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Merry Christmas and happy holidays to my lovely f-list! I hope you've been able to enjoy whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate around this time of year, or at the very least enjoy a day or two off from work/school. :3

This morning we did the usual family present-trading. I woke up around 11am (it's 8am on the west coast, okay?) and finished wrapping all three presents I had to wrap (which, by the way, is better than what my brother managed to do, because he didn't even bother to wrap anything). We aren't a gift-heavy family, and there isn't usually anything I want that I don't get myself, but it's still really lovely to participate in the exchanging and to know that I've maybe gotten something nice and useful/happy-making for my family. The received gift I'm perhaps most excited about is a DVD box set from my brother called Essential Classics: Musicals which includes My Fair Lady, Singin' in the Rain, and Gigi. I do love musicals. He also got me a pepper spray keychain, which, I don't know. It's pink?

It's been more or less relaxed here, though my mom likes to pile on the family fun, which gets tiresome sooner than later. Though! She really, really spoils us around this time of year, and though I get tired out quickly, I can't say I mind~

Some major/movie highlights since I've come home, in reverse chronological order because I can:

- On Friday we went to see The Adventures of Tintin, which was so so so lovely as a Tintin fan. My dad used to sit my brother and me down and read the comics to us (which, of course, we didn't realize are as questionable as they are when we were children), and it was so fantastic to see all of these old characters from my childhood come to life so vividly and so perfectly on screen. It's a great movie on its own and I think anyone who enjoys fun/easy adventure movies would enjoy it, but it's particularly great for old fans of the comic. I say yes: would watch again.

- On Wednesday I spent the day with Chele, and she did a number on my nails. How great are they, seriously? *_* Ahh, it's always nice to see her. ♥

- And last Sunday the family saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which is, yes, better than the first, which is saying a lot as someone who saw the first in theatres three times. RDJ and Jude Law's chemistry is really delightful, and I love that Jude Law dislikes the word "bromance" as much as I do.

Beyond that, I've just been sitting around, mostly. I have a lot a lot I want to get done over break, and now I have less than a week! before I head back to LA, but in the meantime I'll hopefully get some reading and writing and relaxing in.

How are you all? Tell me everything. (chinhands) I hope you've been having lovely days. ♥
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and other possibly euphemistic lines: a picture entry.

Five topics, under the sheets~ )
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With GANTZ Perfect Answer hitting theatres this Saturday, we've got another navi DVD. It contains spoilers for the first movie and plenty of clips and tidbits from the second, so watch at your own risk!

Table of Contents: )

Download Links:
MU Folder
MF Folder

(I uploaded the split files with romanized titles because HJSplit doesn't really get along with Japanese characters, so people who use that program to join files don't have to worry about renaming them beforehand.)

As always, comments and credit aren't necessary but are appreciated. Enjoy~
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(It's been a while since I've done a movie post, eh?)

Finally watched Tekkon Kinkreet. I know, I know what you're thinking: Why, Inez! It took you this long to watch Tekkon Kinkreet, the movie that your darling Ninomiya Kazunari lent his voice to? Shame on you! That shit came out in 2006, though technically on DVD in 2007! It's true, I was slow on this one. (Though I've only been in fandom since late 2008, so I think I get a pass on this (false).) I actually have tried to watch this multiple times, but I could never really get past the animation, which is honestly not my thing, despite being very obviously carefully crafted.

But today I picked up the DVD, which came magically to a library near me via InterLibrary Loan (other dark uses of ILL have included requesting the entirety of Animorphs one summer, during which the Haverford library had to borrow from public libraries all over Pennsylvania just so that I could ~*~rediscover my childhood~*~; suffice it to say, I only got through about 30 or so books -- a little more than halfway!). And I sat down and watched it. It was actually quite nice. I mean "nice" in a strange and dark and somewhat trippy kind of way, which many anime movies seem to tend toward, but I think it was a good exploration of childhood and friendship and [loss of] innocence and internal conflict and all of that. Solemn and shocking and poignant, and very well done. A little violent, so steer clear if that's not your cup o' tea, but otherwise highly recommended.

