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So let's talk about "Snape Syndrome" (arbitrarily named it myself; do you like it?), the last-minute ~redemption~ of an otherwise despicable character. I've named it after Snape because it's a famous enough example that many people understand what I mean specifically even if they haven't read Harry Potter to the end. For those unfamiliar, what happens is that after six and a half books of being an actually mean, horrible person to Harry and Co., Snape's backstory is revealed and we learn something that flips everything we knew about what he did on its head and makes him out to be ~the good guy we never knew he was~. And I'm not knocking Snape as a fictive character -- I think he's really fascinating, before and after the reveal -- but what ends up happening is this starry-eyed extrapolation about how everything he did was with secret good intentions, as if it absolves and erases how legitimately terrible he was (spoiler alert: it doesn't; he was actually a jerk).

I've seen this a lot in Japanese dramas. (It probably exists in other media, but I'm going to be clear right now that my consumption of shows that aren't Japanese is incredibly limited.) I'm not sure why it's such a trend, but so, so often when there's a character that's set up pretty blatantly as the antagonist who does evil, manipulative things, the character is brought back near or at the end of the series with some sob story or change of heart, all wrongdoings are forgiven, and everyone lives happily ever after. Like, I'm all about making sympathetic antagonists with complicated motivations and nuanced growth, but I've seen enough of the Snape Syndrome that it's come to feel gratingly disingenuous.

And I get it -- fiction is idealized anyway, and there's probably some kind of practical aspect like not wanting to sully actors' reputations with tried-and-true terrible characters -- but it's still really irritating. It feels like no one's willing to recognize that sometimes people are terrible to other people -- not even that they're terrible people at their core (though uh sometimes these characters are super bad people, and they're still redeemed?), but that they're terrible in relation to the protagonists, that they should be held responsible for their actions, that sometimes they shouldn't and can't be truly absolved of what they did. Snape Syndrome sets up this worldview in which people should be forgiven (or at least sympathized with) for doing horrendous things just because there's something going on behind it or because they've turned things around at the very end, and I just don't think it's what's useful or healthy for everyone. I really, really appreciate and personally practice trying to understand where other people are coming from and recognizing that they have their own demons, but it's unrealistic and unfair to expect someone who's been hurt to ~forgive and forget~ when there isn't any contrition or real acknowledgment of the hurt caused, just a shrug and a flippant apology and an "I'm messed up, too".

There isn't much of a point to this post (as usual~), but I just finished a series in which the antagonist is so terrible I considered giving up on the series because I couldn't stand him, but gets Snape Syndrome right at the end and it's like :| :| :| and I'm like :| :| :| and I just had a lot of feelings to get out.
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and other possibly euphemistic lines: a picture entry.

Five topics, under the sheets~ )
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Watched the last episode of Freeter today.

Favorite scene, etc. (Spoilers, obvs.) )
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It's Mugenday! but I don't have a good Eito icon yet, so we're just going to go with Tokui wearing a loud shirt, y/y?

Still on a Yamada Tarou kick, so a clip from episode 10 (no subs (though guys, guys, Japanese drama DVDs come with Japanese closed captioning and it's so awesome *_*)). Not the one you'd expect from me when I say "episode 10", I think, but because I love Tabe Mikako so: )

My head's been hurting for the past few days and no matter how much acetaminophen I ingest, the pain won't go away. It just won't go away. (Did I mislead you with the title? Ha! You should know that if I were talking about the song, it'd have quotation marks around it!)

I tried to break my $100 bill at Starbucks today, but the lady at the window was like, "Uh, no." Actually, to make myself sound like less of a jerk (but also to make the story less interesting... damn), I'll explain what actually happened: I roll up to the window in my brother's classy dinked-up Saturn that doesn't have power steering and rattles in places I didn't even know cars could rattle, classic 80s hits blasting from the radio, and ask all friendly and polite-like if they'll take a $100 bill. I make nice conversation with the lady briefly, etc. etc. And then I buy my drink using my debit card, lug the car out of the drive-thru, and go home. All's okay with the world.

Except for the part where I still have a headache.

Feel like being productive today. I think I'm going to try to tie up some loose Honor Council ends or practice violin or something. (Three hours later, Inez wakes up from an impromptu nap. A single tear trickles down her cheek.)

