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It's June 17th in Japan, which means it's Nino Day! Happy Nino Day! (No cut for you, because on Nino Day, we're all bratty and obnoxious. ♥)

A question to my homeslices: Do you have any favorite celebrities? If so, who are they?

Mine are obviously Arashi collectively (Neen Bean in particular) and Kamakari Kenta. My favorite seiyuu will always be Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichirou, Suwabe Junichi ("Junichirou", failfailfail ahahaha), and Ishida Akira (my seiyuu tetrafecta, if you will). As far as people in the English-speaking world go, I point to my long-lasting love affairs with Matthew Broderick and Colin Firth. I'm also getting to be a fairly big fan of John Krasinski via interviews I've read/watched, but I haven't quite gotten to the comb-his-Wiki-and-follow-his-every-move point in my relationship with him, so. On top of that, I like to watch Blake Lively, but that's mostly based on her looks. (Because the rest of my celebrity favorites aren't based on their looks. Really.)

Honestly, I keep up with a very limited range of television and movies, most of it Japanese in nature (outliers being Gossip Girl, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy, though I'm behind on all of those anyway), so I don't know that many celebrities. But the ones I do know and like are all very nice to look at. Oh yeah, and talented, too.
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Purdue = fun. Diki was confused as to why we were there until I told him that no, we weren't skipping school; it's Spring Break. -_-;;

Kamakari's Ikki = Much improved from the trailer. XD Or maybe I didn't get enough of a feel for it from the trailer, but I like his voice a lot now. It's freaking adorable... Hahaha, maybe I'll end up actually liking Ikki or something. >< I think my original "beef" with it was that it was too high ('cause seriously, Kamakari has a really high, genki! voice for a 22-year-old), but I guess it fits. I think I was originally expecting something more like Morita's Ichigo, but I got to like Kamakari's Ikki soon enough. ^^ </bias like WOAH>

But as for the anime itself... Yeah, if in doubt, the manga did it better (or in some cases, just plain did it). :/ Then again, anything by Oh! Great gets cutesified (read: "Woah, this plays out completely differently in the manga...") when the anime version comes out. I shouldn't be surprised. :X

American Idol = WTF? I mean, Mandisa picked a terrible song to sing last night, but she's still a good singer (for the most part)... No need to vote her off the island for one lowsy week, my dears...
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Yay~, finally finished watching Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid. It plays a little differently than the novels do, but that's to be expected. At any rate, Sousuke and Kaname are as frustrating as ever.

Seki was a brilliant Sousuke, as always. I'm not quite as impressed by his angsty!Sousuke as I was by his angsty!Kyou (Furuba), but that's simply because Sousuke's voice is within his natural register while he had to pinch his voice to play Kyou. And there's also a difference in character to begin with that makes a really dramatic scene ring a certain way - Kyou is usually very loud and brash whereas Sousuke was always reserved to begin with, or at least very matter-of-factly in the way he does things. A drop into quiet angst/drama/"raw emotion" is much more striking for Kyou than it is for Sousuke, so Seki's performance as Kyou was relatively that much more amazing.

But there's this point at the end of the last episode where Sousuke goes "Eehhh?" and it's so cute. Gah. <3

My dad's hard drive died a little bit ago, and I lost with it a bunch of mp3s that I'd collected over the years. Big loss, yeah, I know (it may take some time, but I should be able to recover the ones that I really want to keep; most of them were from trusty ol' Nipponsei anyway... I really shouldn't be terribly upset about it, considering the number of people who lose actually valuable stuff through hard drive crashes). Anyway, my dad'd burned some DVDs of all the stuff I had stored on the server (he had to give it back to his friend), so I was looking through the DVDs to see what all I had to redownload and whatnot (I had files spread throughout my computer, his computer, and the server). Unfortunately, he happened to burn 8/10 of the backup DVDs on Linux. You know what that means...


What? WTF? What is that? I don't know what any of my files are anymore, simply because I was so used to using filenames like YUA-CharaSongs_09_SukiDaYoNanteIeruWakenaiJanai.mp3 (or more recently, POT - Best of Rival Players XIII - Ohtori Choutarou & Shishido Ryo - 01 - Brand New Days.mp3, spaces and all).

Now I can't really tell what files I'm missing. Dang it. ._.
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I've been [sort of] catching up on Fushigi Yuugi lately (I finished the fifth DVD, which means I need to buy the last three to finish off the series ><), and I came to the semi-sudden realization that I have a terrible onii-chan complex. Now, it's not a brother complex ('cause I have a brother... that'd be weird), it's an onii-chan complex. Good onii-chans.

my favorite good onii-chans )

Okay, that's it. Back to the regularly-scheduled program.


