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(Deets here!)

HEY HEY HEY it's been 12 days since I last pimped Tey's Maru fan letter project, so you all have had sufficient time to watch a bunch of Kanjani8 stuff and fall deeply in love with Maru and decide to support him via this project, right? How are those fan letters comin' along~?

I just finished my draft, which I sloppily wrote and took a picture of, for my amusement more than yours: )

Please do participate if you're at all interested. Don't make me use the giant explody font again.
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(sorry this isn't filtered; it's important, folks)

(plain old hotlinking; it's all LJ anyway~)

Tey's putting together a fan mail project for Maru to cheer him on for his leading-role-in-a-stage-play debut as Gilbert Grape! And since Maru is legitimately one of the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful guys in the company, I am all over this project, and I implore you to be as well!

More info here!

If you care anything at all about Maru and you want to show him your support even the tiniest bit, please consider participating. It'll be such a boost for him to know that his fans all around the world love him and are rooting for him. I'm actually tearing up, just thinking about how happy he'll be to get the influx of fan letters. Ahahaha Inez what's wrong with you.

Anyway, please do it. Five minutes to jot down a "good luck" isn't much. A dollar for an international stamp isn't much. (In fact, if a dollar means that much to you, I'll pay you back for the stamp!)

In the immortal words of one Rachel from Animorphs: Let's do it!
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Not that I have a lot of ennui. I just like the word.

Feeling bleh about my writing, as usual. I won't get into it since I've already angsted about it enough, but I just haven't been excited about anything I've written lately, and I feel like I'm never going to get back to the writing that I've done that I really liked. Eh.

Stopped by my history professor's office the other day because I totally phoned in on the assignments last week and I wanted to apologize. Ended up crying in his office about how I don't feel like I belong in grad school because what seems to come so easily to everyone else is jarringly, frustratingly difficult for me. He basically told me that none of the other students necessarily knows any better than I do and that he can tell that my discomfort isn't from not understanding the material but instead from not liking what it is I understand. I guess it makes sense, because this one history class is single-handedly deconstructing the way I've learned and thought of the world for 22 (now 23! woo!) years, and maybe I'm just having trouble coming to terms with it. Though it doesn't help that it does so through thousands of pages of dense European philosophy. I don't care what you think I'm feeling, Professor, that stuff's hard to get through. D:


Headed up to Seattle for the weekend to see Halley~. No rompin' around in West Hollywood this year (apparently the Philly South Street equivalent?). Though the friend I'd actually go with, Michael, wouldn't be able to make it anyway, since he works on Halloween. I guess we'll save it for next year.

On the fandom front, I'm slowly coming to terms with how adorable I find Ryo (though his drunken escapades will never not be funny). I lead such a difficult life, I know.
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I'm not going to try to translate because English can't begin to capture how beautiful the Japanese is [insert Inez's usual gushing about Japanese here], but.

I realized in the middle of the night that Kanjani8's "Michishirube" gets me crying, without fail, in 20 seconds with this line:
サヨナラは言わないで 歩いて行くよ
また会えるその日まで 忘れはしないよ
sayonara wa iwanaide, aruite yuku yo
mata aeru sono hi made, wasure wa shinai yo

And then I realized that it has some keywords that match the line in Arashi's "Step and Go" that gets me crying, without fail, in 15 seconds (quicker only because it's a more kinetic song):
ima bokura nosete toki wo koeru kiseki
itsumademo kono hi wo wasure wa shinai yo

Specifically, they share references to some specific day, and the phrase "wasure wa shinai yo" (that construction always gets me -- the noun + "wa" + some form of "suru", instead of just the conjugation of the verb; I mean, seriously, think about how much more weight that has -- a simple "wasurenai yo" vs. "wasure wa shinai yo" [more gushing about Japanese; blah blah blah no one cares, Inez]). Though I guess the specific days are different, and what they "won't forget" is also different.

Still, both are terribly beautiful. They get me crying every time (well, every time I'm actively listening to the lyrics). I can listen to them 100 times in a row, and I'll still tear up. (I'll note that the particular version of the line in "Michishirube" I like is the Ryo/Yasu version, because I like that thing they do a lot where they cut out most of the instruments after the bridge and then bring them back in; also, Ryo's voice is like butter slathered all over my body and then set on fire in all the best ways (uuuggghhh, guess who should be sleeping right now... this guy), and I'm pretty sure he knows it.)