And of course, Nino did a great job. No, seriously, that boy is talented. Good cast all around, though obviously Nino was the best. ★ Bonus points if you can pick out Morisanchuu's voices!

November 4th! It's my brother's birthday! Or as Dwight might say: "It is your birthday." We're Irish twins, so for six days starting on my birthday (Oct 29 to Nov 3), we're the same numerical age. But now he's older again. I guess it was glorious while it lasted...

to-do list: R, Nov 4
  • dirty clothes launderin'
  • history second response
  • アレだよ、アレ!
  • grocerizin': eggs! milk! bread! chicken! thank you card for Halley!
  • アレもね。
  • e-mail to Haas
  • start conceptualizing paper for annotated bibliography, consult with professor
  • urrgghhh look up fellowships for next year

    I feel like I had more to say in this post, but obviously it wasn't important if I can't remember it now. Heh. I hope you appreciate how I pointlessly wrote more words for you to scroll past. You're welcome~
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    - Yet another person thumbs-upping Inception. I actually watched it opening weekend, but I guess I didn't mention it here. Anyway, it was good and stuff. Will definitely be buying it on DVD.

    - Just finished watching Gurren Lagann (late, I know, but I basically stopped watching anime in college; but my brother put it on our summer anime watch list, so). It was a little cheesy and incredibly absurd, but I'm so supremely touched right now. There really aren't any words for it. Just a really great series.

    - Finished rewatching Stand Up!! last night. Mildly idiotic and wholly wonderful, as always. Looking forward to having the box set in my hands soon. ♥

    - Second episode of NatsuNiji showed much more promise than that mess of a first episode. I'm actually looking forward to watching the story unfold now. Then again, I am easily pleased by romance, so I'm not much of a gauge here.

    - Randomly downloaded Tokyo Tower (the movie). Skipped through it and landed on the scene where Jun presumably gets it on in the bath with some lady. I think that's all I needed to see. :Db
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    Basically the only way to get me to post is to make me make a new icon. Fun package full of goodies of the they-who-shall-not-be-named and KenKen variety came in, and one magazine photo shoot in particular inspired me to make a new icon (though I'm lazy and I piggybacked off another person's scans instead of scanning the magazine myself... Neenyay).

    Speaking tangentially of which, I have more KenKen goodies (including another (earlier) CastPrix DVD and his latest photobook), which I'm thinking of sharing eventually. Usually someone else shares the photobook scans, so if that happens I won't be sharing them myself, but the CastPrix DVD has Nagayan in it, and it's pretty much amazing, so that eventually, maybe, once I clear off space on my hard drive.

    Currently on fall break, yahoo. Visited Claire at Princeton for the weekend (lots of fun, lots of debauchery, A+ would do again except for the vomiting). Currently trying (and failing) to peel through some thesis research as well as more finalized grad school application plans. (Took the GRE. Didn't kill the GRE, but didn't get killed by the GRE. I'm envisioning from now on a mutual, standoffish relationship for the most part. B- would not take again.) But really, I've been spending a lot of time sleeping. So much sleeping. Planning to hire a personal cheerleader to yell at me: "Be! Productive! Be, be productive!"

    Worth noting is that I am on financial lockdown, what up. Aside from the necessary expenditures and moneys owed, I'll be buying nothing. Nothing. :|

    Watched the Yatterman movie. Truly, truly awful. I actually didn't watch maybe the last third or so; didn't really have the patience for it, and didn't foresee anything spectacular happening anyway.

    I recently watched a drama called Haken no Oscar. It was only six episodes and not yet subtitled, but I watched it for Tokui Yoshimi (Tutorial). ♥ It's a story about a haken whose ideal lifestyle is that of Oscar from Rose of Versailles, and I felt like I was missing something since I'd never read the series. Haken no Oscar overall: kind of strange, kind of cute, didn't like the female lead's facial structure for a really long time.

