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Diki's home.

Yaaaay. :| )

Good to have you back, Diki. T___T

It was crew prank night at the musical last night. Pranks included, but weren't limited to, filling a piñata with rice instead of candy and replacing a recorded cue with a sound clip of what I think was the Wicked Witch of the West laughing maniacally. We could hear the cast (onstage and off) and crew laughing the entire time. XDD

Afterwards, I watched about 1.5 bands at Battle of the Bands and then went home. Spent a heinous amount of time online (and now I don't even remember what I was up to), went to bed pretty late (early). And I did stuff this morning, too, but I don't really remember what I did then either. Listened to MabeRajio after I came back from teaching, edited Blood+, then had to help unpack.

Diki and I just watched the first episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuu(uuuu)tsu. Cute. XDD Reminded me of this Pokémon spoof, so we watched that afterwards. And now I have the musical to play for. Again. =_=;;

Can't wait for prom (six days and counting)... I'm so excited... ><;;
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Happy half-birthday to me! \(^0^)/ I was typing out the ID3v2 tag for MabeRajio, and I noticed the "04.29" part and was like, "Oh, 04.29! That's my half-birthday! ... Today's my half-birthday!!"

And I love MabeRajio. They did this hilarious "jitensha" bumper... Higuchi was Kamakari's mother, and Katou was the father, and Kamakari was so~ cute, WTF. But yeah, apparently Papa finally learned how to ride a bicycle. XDDD And I think Higuchi came up with "KatoKen" to refer to Katou and Kamakari together... Is she slashing them now? Frickin' fangirl... XDD

The musical was disastrous last night. But we got through it (somehow), and people didn't seem to notice the blatant mistakes because we live in a world of fools, so it's all good. But you know it's bad when, after the overture, your stand partner turns to you and says, "Oh well. Maybe tomorrow." XDD

One down, five to go...

I hear the new dub cast for Pokémon sucks (I don't watch it anymore since I teach on Saturday mornings, but I'm bound to catch an episode eventually). T_T I wish they could have kept the old cast... I loved them. I really can't imagine anyone else doing the characters' voices... And I'm really starting to miss Pokémon now. T_T

</reliving of childhood>
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Yes, it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so I should be holed up in my room studying instead of relaxing in front of the computer, I know (I'd be outside, but I'm photosensitive). Just stop giving me reproachful looks already. -_-;;

Mm. Be sure to suggest something for my art meme. *pimp-pimp-pimp* I already have a few good (i.e. impossible O_o) ones waiting to be drawn. XD

Locked my keys and cell phone in my trunk earlier this morning. It was brilliant. I had to borrow a random person's cell phone to get my dad to bring the spare key so that I could go home. One of my better moments in recent history, if I do say so myself.

I've been talking to a random fansub editor lately. He asks me for editing help and stuff (but he's not incompetent... *phew*). I just hope he doesn't make a habit of it, because, as much as I enjoy talking to him, I do other things besides sitting in front of my computer, waiting for something to happen. (No, seriously. I do.)

MabeRajio is fun. I just wish my computer were normal so that I could encode it once and get it over with. XD Oh, and they finally stopped playing that silly little "song" thing... you know, the weird one. ._.;;

Happy birthday, Rae~!
Goodbye, youth. Hello, porn and cigarettes. And lottery tickets. And... strip clubs? What else...?
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It worked! My connection didn't die on me! \o/ And Ge-pyon(!!) and I have figured out how we're going to record/share MabeRajio from now on. :D

Bu looks hawt in his prom pictures. XD

Purdue wasn't anything special. :/ The pot roast wasn't anything special. :(

I really like this icon. >< The transparency makes it kind of hard to read on a dark/black background, but meh.

Tomorrow's the last day of Spring Break. So much work to do in one day... T_T


Apr. 7th, 2006 15:42
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Who wants to record Kamakari's/Katou's/Higuchi's radio show thing...?! I'm going to try, but as luck would have it, I'll be gone when the debut episode actually airs this weekend, so leaving my programs running may or may not work, especially since JOQR is patchy at best.

It airs 01:30~02:00 AM on Sunday (25:30~26:00 Saturday) in Japan, which translates to 12:30~13:00 on Saturday (EST), if I'm not mistaken. I'll be eating pot roast, whut? supporting Diki at Purdue all day Saturday, so I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best from PeerCast and FlashGet.

So yes, see if you can record it. And see if all your friends can record it. And see if random people on the street can record it. And see if someone in Japan can sneak into the studio and record it there. And hey, if you're personal friends with Kamakari or Katou or Higuchi, see if they can hook you up with a studio recording of it, too.


Really, there's no guarantee that it won't work for me, but insurance = good. (And realistically speaking, that isn't just for this weekend... having someone else record the thing every week would be helpful. But for now, all I'm desperate for is Saturday. ><)

Any takers...?


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