So? Y'all have specific songs/lines in songs you always cry at?
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0. Speaking of which. #mytwitterbehere

1. My miss A singles came. One of them is a triangle. A triangle. A giant triangle that will not fit on any shelf in any country. Who makes these decisions? #:|

2. NINO FEVER. #:3.v (Or like in the icon, :3.w)

3. EITO FEVER. #\:D!

4. [ profile] je_squickfic posting starts on Monday! It's my first real fic exchange, so exciting times for everyone. #:D I just really want my recipient to like what I wrote for her. #D:

5. I've decided to try to record myself in Japanese for ten minutes every day. That way I'll be forced to talk about nothing for ten minutes. In Japanese. I will not share it with you! but at least I can get used to talking about regular things (not, like, World War II and discrimination and traditional Japanese performing arts). The more I speak it, the quicker I'll be at just letting things come out instead of thinking too much about how to say them; inevitably I know how to say them, but I'm not used to thinking that I do, so it takes a long time for the Japanese to process and to come out. 自然に出るようになりたい。 #ウンコのようにね。

5a. If anyone wants to Skype. You know. 日本語で. Or in English, if we must. #:/ My Skypey-Skype (as my mother calls it... which is totally something she picked up from me, because I cutesify words all the time) handle is LTGMars. Predictably. Just... message me first. I can't deal with that spontaneous call stuff. #icanhasfriendship?

6. ... not much to report, really. I mostly wanted to scroll that pitiful fail!Japanese olog post down my page a bit. #awk

P.S. I know that hashtags don't take punctuation so half of the ones I've used don't even work, but play along, eh? #trustmeiknow #ilearnedfromexperience
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It was an irritable morning this morning! I'm typically not not a morning person, but I woke up completely in kill mode for little to no reason. The little reason might be that yesterday after my dad casually said to me, "I haven't seen you do work for a while," and I responded, "I haven't had any work to do for a while," he asked his/my boss to give me more work. And? And? My boss point-blank said, "I don't have anything else for her to do." How much time left do I have at this job? Two weeks.

Two weeks. With not even nominally, but literally nothing to do.

So this morning I woke up to the fourth "snooze" alarm on my phone and the rain spitting against my window, and I mumbled emptily to myself, "What's the point?" It was very picturesquely dejected, actually. Plus, I didn't feel like going to the gym (see entry: "she woke up this morning in kill mode"), so after we got there, I ended up walking to the office in the rain. (Less picturesquely dejected: I carry two umbrellas in my backpack (one for me, one for whomever I run into who's been caught in the rain without an umbrella -- and it's happened; I've lost an umbrella that way), so I didn't get wet.)

So yes. Another couple of weeks without any work to do. Bright side: I no longer have to feel quasi-guilty about the amount of web surfin' and video watchin' I do at the office. Catching up on Kanjani8 MAP~
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It's Mugenday! but I don't have a good Eito icon yet, so we're just going to go with Tokui wearing a loud shirt, y/y?

Still on a Yamada Tarou kick, so a clip from episode 10 (no subs (though guys, guys, Japanese drama DVDs come with Japanese closed captioning and it's so awesome *_*)). Not the one you'd expect from me when I say "episode 10", I think, but because I love Tabe Mikako so: )

My head's been hurting for the past few days and no matter how much acetaminophen I ingest, the pain won't go away. It just won't go away. (Did I mislead you with the title? Ha! You should know that if I were talking about the song, it'd have quotation marks around it!)

I tried to break my $100 bill at Starbucks today, but the lady at the window was like, "Uh, no." Actually, to make myself sound like less of a jerk (but also to make the story less interesting... damn), I'll explain what actually happened: I roll up to the window in my brother's classy dinked-up Saturn that doesn't have power steering and rattles in places I didn't even know cars could rattle, classic 80s hits blasting from the radio, and ask all friendly and polite-like if they'll take a $100 bill. I make nice conversation with the lady briefly, etc. etc. And then I buy my drink using my debit card, lug the car out of the drive-thru, and go home. All's okay with the world.

Except for the part where I still have a headache.

Feel like being productive today. I think I'm going to try to tie up some loose Honor Council ends or practice violin or something. (Three hours later, Inez wakes up from an impromptu nap. A single tear trickles down her cheek.)

ETA: a series of edited-to-adds in which Inez gets really angry and then talks herself out of her anger )
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1. There was an article below the fold in the South Bend Tribune (the local newspaper) today about a ten-year-old boy who found and returned a wallet with over $1000 in it. He was honored... )

2. Will texted me yesterday and asked me if it'd be okay for him to drop by early next week, I guess on his way home. Definitely yes, dearest William! Ahh, I've missed my Haverford people. ♥

3. Throwing in some fandom things, because they are also quite happy-making:

a. Kanjani8 is the ultimate fic-writing music. It so fun -- it makes me excited and giddy. And hey, maybe I'll finish this fic today! (Probably not. Dammit.)

b. Today's episode of VS A*ashi is the literally the best thing that's ever happened to me. Thanks again for the warning, Ves -- I nearly slapped my arm against the desk in my excitement, but I was being extra-cautious, so I got away unscathed.


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