    Hey, it's October 14th. [One of my best friends from high school]'s birthday. I hate that kind of singular-plural-idea sentence construction, but it's so common. :/
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    I have to decide by tomorrow which Japanese movie I want to watch and make a presentation on. Currently I'm gravitating toward the Nino movies (Iwo Jima, Ao no Honoo), or maybe some movies I've enjoyed in the past few years (Go!, Water Boys, etc.) but if you have any other ideas on good Japanese movies, let me know. Live action and anime are both fine.

    I think it might be either Iwo Jima or Go! right now. But I already did a presentation on something really heavy (the Japanese-American internment during WWII), and I doubt doing something on Iwo Jima would be any better. But racism is also kind of heavy, so. :/
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    My mother has finally done it. After years of "meticulous" "planning" and hoping and dreaming, she's gotten a layer of paint down on the kitchen walls.

    That is to say, with an excessive amount of my (unoffered) help, she's gotten a layer of paint down on the kitchen walls.

    She seems to have gotten the strange idea that I'm good at "cutting in" (which I'm assuming is a term she learned from Trading Spaces... Ty was always my favorite), so she had me do all of the nooks and crannies and edges -- of which there are many in the garage entryway and kitchen -- while she roller-painted the broad spaces. (I'll admit, though, that that can be pretty tiring as well. And she did spend the entire day cleaning and taping, so I shouldn't be so hateful.)

    And now, so tired, ugh.

    But let's back up a second and look at my day in full: )

    We were the only two people in the theatre for the showing of Ponyo. No kids want to go see a late-night movie on a Wednesday? Too bad. We talked loudly a lot.

    The trailers. *_* Princess and the Frog, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Planet 51. The fourth one started, and I said, "Hey, look, live action!" And then all of the creatures from Where the Wild Things Are popped up, and my brother said, "Kind of."

    As for Ponyo itself...

    Animation: nothing less from Ghibli
    Music: nothing less from good ol' Joe
    Dub: superb (Tina Fey ♥)
    Story: ...................... huh?
    English-version Ponyo theme: I'm still crying.

    Overall, I thought it was better than Howl's, but I'm pretty sure Howl's is at the bottom of my Miyazaki list, so that's not saying much. Then again, I didn't think Howl's was a bad movie -- Miyazaki doesn't make bad movies, really -- so I guess it's still saying more than it might if you're looking at more than just Miyazaki movies (or Ghibli movies in general, Earthsea aside).

    If you're curious, the top of my Miyazaki list is Laputa, with Totoro hovering around there at a close second. (And you, dear reader?)

    Now, to bed, before I face another day of painting and e-mails and endless flashcards.
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    Just came back from seeing HBP. Will and I only made it to the 1am showing because the seven showings clustered around 12am and 12:30am were all sold out by the time we bought our tickets online. D:

    Recommendation for watching it -- don't (re)read the book before you watch the movie. The movie strays from the source material more than the first five movies did combined. It wasn't even a just matter of omitting parts or shifting information to get it to fit into the allotted time. It was blatant disregard for the pacing and tone and information and mystery. There were a zillion and a half nods to Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, but I'm awed at how much they changed/left out/added. (Maybe I'm reacting this way because I'm fresh from rereading the book, which wasn't the case with the first five movies, but regardless, this one left a lot to be desired.)

    I mean, it was okay. I enjoyed it well enough for what it was. I'm just sad because I know what it could have been.

    Meanwhile, I have at least a very major cold -- congestion, sore throat, ridiculous sinus headache, finicky stomach. (Also a contributing factor to my discomfort in the movie theatre.) I'm hoping I didn't pick up mono from Will, but it's not like we swap spit often (ever). I'm just bangin' his mom, is all.

    Dear you,
    Good luck on your midterm today.

