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Not that I have a lot of ennui. I just like the word.

Feeling bleh about my writing, as usual. I won't get into it since I've already angsted about it enough, but I just haven't been excited about anything I've written lately, and I feel like I'm never going to get back to the writing that I've done that I really liked. Eh.

Stopped by my history professor's office the other day because I totally phoned in on the assignments last week and I wanted to apologize. Ended up crying in his office about how I don't feel like I belong in grad school because what seems to come so easily to everyone else is jarringly, frustratingly difficult for me. He basically told me that none of the other students necessarily knows any better than I do and that he can tell that my discomfort isn't from not understanding the material but instead from not liking what it is I understand. I guess it makes sense, because this one history class is single-handedly deconstructing the way I've learned and thought of the world for 22 (now 23! woo!) years, and maybe I'm just having trouble coming to terms with it. Though it doesn't help that it does so through thousands of pages of dense European philosophy. I don't care what you think I'm feeling, Professor, that stuff's hard to get through. D:


Headed up to Seattle for the weekend to see Halley~. No rompin' around in West Hollywood this year (apparently the Philly South Street equivalent?). Though the friend I'd actually go with, Michael, wouldn't be able to make it anyway, since he works on Halloween. I guess we'll save it for next year.

On the fandom front, I'm slowly coming to terms with how adorable I find Ryo (though his drunken escapades will never not be funny). I lead such a difficult life, I know.
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0. Speaking of which. #mytwitterbehere

1. My miss A singles came. One of them is a triangle. A triangle. A giant triangle that will not fit on any shelf in any country. Who makes these decisions? #:|

2. NINO FEVER. #:3.v (Or like in the icon, :3.w)

3. EITO FEVER. #\:D!

4. [ profile] je_squickfic posting starts on Monday! It's my first real fic exchange, so exciting times for everyone. #:D I just really want my recipient to like what I wrote for her. #D:

5. I've decided to try to record myself in Japanese for ten minutes every day. That way I'll be forced to talk about nothing for ten minutes. In Japanese. I will not share it with you! but at least I can get used to talking about regular things (not, like, World War II and discrimination and traditional Japanese performing arts). The more I speak it, the quicker I'll be at just letting things come out instead of thinking too much about how to say them; inevitably I know how to say them, but I'm not used to thinking that I do, so it takes a long time for the Japanese to process and to come out. 自然に出るようになりたい。 #ウンコのようにね。

5a. If anyone wants to Skype. You know. 日本語で. Or in English, if we must. #:/ My Skypey-Skype (as my mother calls it... which is totally something she picked up from me, because I cutesify words all the time) handle is LTGMars. Predictably. Just... message me first. I can't deal with that spontaneous call stuff. #icanhasfriendship?

6. ... not much to report, really. I mostly wanted to scroll that pitiful fail!Japanese olog post down my page a bit. #awk

P.S. I know that hashtags don't take punctuation so half of the ones I've used don't even work, but play along, eh? #trustmeiknow #ilearnedfromexperience
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(I actually never finished season 2 of Haruhi. I should get on that, but honestly? I don't really feel like getting through Endless Eight. Ahaha.)

As you may have guessed, South Paw Summer 2010 was a royal bust. Mostly I'm lazy, and it's too much work to write/open doors/eat/brush my teeth/use the touchpad with my left hand. So, nice try? Maybe?

But! August is upon us! And since August will always be the beginning of the year for me, I've decided to start off with a list of goals: )

Just caught my father playing with a light-up, chirpy yo-yo. "What does this have anything to do with work, you say?" he asked me playfully. And then he gave me a legitimate reason. Dammit, Father. D:

We've started going to the gym in the mornings again. We stopped for a few weeks because my mother's lazy, but she also likes to make me weep bitter tears, so we started up again.

Hope you all are having a glorious summer (or winter!) so far. Love to everyone busy with classes and work and moving and life, and maybe some love to those of you just sitting around. Like me. ♥
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There it is, folks. Last semester I got KenKen in (with the janken clip). Today, I successfully worked Arashi into my Japanese presentation. I was talking about the history of Japanese dialects (as mentioned in an earlier post) and focused on Touhoku-ben, which gave me the perfect excuse to have a show-and-tell clip from Shukudai-kun 130 (the already-infamous Oppai Bakuhatsu Game episode) in which Ogura reads aloud some Akita-ben, and everyone's like, "No one knows what you're saying, bud." And then the quiz question I asked the class was which of the Arashi members is my favorite. Tanaka-sensei laughed, 「発表と関係ないよ!」("This isn't even related to your presentation!"), to which I responded, 「関係ありますよ。」 ("It is related.")

