shifted around between stations, and was eventually cancelled. It's absolutely terrible (like, "I can't believe they just said that! That's so bad!" terrible) at times, but it's a genuinely funny show.

H'okay, that's all.
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I know I'm kind of on anime hiatus, but it's also kind of the tail end of spring break, and I had some time to kill once my brother left from his brief visit, so I finished watching Ouran Koukou Host Club. It was pretty much adorable, if a tad unbelievable at the end. But whatever, it was cute.

And usually my favorite character would be the megane chara, right, because I'm that much of a glasses fetishist, but I think my favorite character this time 'round is Tamaki. He's just such a nice idiot... fills you with warm fuzzies and the like. Though Kyouya still = freaking awesome and sadistic and evil and Shadow King and stuff.

Do forgive the fragmented fangirling. I have Japanese studying and paper revising and violin practicing and image sorting to do tomorrow, and then it's back to drowning in schoolwork for a couple months. So I'm getting everything out of my system while I can.
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My parents want me to work this summer, and even though I sort of want to get some credit hours in before school starts, it's probably better to get some extra pocket money. Therefore, my parents have been on a big job kick of sorts, and my dad has asked one of the people in the Engineering department (under Dr. Huang, actually) if I can help out there.

Daddy says to show up around 2:30 to talk to the woman in charge before I go to my doctor's appointment this afternoon.

Uhm, hello...? I'm the one who's supposed to be abusing my sick day, not you, Dad!

Hm, I love Family Matters. Of course someone puts a bomb in the treadmill that Carl's on. Brilliant.

random AMp3s.ORG rant )

In other news, I remade the Fastball icon I made a long time ago (from a bunch of screenshots from The Way's music video), and I made a SUH-WEET fake-dramatic Ishida-kun icon. Too bad I'm not going to use either of them anytime soon, since they get to stay in my icon vault until I get a paid account. ._.

*watches as userpic slots dwindle down T_T*
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So Fastball, the Best Band in the World™, will be playing for Taste of Cincinnati on May 28th (it's on the live gigs page of Tony's website).

I'll be out of school by then. South Bend --> Cincinnati is a five-hour car trip. Attendance to Taste of Cincinnati is free.

I might be able to go.

Nothing's set in stone, of course, since we're not sure what time exactly they're playing (and how my post-school, pre-graduation schedule looks), but if I get to hear Fastball play live after everything's said and done, the impending schedule confusion and the potentially painful ten hours of driving would totally be worth it.

*crosses fingers!!*

P.S. I'm reinstating my Fastball icon for the occasion. Three icon slots left. T_T
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LJ has a Sponsored+ level now, for those of you who haven't heard. Ads, though, but psh, who minds ads on your own journal? (They look pretty frickin' seamless if you're using a simple layout like S2 "3 column".)

Fifteen userpics, whut? >_>
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I envy those of you who can change your icons without making a new post about them, but I'm unfortunately not as controlled as you are. ~_~

New Kamakari icon (replacing my previous Kamakari icon) = new default icon! And since the icon clashed with my Tezuka-colored layout, I just randomly picked a new S2 layout with a calm theme. Icon lyrics (I don't think you can read them) are from "Falling Upstairs" by Fastball. Of course. I love Fastball with all of my being. ><

In other news, I'm getting back into the fansubbing groove, finally. Major Blood+ marathoning this week before I edit some episodes during my happy four-day weekend. =^_^=
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It worked! My connection didn't die on me! \o/ And Ge-pyon(!!) and I have figured out how we're going to record/share MabeRajio from now on. :D

Bu looks hawt in his prom pictures. XD

Purdue wasn't anything special. :/ The pot roast wasn't anything special. :(

I really like this icon. >< The transparency makes it kind of hard to read on a dark/black background, but meh.

Tomorrow's the last day of Spring Break. So much work to do in one day... T_T


Apr. 8th, 2006 07:05
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Lookie, I have an angry icon now! Well, it's not particularly angry or anything (none of my icons is particularly anything, really), but I like it. XD I guess it can double as a "someone's being stupid" icon as well. :D Poor goofy/high!Ishida-kun got the boot for doujin!Shishido... but oh well. ^^

And really, Shishido's addressing Jiroh and Gakuto in that scene (such a cute scene, too), but hey, you probably wouldn't have known that if I hadn't told you.

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I deleted Natsumi in favor of the Silver Pair. Sorry, Natsumi. I love you, but... yeah. Six icon slots means I'll be rotating them every once in a while. XD

Once I convince my parents (or, more probable-ly (does "probably" work here?), once I can use paypal on my own) to buy a paid account, I can have fifteen icons. And I'm obsessed enough to want to have a paid account simply for those icons.

As if you expected any differently.

I also like my Don Kanonji icon. The guy's a freak, but he makes a good crack icon. ^^

I'm kinda excited about school tomorrow. New semester... frickin' sweet!
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Ah. Wow. Amazing book (quick read, too... it took ~6-7 hours straight through, and I'm a slow reader). Creepily sexual, but that was part of the conflict. ^^;; Otherwise, it got me thinking about lots of stuff (that's the mark of a good book, you know). I won't get into it now, 'cause my computer shuts down in a few minutes, but yeah. I might actually participate in class for this discussion... :/

I'd've had it read about a year ago if Beth actually lent me the book like she told me she would, but whatever...