    Now, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, sleep.
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    Prince Caspian! I watched it with a big group of girls in my apartment. I love watching movies with people in big, loud groups. :3

    I really love the Narnia movies. The music is incredible, and the cinematography is just beautiful.

    As is this kid. )

    But seriously, the scene in which Lucy is walking in the forest and the flower petals float up around her? Absolutely breathtaking.

    I don't remember much of the books, so I can't comment on how well it stuck to the original story, etc., but I do think it was a lot of fun. And if you buy into the allegorical subtext, it was pretty uplifting, too.

    Somewhat relatedly, I was bumming around Wikipedia and read all about the claims of sexism/racism in the series, and all of the "literature in response" by Pullman, Gaiman, et al. I'm the kind of person who gets lost in a story and completely misses everything that's actually being said unless I'm looking for it (even now, I often miss really "blatant subtext", per se), so it kind of took me by surprise. It makes me feel like a failure of an academic when I read something for class and people raise their hands and talk about how this-and-such is flawed in this-and-that way or clearly a reference to that-and-the-other philosophical idea or religious practice or political struggle and I'm like whaaaat where did you see that. I've always been so bad at reading things critically; it's such an intellectual impediment.

    Basically, I feel stupid all the time, like I'm always missing the big picture when it's loud and clear. Which is why I wanted to read more this summer. Speaking of which, where did I put that book...?
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    Letters from Iwo Jima was a doozy, though it was the first time I've looked forward to watching a war movie since Matthew Broderick in Glory (I know, I have weird celebrity crushes, don't bother me). I can't say that I didn't want to watch it entirely because of Nino, but I was glad in the end to have seen it. It was a good movie in its own right.

    I watched it with Andrew. Originally I had convinced William to watch it, too, but he... still hasn't finished one of his finals... so he was theoretically working on that tonight. Andrew, though, has been a good boy and has been learning all of Arashi's names and characteristics. I said last night, "Tomorrow we're watching a depressing war movie because my favorite's in it." He nodded obediently.

    And really, it wasn't as depressing as I was expecting. It was almost triumphant in a way I didn't think a war movie as seen from the losing side could be. But the entire thing was just so honest -- from the brutality of war to the writhing emotions of the characters themselves -- that in the end it seemed as if they accomplished something. Or maybe it's that the movie itself accomplished something in terms of what it's trying to say, whatever it is that it's trying to say.

    It was a little annoying when we were interrupted periodically with Will's roaming around the living room and asking, "How's Nino?" ("Still alive," was my mumbled response, eyes glued to the screen as if in a trance.) After it was all over, though, we sat in silence and watched the credits roll until Andrew laughed when "Kazunari Ninomiya" came up.

    I mean, I dunno. I'm sure I've covered it up well, what with my endless articulate wit and all, but I've always been bad at talking about things or critiquing things. "It was good. I liked it." Nino was really fantastic, no joke. They all were.

    (Also, I hated that when Nino's character mentioned that he was a baker from Ohmiya, all I could think of was, well, Ohmiya. Having to squish down my fangirl glee took away from the experience a little bit.)

    And then I came back to the internet and watched Arashi's latest Music Station performance. Cathartic reflection on war and friendship and family and the meaning of life, broken by the song and dance of a Japanese boy band, both featuring the same man. Yes. Good. This is my life.
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    Tonight's Halley movie: Twilight. Never have I laughed so hard at a dramatic movie in my life. My final thoughts were, "If the acting weren't so bad, and the dialogue weren't so awful, and maybe if the plot weren't so ridiculous, it would have been kind of good."

    I mean, I dunno. I had a ton of fun watching it, and I can't say that I wasn't a little intrigued by the story, but maybe not in the right way. No offense if you like it... it just takes itself way too seriously for me, like it's full of eye-opening, life-changing, epiphanal moments. Like it's the first story that's ever said anything feminist to teenagers (while at the same time letting the main character throw herself at a creepy stalker). Like it's more than just a vampire movie meant for hormonal, Mary Sue-ing high school students (which, I'll admit, can be fun to watch, so long as the movies know and admit that that's what they are). And maybe you like it because it's a light, easy movie, but because it doesn't have that light, easy attitude, it's hard for me to enjoy it.