It was probably the best Japanese presentation I've had to date, or at the very least the most fun to deliver. I owe more than a little to the fact that I practiced diligently for hours, late into the night, until I could recite it half-asleep while I was lying on RFHG (Really Fucking Huge Bear, the giant teddy bear that Harrison and I found in a dumpster at the end of freshman year). Beyond that, I think everyone was able to contribute to the discussion and had fun talking about accents and dialects and such. So yay. For once I don't feel like weeping silently into my pillow the night after a failed presentation.

Meanwhile, my Development of Modern Japanese Nationhood presentation did not go as smoothly, which is fine because it was supposed to be a report on my "work-in-progress" (that is to say, "have-yet-to-write-a-word-of-it") research paper. My points were all over the place and I had no idea how to respond to any of the questions my classmates asked me, but it did give me a chance to see some holes (of the magnitude of a discontinuity in space-time) in my argument. So hopefully I'll be able to get that, along with the other research paper that I haven't written a word of, done and taken care of this week.

And mostly for Cami (because you're a whore for this song already), but other interested parties are welcome: Have you seen the Utaban performance of "Crazy Moon" yet? The dancing makes my heart go pitter-patter. They did mention at some point that it's been a while since they danced this much for a song, and it seems that this'll probably be the choreography for the PV. I especially like the crazy spazz-hand choreography after the two-minute mark, but that might be my bias talking. So. Yeah.
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This, folks, is a random break from putting together the first draft of my presentation on Japanese dialects. The history of it all is actually quite interesting. I'll maybe post it later (in English, though it'll be translated from the Japanese translated from the sentences in my head in English, so who knows how that'll turn out...). Or you can read about it on Wikipedia.

So today I was listening to things on my Blackberry (because I got one (long story short, brother and I text too much so parents got a new cell phone plan and somehow getting two Blackberries was included in that, and since mother doesn't utilize phone super-functions and brother hates learning new things, I got a Blackberry), though my parents have warned me several times against accidentally breaking it because I'm that kind of person). Now, the thing about listening to something with headphones is that it goes straight to your ears (as opposed to bouncing off the other things in the room you're preoccupied with... I'm not stupid, okay, there was a point to what I was saying), so this is maybe the first time that I've really listened to a lot of songs.

"Fuyu wo Dakishimete" came up, and I played it about twenty times in a row. I wish that number were an exaggeration. It seems that for both tracks on the "Step and Go" single, Ohno gets an amazing, breathtaking, Ohnogasmic solo after the bridge. Neither of the songs I liked until I really listened and heard Ohno's solo and saw how the song fit together and that the chorus was pretty okay and the verses weren't so bad. I think something I really like about Ohno's singing, clarity and tone and all that aside, is the way he bends pitches into different pitches. It's nice to listen to, and grouped with the rest of what makes his singing so great, it's pretty damn powerful.

But yeah, give it a listen.

The clips for the video are from random concerts, and I've been inspired to have a nice little session this summer and watch all of their officially-released concerts and concert digests (Suppin, All or Nothing, How's it going?, Iza Now, ONE, AAA, AAA + in Dome, Time, AAA 2008) in one sitting. The only ones I don't actually have are Suppin (because VHS what?) and ONE (because I'd need to buy a limited-edition album for that, and that will take an anal-completist like me bad places), but God is great and He gives me downloads.

Hahaha, I'm so proud of how I spent so much money in so little time getting all of those DVDs. But they're so shiny so IT'S OKAY.
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I originally tried to do this while listening to Baystorm, but as it turns out, my Japanese comprehension is pretty terrible when I'm typing in English. Go figure. Also, Nino speaks so quickly and mumbles, and there aren't those helpful highlight-captions like on Japanese television. So I had to concentrate while he was talking and type only when he played songs, and even then I only got a little bit of it.


At any rate, an icon meme stolen from Cami! )

ETA: I know your name now, bwahaha.
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"Your item was delivered at 9:04 AM on April 3, 2009 in HAVERFORD, PA 19041."


Will pick it up after Japanese language partner time this afternoon (at Sushi Land... ahaha, Grace is so funny... she keeps asking to go places).

Now, I have about 40 minutes to write at least a page of an essay. And while that's absolutely no problem for me in English, I have no idea how quickly I can bullshit in Japanese, especially considering that I'm currently sitting at the CDO and on-and-off answering phones and helping students and the like. バイトで40分に1ページ以上ブルシットできるのか。できないのか。

... fackfackfack, why am I still on LJ?