ETA: a series of edited-to-adds in which Inez gets really angry and then talks herself out of her anger )


Aug. 6th, 2010 01:54
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My happy place is Yamada Tarou Monogatari. Just calling it my favorite drama doesn't cover it, because I absolutely adore everything about it. It touches me and lifts my spirits like nothing else can.

But honestly, there might be something that trumps it: the company of you fine folks.

First and foremost, I hope that you're never feeling down, ever. But if you ever are, I hope that you all have happy places to go to. ♥
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- Yet another person thumbs-upping Inception. I actually watched it opening weekend, but I guess I didn't mention it here. Anyway, it was good and stuff. Will definitely be buying it on DVD.

- Just finished watching Gurren Lagann (late, I know, but I basically stopped watching anime in college; but my brother put it on our summer anime watch list, so). It was a little cheesy and incredibly absurd, but I'm so supremely touched right now. There really aren't any words for it. Just a really great series.

- Finished rewatching Stand Up!! last night. Mildly idiotic and wholly wonderful, as always. Looking forward to having the box set in my hands soon. ♥

- Second episode of NatsuNiji showed much more promise than that mess of a first episode. I'm actually looking forward to watching the story unfold now. Then again, I am easily pleased by romance, so I'm not much of a gauge here.

- Randomly downloaded Tokyo Tower (the movie). Skipped through it and landed on the scene where Jun presumably gets it on in the bath with some lady. I think that's all I needed to see. :Db
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Gratuitous slow-motion shower scene one minute in, lawl.

(Takeuchi Yuko is legit. Jun is... well, he just is.)
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Because I leave with my parents to go to the gym on the way to work at 5:45am (which is a little silly but wouldn't be so bad if I didn't regularly go to bed around 2~3am), and my brother doesn't go to work until after noon so he wakes up around 11am, and my package is all special EMS from Japan and needs to be signed when it arrives at my door at 9:20am.

Need it. It's a package from Amazon Japan which holds within its hallowed cardboard walls the July 2010 issue of More and the Saigo no Yakusoku LE DVD, chock full of goodness (Ohmiya goodness). I assume there will be a package slip waiting for me when I get home, which means my father will chew me out (rightfully so) for spending my money and not saving it for things like shelter and clothing and food. Like I haven't heard that lecture before.

Meanwhile, at work, I had to wait an hour for my dad to finish having his meeting with the boss before I could go in and have a five-minute check-in with the boss (we have the same boss this summer, though obviously my dad's job is more important than mine). Got strange looks from some engineering post-docs, I think because I fell asleep curled up in a corner of the hallway, clutching my thermos to my chest like it was my only friend.

(It is my only friend.)

And since June is the month of resolutions... oh, it isn't? Ah, first.

I resolve that June will be the month of resolutions.

... yes? Okay.

I resolve to post more often, because you all are so interested.


Dec. 17th, 2009 22:26
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OH MY GOODNESS. Once I'm done with this paper (4 pages left gogogo) and this thesis draft (... let's not talk about it okay), I'm going to sleep so hard it hurts. And then I'm going to wake up and watch Yamada Tarou Monogatari until I can't cry anymore and my jaw hurts from simpering vicariously.


What's actually going to happen is that I'm going to be at work at the CDO when I turn in my thesis draft, and I'll be there for two hours after that. And then I'm going to come home to the suite and watch an episode of something with Andrew (who lost a bet with Harrison that the latter wouldn't dance with anyone at a recent dance). And then I'm going to sleep, wake up to do my laundry, have dinner with whomever's left in the suite, pack, sleep, wake up in the middle of the night because I'm not used to sleep when I'm actually supposed to be getting it, remember that I have to make Cami an icon, make Cami an icon, sleep, and drive back to Indiana with Will on Saturday, sleep some more, see Will off Sunday morning on his way to Tennessee, and then watch Yamada Tarou Monogatari until I can't cry anymore and my jaw hurts from simpering vicariously.

But first. Paper (4 pages left gogogo) and thesis draft (... no, seriously, don't talk to me about it).

No comments. Just PRODUCTIVITY.
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So today I swept through the first four episodes of Anna-san no Omame, which for once doesn't have any JE boys in it. I started watching mostly because Tokui Yoshimi ♥ (from Tutorial) is in it, but it also has Becky, who's adorable, though this role in particular is... uh.

Basically it's a whole lot of this: )

... which is supposed to be obnoxious, yes, but so much of it.