    Instead of saying more, I think I'll just leave you with my favorite quotes.

    (Bella voiceover) I planned to confront him and demand to know what his problem was.

    Bella: "Why don't you ask him? Take control. You're a strong, independent woman."
    Alice: "I am?"
    Bella: "Yeah."

    Bella, completely deadpan: "Your hand is so cold."

    Edward: "Beautiful? This is the skin of a killer, Bella." (Halley's translation: "'I'm SO TORTURED!'")

    Bella: "This is unreal. This kind of stuff doesn't exist."
    Edward: "It does in my world."
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    Ate three dinners today. No breakfast or lunch, but three dinners in fairly quick succession. One of my little muffins had her birthday go-out-and-rub-ourselves-on-greasy-pizza dinner, Halley and I had our semi-regular delivery-and-a-movie Saturday, and William and I had our more-regular-than-necessary late-night trip to Wawa.

    Secured tickets for going to visit Halley in Seattle this summer. I need to go to the airport to validate my vouchers (pain in the butt), but hey, free roundtrip flight from Chicago to Seattle? I'll take it.

    Last night I slept in my bed for the first time in three days. Today I took a shower for the first time in three days. Both were experiences I plan to repeat in the very near future, though I'm still awake now for some reason. I'm really impressed at how the birds start singing at 4am exactly. Chirpy bastards.

    Spent most of today napping and watching back episodes of Shukudai-kun. (God bless the internets, which doth bring porn and pretty Japanese boys, sometimes together.) I'm in the middle of the third Odoroki! special (October 2007). So much more to watch before I'm caught up, augh. But I'm learning a bundle of useful Japanese words, like mujuuryoku, which is the Japanese word for "zero gravity". (Why yes, they do do experiments in zero gravity. I love these boys.)

    The Quiz Show needs to be less episodic if it wants me flailingly anticipating each new episode (like I did with UtaOnii). As it is, the weekend rolls around, and someone posts a link, and I'm like, "Oh, yeah, another episode aired." Currently downloading.

    Tonight's Halley movie was Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, which was delightfully fluffy. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys awkward meant-for-teens movies, even though Kat Dennings's face is distractingly long and her chin exceedingly jutty-outty.
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    The Dark Knight? Yes. Just... yes.

    Have yet to see Wall-E, but I'm told it's just the adorable thing that would make me melt into a puddle of giggly goo.

    Trailer for HSM3, anyone? I already have a date in October to go see it with last semester's suitemates.

    This coming Thursday, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WarGames, select theatres are screening it. Harrison and I are planning to go, and we're going to float within a maze of Philly public transportation vehicles to get there. Why do you care? Because Matthew Broderick is in it.
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    Last night the boys and I watched a Bollywood movie called Rang De Basanti, about a bunch of college kids shooting a movie about 1930s Indian freedom fighters. Despite the "Bollywood" categorization, the movie didn't have too much of the excited (campy) dancing/singing that Bollywood is typically associated with. And while I did enjoy the music and dancing that was there (I like that kind of thing), mostly I was impressed because it was a really freaking good movie.

    I laughed, I cried. It was close to three hours long (there was even an intermission), but I was enraptured the entire time. Of course, there were some ridiculous moments (some of which really felt like some bizarre dream sequence), but they weren't so ridiculous that they took away from the movie -- they had some purpose in the overall story.

    Technically, I loved the colors and the cinematography and the music. The acting was incredible, and the characters and their stories were riveting. Definitely one of the best serious movies I've seen in a while. It's a little political, which might turn off some viewers, but I think the message is clear enough to speak to everyone.

    I'm definitely very glad Andrew recommended it. I was expecting the usual Bollywood fare (and I would have been fine with that), but I got so much more.


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