ETA: (11:27am) Finished! Nice! I forgot how much space Japanese characters take up in text documents, haha. No doubt my draft will come back ripped to shreds with red ink (symbolic of the bloody tears I've shed after a long, hard fight, losing to the terrors of the Japanese language), but at least it's done. Sweet. Now, off to class.
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I think I figured out why I'm having (or had once) funny dreams about Nino. It's because I've been watching a bunch of his dramas/specials. Non-stop. In the past week I watched Ryuusei no Kizuna (I cried), Sukoshi wa Ongaeshi ga Dekitakana (I cried), and Minami-kun no Koibito (I should have cried, considering how dissatisfied I was with the ending). I also have Yasashii Jikan, Namida wo Fuite, and Marathon queued up to watch. Those are the last three Nino dramas that I haven't yet seen that are available on the interwebs (as far as I know), but since they're all fairly heavy (or at least they all fall into the "human drama" or "kandou" category), I've decided to hold off for now and switch to something lighter and a little more adorable: Yoiko no Mikata.

So far, Sho is two for two in the "crying at the end of an episode" department. Reminds me of Nino in Yamada Tarou Monogatari. But this time there are dozens of adorable children and annoying mothers (instead of six adorable children and one mother who isn't that annoying), so the atmosphere's a little different. "Tension up" or something.

Also. I've been thinking about this... what's a good way to translate "tension" (that is, the Japanese slang term テンション, which doesn't actually mean "tension")? "Excitement" doesn't quite catch it all, I think. Our favorite and sometimes useless Jim Breen says it means "spirits", but I connote "getting your spirits up" with the process of being sad and then feeling better, which isn't quite it either. Any thoughts on this?

ALSO. Waiting in anticipation for the last episode of UtaOnii. It's been a good run; I hope it's a happy ending.

ALSO ALSO. I've been inconsistent with the italicization/quotation (respectively) of titles. I hate that.
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I started a foreign-language journal. [ profile] motocompo, named after the type of motorbike that Natsumi rides in You're Under Arrest! (I also paid for it because I forgot that the ads make me cry.) I'll primarily be posting in Japanese, with some Spanish (and next year some Chinese) thrown in. So if you have any foreign-language journals, let me know and I'll happily friend you, even if I don't understand the language. It'll be a collective of amazing non-English.

I have to finish a website that's been several months in the making. Tonight. As well as catch up on some Japanese studying that I'm behind on, and another website that should have been finished months ago, and some Flash videos (Flash? Do I know how to do that yet?) that are due Friday. It's summer but I'm school-year busy.

Most of the studying is going toward the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (which in Japanese is just called the "ability test"). Harrison and I decided to go for L3, and while it isn't whoa-impressive, that we took the test and (hopefully) passed it at all will look good on our resumes. (Of course, that's not why we're doing it. We're doing it for the love of Japanese. Really.) We met with our Japanese professor, who highly suggested that we watch a lot of Japanese dramas to practice listening to real people talk in Japanese. XD So any drama suggestions? I'm sure I've asked this before, but this time I'll really make sure I watch things you suggest... it's teacher-prescribed and everything.

Real update (like, about my life and stuff) soon. Maybe.
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今年はとても忙しい。クラスを五つ取ったり、ハバフォードのSexuality and Gender Allianceという大きくて人気があるクラブの部長をしたり、もちろん音楽の四人がひくグループとオーケストラに入ったりする。それからJulienという友達と一緒にHonor Code Orienteersになって、世界の最高の一年生がいる。そして今、来年のCustoms Weekのグループに入っていて、来学期新しいHonor Code Orienteersを選ばなきゃ。とても楽しいと思う。

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Harrison spotted Koike-sensei (our Japanese professor from last year) in the LLC, so he e-mailed me to come down from the CDO to visit, and we chatted with her a little bit. I haven't spoken that much Japanese since May... and it's much more clear now than it was before that I've lost all of it. (Well, not really, except for some vocabulary, but the conversation got a little sadface for me when I had to slow down to conjugate something the way I wanted to. 話していなかったんです? What?) Oh, and then, because we're geniuses like that, we asked her if she wanted to have sushi with us. Long story short, we have until Tuesday night to review a year's worth of Japanese. Ack. Ganbaruzoooooo.

But I'm sure it'll be fun. Koike-sensei is adorable. Also, sushi two nights in a row (because we'll be going Wednesday with J. McGraw-Timberlake + maybe some other people)? It'll be AWESOME.


Nov. 28th, 2006 10:56
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seduction style meme "borrowed" from Scandia )

Sounds about right... I'm not in the least bit surprised. Ahaha.

Was deathly ill yesterday morning. Harrison was good enough to come to my room and hand me my medicine when I was bedridden for a few hours. And then he got really sick and didn't tell me, the jerk, so I couldn't really do anything for him. D: Felt decent enough to be up and about in the afternoon. Left some tea at Isaac's dorm when he was at work that night because he likes tea. Am feeling much better today. Spanked my Japanese test even though I've missed a lot of class due to deathly-illness and I'm out of practice.