The story goes that Lily/Riri (Becky's character) is exceptionally talented when it comes to misunderstanding people's opinions of her, so while guys might approach her best friend Anna, Lily always thinks that they're approaching her, and she has these ridiculous speeches about how everyone is in love with her, etc. etc. She's supposed to be a frustrating character, but it's a little much.

I'm hoping by the end of it she actually has a serious side and that the drama has some kind of "kandou" value, if you will, but I'm not holding my breath. It could easily go either way (vapid drama -> serious drama (like Stand Up!!) or just vapid drama throughout, with some mildly cute/happy ending). Right now I'm in it for the short snippets of Tokui ♥ and his deafeningly loud floral-print shirts.

Like this: )

In other news, Cami attacked me with Shiina Ringo, and I'm seriously never going to be the same again. The woman is amazing. Leeched her entire discography, and in the end I suspect that I may have found myself another Japanese celebrity to throw money at. (Currently: Arashi (DVDs only), KenKen, Tanemura Arina.) She made that big an impression.

On that note, pet peeve: When people say "that [adj] of a/an [noun]". It doesn't make sense. The way I see it, "that [adj] a/an [noun]" is just an inversion of "a/an [noun] that [adj]", so the extra "of" in there does nothing grammatically. Even if that's not the actual reason, the "of" is wrong, okay? D:

Also. I just realized that I accidentally deleted (a while ago; I thought I'd recovered it, and while I recovered a bunch of other things I accidentally deleted, the file I recovered that I named "20090508_women.doc" was a different file completely, and it's probably too late now to try to get it back) the final paper I wrote for my Chinese Revolution class. However many pages of painstakingly researched information and argument about women before/during/after the Cultural Revolution... I don't have any of the information, outlines, drafts, nothing. I don't even have any of the sources so that I can look up the stuff if I'm curious. I'm seriously depressed now. :/ (You'd think I'd have an e-mail copy, but I don't, you see, because the professor wanted a hard copy, and the only digital copy I had besides the one on my computer (the copy I accidentally deleted) was on my USB flash drive, which I constantly flush because I like to be "organized", FML.) I sent an e-mail to my professor to see if he has it, just in case, but I'm doubting that there's going to be any real resolution in this situation.
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Not spoilerific of episode 8 itself, but minorly spoilerific of the series backstory (revealed a few episodes back).

Two screenshots. )

My watching friend and I (because I have a legit drama watching friend. She's one of Will's freshmen from this past year. ♥ I've coerced Andrew into watching Ryuusei no Kizuna with me, but that's different.) were going nuts afterwards. Ahhhhh I want to know what happens. *_*

Meanwhile, I'm installing Yahoo Messenger because someone wants me to.

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I'm in the middle of the first episode of The Quiz Show. Sho's totally in his element (it's almost like type-casting, haha), but it's really bizarre to see him with his happy show-host face on when he's making comments about how the guest must have been the one who killed his partner. (In reality he's actually very good at discussing somber/serious issues and being sensitive about it.)

Not even halfway through, actually. I wonder what happens in the rest of the episode.

ETA: So I guess the first episode ends with intrigue, eh? I wonder what the relationship between Honma and Kamiyama is. Meanwhile, I do like the new Arashi song (and I like "Crazy Moon" as well), though some small part of me (about 98% of me) is still yearning for an Arashi-style happy!single. I guess for now I'll just have to be satisfied with the B-sides ("Smile" and "Tobira" were both pretty happy).

Posts to come: icon meme, srs business at school, and then the continued saga of AAA 2008.
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I cried.

Thumbs up. It was good. I was happy with the ending. And since Ohno's charm and amazingness can't adequately be expressed in words, six screenshots. )
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I think I figured out why I'm having (or had once) funny dreams about Nino. It's because I've been watching a bunch of his dramas/specials. Non-stop. In the past week I watched Ryuusei no Kizuna (I cried), Sukoshi wa Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana (I cried), and Minami-kun no Koibito (I should have cried, considering how dissatisfied I was with the ending). I also have Yasashii Jikan, Namida wo Fuite, and Marathon queued up to watch. Those are the last three Nino dramas that I haven't yet seen that are available on the interwebs (as far as I know), but since they're all fairly heavy (or at least they all fall into the "human drama" or "kandou" category), I've decided to hold off for now and switch to something lighter and a little more adorable: Yoiko no Mikata.

