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0. Speaking of which. #mytwitterbehere

1. My miss A singles came. One of them is a triangle. A triangle. A giant triangle that will not fit on any shelf in any country. Who makes these decisions? #:|

2. NINO FEVER. #:3.v (Or like in the icon, :3.w)

3. EITO FEVER. #\:D!

4. [ profile] je_squickfic posting starts on Monday! It's my first real fic exchange, so exciting times for everyone. #:D I just really want my recipient to like what I wrote for her. #D:

5. I've decided to try to record myself in Japanese for ten minutes every day. That way I'll be forced to talk about nothing for ten minutes. In Japanese. I will not share it with you! but at least I can get used to talking about regular things (not, like, World War II and discrimination and traditional Japanese performing arts). The more I speak it, the quicker I'll be at just letting things come out instead of thinking too much about how to say them; inevitably I know how to say them, but I'm not used to thinking that I do, so it takes a long time for the Japanese to process and to come out. 自然に出るようになりたい。 #ウンコのようにね。

5a. If anyone wants to Skype. You know. 日本語で. Or in English, if we must. #:/ My Skypey-Skype (as my mother calls it... which is totally something she picked up from me, because I cutesify words all the time) handle is LTGMars. Predictably. Just... message me first. I can't deal with that spontaneous call stuff. #icanhasfriendship?

6. ... not much to report, really. I mostly wanted to scroll that pitiful fail!Japanese olog post down my page a bit. #awk

P.S. I know that hashtags don't take punctuation so half of the ones I've used don't even work, but play along, eh? #trustmeiknow #ilearnedfromexperience
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(hotlinking like a BAMF)

(also, weeping)
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I don't know a word of Korean and I've ordered both of your singles. You're just that good.

Hey, Suzy. Hello, hello, hello. I don't even care how old you are. Like, don't even care. You're turning 16 next month, right? That's good enough for me. Mmmmmmm, finger-biting good.




... guys? I think... I think this is one of those substanceless, pervy posts that Cami likes to make. God, I feel dirty.


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