Ohcrap, there's only about two weeks left to do stuff for the KenKen Christmas fanmail project. Which means I need to finish something within the next, say, two days if I want them to get to Tenten by 12月10日. Completely forgot. D:
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Yoinked from Rue... Stalker meme! (comments screened) )

In other news, I spent a bunch of money on classical music recordings on (specifically, chamber music I've performed ('cause I'm a nostalgic flake) and Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole + Saint-Saens violin concerto). I love classical music. I could probably live on classical music alone.

Tuesday night dinners are spent at Japanese table, where we talk in Japanese about culture and sing songs. Last night we sang Kimi wo Nosete from Castle in the Sky. :D Apparently we sang the song from Kiki's Delivery Service the week before, but that was Halloween and therefore the night during which I got candy from strangers.

I'll be selling off doujinshi (all ToriShishi, yeah), auction-style, once I figure out which ones I'm willing to sell. I'm not in any dire need for cash at the moment, but I kind of want the cushion. Oh, and I need to stop spending money.
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So in Japanese today, someone was trying to say "biology" ("seibutsugaku"), but she said "Seigaku" instead. I chortled.
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Yepyep. The men's soccer team came stomping through the halls, singing "Do Re Mi" and yelling "WAKE UP!!!!", at about 6:45 this morning. It's a good thing I was already up at 6:00. :D

My UCA (Upper Classman Advisor) told me to take the Japanese placement test this morning, even though I haven't had any formal schooling in it, and, well, yeah. I can read it pretty easily (hiragana, anyway), but I can't write it worth anything. There's a huge difference between recall and recognition, after all. So the first question was "Tell me about your family", and I spent ten minutes writing 「わたしのかぞくは」 before I decided to give up. ^^;;

I have the physics placement test later today. I kind of feel like a loser because my physics teacher was one of the best teachers I've ever had, and I'm going to let him down by bombing the placement test and completely forgetting everything I learned last year. ><

But now I have to go pick up some things at the bookstore, including string/tacky/something so that I can put my whiteboard up, 'cause right now, KenKen's covered in little reminder post-its, and he probably doesn't appreciate it at all. >< The guys are playing SSBM in the common room, but eh, I have errands to run.
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Benji won So You Think You Can Dance! He was my favorite from the beginning (like Clay, who should have won American Idol, and who's more popular than Ruben is anyway). I'm so glad he won. He's so cute, aw. :3

And further proof that I still suck at katakana: I misread ライブ as "reipu" (though I can't see the little marks (forget what they're called, ahaha) on the FU very clearly on this computer). I panicked for a bit, wondering what Kusuda would start suddenly talking about rape for, but then I realized. Ah. It's "raibu". Ahahaha. >< I can't wait till I actually take a class on this stuff and learn it properly. And maybe I'll know more than five kanji by the end of the year. :D

P.S. The OLs are taking me out to lunch today, since it's my last day. How nice. :D
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Pseudo-fic at parts... I'd rate it PG-13 overall for sexual references and language. It's kind of hard to follow, actually... =_=

ToriShishi 100 Questions... now with answers! )
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I'm going to the mattresses. AtoShishi fans on my f-list, I love you, really. You guys rock. But...

Makehen wa!!

ToriShishi 100 Questions )

P.S. My answers here!
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Ouran Koukou Host Club - Sakura KISSU
mp3 (audio rip)
avi (raw video rip) (with unhappy WMV9 compression)

TV version kanji lyrics ('cause I felt like it) )

I really can't get enough of that song. Like, seriously, OMG. It's so cute. Does anyone know when the single's coming out (if it isn't already out)? I mean, it's not like I'd be able to buy the thing, but I'm sure good ol' #nipponsei will handle it whenever it comes out.

</super-leecher mode>

And there is a second *pnish* photobook in the works. *weeps into empty wallet* No matter. I won't be able to order it until next year anyway (when I'm out of the house), so I suppose I'll be able to save up for it. :D

But none of that matters since I frickin' saw Jupiter and Saturn tonight. O_O Sarah invited her Science Research class to her house for a stargazing party, and, naturally, I came despite my distinct lack of being-in-that-class-ness and knowing-Dr.-Loughran-ness. XD Doc Lough brought the telescope, and we got to see Jupiter (though Cait was busy looking at Bobby's house through her binoculars XD). Everyone but Sarah and I got to see Saturn before it was swallowed up by clouds, but it cleared up by about 11:15 (after everyone had gathered around the bonfire to eat chips and smores and stuff), and we had a gorgeous view of it. By that time, though, my parents were getting testy, and it was getting pretty late, so we all ended up leaving before we tried to find Mars.

But wow. I've never gone stargazing before, and I was absolutely blown away. You could see Jupiter's stripes (and three of its moons) and Saturn's rings. Doc Lough said it was the best view of Saturn he'd ever seen, and, well, I believe it.

Definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done. Makes me wish I lived on a farm away from the lights of civilization. XD


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