So far, Sho is two for two in the "crying at the end of an episode" department. Reminds me of Nino in Yamada Tarou Monogatari. But this time there are dozens of adorable children and annoying mothers (instead of six adorable children and one mother who isn't that annoying), so the atmosphere's a little different. "Tension up" or something.

Also. I've been thinking about this... what's a good way to translate "tension" (that is, the Japanese slang term テンション, which doesn't actually mean "tension")? "Excitement" doesn't quite catch it all, I think. Our favorite and sometimes useless Jim Breen says it means "spirits", but I connote "getting your spirits up" with the process of being sad and then feeling better, which isn't quite it either. Any thoughts on this?

ALSO. Waiting in anticipation for the last episode of UtaOnii. It's been a good run; I hope it's a happy ending.

ALSO ALSO. I've been inconsistent with the italicization/quotation (respectively) of titles. I hate that.
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I started a foreign-language journal. [ profile] motocompo, named after the type of motorbike that Natsumi rides in You're Under Arrest! (I also paid for it because I forgot that the ads make me cry.) I'll primarily be posting in Japanese, with some Spanish (and next year some Chinese) thrown in. So if you have any foreign-language journals, let me know and I'll happily friend you, even if I don't understand the language. It'll be a collective of amazing non-English.

I have to finish a website that's been several months in the making. Tonight. As well as catch up on some Japanese studying that I'm behind on, and another website that should have been finished months ago, and some Flash videos (Flash? Do I know how to do that yet?) that are due Friday. It's summer but I'm school-year busy.

Most of the studying is going toward the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (which in Japanese is just called the "ability test"). Harrison and I decided to go for L3, and while it isn't whoa-impressive, that we took the test and (hopefully) passed it at all will look good on our resumes. (Of course, that's not why we're doing it. We're doing it for the love of Japanese. Really.) We met with our Japanese professor, who highly suggested that we watch a lot of Japanese dramas to practice listening to real people talk in Japanese. XD So any drama suggestions? I'm sure I've asked this before, but this time I'll really make sure I watch things you suggest... it's teacher-prescribed and everything.

Real update (like, about my life and stuff) soon. Maybe.
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Including, but not limited to:
- change of major
- my official leave from fansubbing
- reflections on chatty online forums
- a quick survey of anime I watched over break
- life?

Before then, though, I had a question: does anyone know whether there are soft subs for Ichi Rittoru no Namida available? I'm downloading the raws from d-addicts, and I'm thinking that I'll probably need subtitles in order to understand everything and bawl appropriately. If not, I'll just go it without subtitles (I'm getting pretty good at understanding Japanese, and I've been watching random things without subtitles for a while now), but I really want to appreciate this series as much as possible, since apparently it's good and people cry when they watch it. You know.

Also, isn't AsuKira adorable? I don't even ship them... I just really appreciate their friendship. They'd be an interesting pair, I'm sure (God knows they've been shipped to high hell), but their camaraderie and resolve and faith in each other is really touching or something, and it just doesn't translate into a relationship beyond friendship/brotherhood for me. I'm sure it helps that their female counterparts are both extremely strong, sensible, likeable women (though Cagalli got on my nerves during GSD a little (a lot)... more on that on Saturday!).

Oh, and one more thing: Facebook me, because I need more people to stalk (and so do you).
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The prom situation is good, which makes me happy. The lack-of-dress situation is still prevalent, which makes me worried.

I'm wondering how Solar is going to handle the "seme" joke in Host Club 4. I wanted to shoot the Lunar folks for translating it the way they did.

Got into an argument with my mother about cutting my hair, so we cancelled the hair appointment I had for today. >< I'll just get it cut/styled for prom... ~_~

Ugh, my nose started bleeding this morning, which is why I'm awake. I need to go back to bed. And what's really cool about hospital tissue boxes (my mom stole one for me back when I broke my nose) is that the last five or so tissues are a different color so that they know when they have to get another box. Clever.

Anyone know when the Princess Princess drama starts? :O


Apr. 29th, 2006 16:47
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I know you guys don't care about this nearly as much as I do, but here's a clip of the new Pokémon voices (the special seems kind of interesting). It looks like they didn't get an entirely new cast, though... Ikue Ohtani still plays Pikachu.



And I wonder if binsento-kun would be up to subbing the Princess Princess drama...


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