Jan. 31st, 2005 21:56
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Lookie, lookie! Nezzie found herself a non-anime series to be obsessed with!

I <3 Gilmore Girls (evidently, Abby understands). Rory and Dean make such a cute couple... they'd better end up together when all's said and done (that's what all the fans want, after all). I really want to get the DVDs, but seeing as how there's a great lackage of money right now, I don't see it happening anytime soon. Besides, I still have some anime to buy as well, and, well, anime > life itself.

Yeah, somehow I'm not good at gushing about non-anime series. Just finished watching the first of three episodes of Akane Maniax, though. Strikingly different from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien... Interesting, though.

I <3 Seki Tomokazu! )

Have had And See You from You're Under Arrest! on loop all day. It's the last song that plays at the end of the second season, and it's actually quite nice and triumphant. It accompanies the scene where Nakajima-kun and Miyuki finally come to an understanding of their relationship. Aww, so cute.

YUA! is grossly underappreciated. Seriously.

Hopefully shall make a cameo appearance at school tomorrow. At the very least, I need to pick stuff up from Mr. Dillon and Mr. Dolezal for a summer camp at MIT I'm applying for. It seems really interesting (EE and computer science... they're such "me" things to be interested in), but I have to write three freaking essays for it. By tomorrow. ~_~
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Tasuki kicks unholy amounts of ass. Just thought I'd make it official.

Oh, and he's voiced by Midou Ban-sama's seiyuu (took me a few episodes to figure out, though). Tamahome is still as cool as ever (even Evil!Tamahome (damn that FMA community), since Midorikawa makes his voice a little more evil... it's nice; it's sort of like the difference between Fuuma's and Dark Fuuma's voices). I hate Nakago. And Yui's steadily ascending on my "Characters to Hate" list as well.

I'm not willing to wait two more months to see episodes 21-26. :/ Back in the day, I never got past about episode 10 (13 at the very most), and I never read anything past the fourth graphic novel (that's all that was out, yo). I'm very willing to finally get this series under my belt, but not in bimonthly increments of six or seven.

BTW, the dub gets worse and worse as more characters get introduced. When I started getting the DVDs, I stopped watching the dub around episode 3 (gave up on it, quite frankly), but I check to hear what the characters sound like every once in a while. I love how they changed Chichiri (Seki Tomokazu <3 <3 <3)'s curt "Ima, na no da!" in episode 20 to some over-acted, guffawing "Now's the time!!!1"

On a completely unrelated note, my brother and I watched Castle of Cagliostro (dunno if I mentioned it, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon it during one of my biweeklyish visits to Media Play). Good stuff. You come to gain a lot of respect for Lupin by the end of the movie, but he still retains his impishity throughout the entire ordeal.

Oh, and Fujiko's still as crazy as ever. >__> Yeah, and I'll update the thing, too. ~_~ I need to figure out the layouts, though. They look cool *bias bias* but they're terribly complicated to set up. Lots of tables and DIV layers (which I typically avoid like the plague) and somesuch madness.

Ahh, bless Miyazaki and Hisaishi. ;_;


Nov. 26th, 2004 11:48
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Heh, I just saw this commercial on TV featuring Jackie Chan for the Hefty Ultra Flex Something Or Other bags. <3 Jackie Chan.

But yeah, since I get to use the computer on the weekends, and since this is the second day of our happy four-day weekend, I figured I'd pop in and say something. I almost feel guilty that most of my LJ posts are anime-related, especially since very few of my "IRL" friends care much about anime, but hey, too bad. >_>;;

My mom and I just got back from some hefty Christmas shopping (imagine my joy when she pops in my room at 6:30 in the morning and says, "Let's go shopping!" There goes my plot to boycott the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping day). I conned her into buying me the Fruits Basket box set at Best Buy ($67 dollars, 10%-off peeler makes it a little over $60; retail price is, of course, $100), but I have to wait until Christmas to be able to watch it. >_< Ridiculous. I want my Furuba now... ;_;

I'm downloading the Spoon-Shinsen sub of Tactics right now (if you know anything about recent fansubbing (namely the groups that fansubbed FMA), you'd know why it's so cool that Spoon and Shinsen are doing a coop sub)... I wonder if the series is any good (it was prelicensed... jerks).

Oh, my birthday books came in a week or two ago (Sutepri artbook and Nakajima Atsuko TSUYA artbook). Pretty as all hell, though TSUYA is full of fanservice (that's the best type of artbook, though...).

Ugh. I have nothing to say. How pitiful. I wish my life were more angsty right about now.

AUGH, I just looked up who the seiyuu for the Furuba cast are. Horie, Seki, and Hisakawa... This is insane. I need to watch it now...


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