And yay, I updated my Kamakari icon. Well, Kamakari!Shishido.


P.S. This is the best song in the world. And hey, it's in English. "Girl, no subject comes close to you..." Hahahahahaha~

I really need to find an mp3 of it. Right now, I'm just listening to the audio of a Gilmore Girls music video. XD

P.P.S. D'oh, forgot. Now that it's official...
Happy new year!
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I got permanently deferred from donating blood. Not that I mind not having to get poked with needles and the like. It just sort of sucks that I got deferred because of lupus. One of the few ways I can make a difference in the here and now was taken away from me... makes me feel kind of useless in a way. :(

Beh, this probably means that I can't be an organ donor, either. ~_~

My mom and brother were nice about it, though (my dad didn't give blood 'cause he's coming down with a cold) - they both gave me their GIVEBLOOD wristbands and their blood droplet beanie plushies (to be honest, though, having two little droplets of blood staring at me from the top of my monitor completely freaks me out). Heh, you should have seen me in the waiting room, though. I was like one of those token "sad girls in snow" (without the snow part), hunched over a table far too small for me, using big crayola crayons (with my hands wrapped in pink monkey mittens) to color in a conversational rhinoceros with its chin perched on its hoof saying, "Giving makes us all feel beautiful."

But then we went to some other stores that made me feel better. I used my $60 at Barnes & Noble (I had to surrender $40 to my parents in exchange for their ordering photosets for me >_>) to get some happy lit'rature: Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead; Agatha Christie's The Clocks, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, After the Funeral, and Hercule Poirot's Christmas (the first Agatha Christie novel I ever read, aww!); and FMP! 7 and 8. I also had to pick up Brave New World, but they didn't have it. (Borders did. I didn't have to pay for it. XD)

I've got some business to take care of starting tomorrow (all that stuff on my to-do list, basically). College apps especially, ew.

And yes, do you like my new icon? It was screaming to be made (I love the random little kid in the last frame). XD Too bad I had to delete Tony, Miles, and Joey for it. But they'll understand.
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* AuraJaganshi will go write the final battle scene O_o
<LTGMars> afterwards, suggest something on my latest LJ post
<LTGMars> well, second-to-latest ^^;;
<AuraJaganshi> Pixel something. :D
<LTGMars> ahhh
<LTGMars> !!!!
<LTGMars> hmm
<LTGMars> who should I pixel? XD
<AuraJaganshi> One of the YUA girls?
<LTGMars> ooooooooooooh
<LTGMars> you're so clever
<LTGMars> wahhhhh
<LTGMars> <3<3<3
<AuraJaganshi> :D
<LTGMars> (yeah valedictorian!!)

So yeah, here's Natsumi. It's only my second pixelization project ever, so it's not great, but it looks a lot better than it should because I pixelized it as a larger-sized image and then Photoshopped it down to size (and added the background and all - it says "TSUJIMOTO NATSUMI", even though you can't see it). Total time: 2:15 (plus the 10ish minutes I spent figuring out what to do with the background).

pix progression )

And no, she's not naked in the source image. Freaks. She's just wearing a bikini, and I failed to realize until it was too late that it looks like she's not wearing anything. ._.

Oh, and if you're curious...

my first pix project )

I love Nakajima Atsuko for how intricate her drawings are, but that's precisely why it's difficult to pixelize her stuff. Bridge is good at it, of course, but I'm a n00b at it, so yeah... :/
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I take back what I said about your posts. Some of you do have fangirly posts. The difference is that your posts are interesting.

And now that I have that distinction defined, here's my spam post for my fifth of six icons. Kamakari, hanya~n.

I never thought I'd have an LJ icon with a real person on it. XD

[Almost unrelatedly, I did slightly modify my chibi Tezuka icon. "Now dumber than ever!"]

I can't decide on a sixth icon. I'm considering having a nice icon of Vicious and Excalibur, but on the other hand, you can never have too many anime/manga-related icons...

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Non-paid users have six icon slots now, not three. That kinda rocks.

So I made a crappy little Ishida-kun icon (but he seriously does say that line XD). I'd've made an Ichigo icon, but there are far too many really nice scenes that I wanted to animate for him. I'll find something eventually (I have two slots left, after all), but for now, I'll just pimp Ishida-kun. XD

And apparently Kamakari Kenta's getting a photobook. I want it so much... I think I'm going to cry.

No, seriously. I'm tearing up. I wish I knew how to get my hands on one (I'd consider asking Akadot Retail to import it for me again (¥2,000 isn't a terrible amount, and if you add the import and shipping fees, it can't be anything more than $35-$40 total), but that also includes begging my parents to let me get something online again and further confirming for them that yes, I am a freak (I feel sorry for them ~_~)). And I don't know if it's one of those things you can only buy in Japan (I can't read Japanese, after all), but even if it can be imported, it doesn't come out until February. I think I might just die from the wait.

I love how I sound so desperate. But seriously, I think I NEED!! want this more than I NEED!!ed wanted *pnish* panic days (which, as you all know, now sits happily in the small but growing "books I can't read" section of my manga shelf). I know I'm terribly materialistic about stupid things, but I suppose it's the least I can do, seeing as I download far more than I can possibly reimburse the original artists/actors for.

And seriously, have you seen him? He's ridiculously pretty.


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