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(I actually never finished season 2 of Haruhi. I should get on that, but honestly? I don't really feel like getting through Endless Eight. Ahaha.)

As you may have guessed, South Paw Summer 2010 was a royal bust. Mostly I'm lazy, and it's too much work to write/open doors/eat/brush my teeth/use the touchpad with my left hand. So, nice try? Maybe?

But! August is upon us! And since August will always be the beginning of the year for me, I've decided to start off with a list of goals: )

Just caught my father playing with a light-up, chirpy yo-yo. "What does this have anything to do with work, you say?" he asked me playfully. And then he gave me a legitimate reason. Dammit, Father. D:

We've started going to the gym in the mornings again. We stopped for a few weeks because my mother's lazy, but she also likes to make me weep bitter tears, so we started up again.

Hope you all are having a glorious summer (or winter!) so far. Love to everyone busy with classes and work and moving and life, and maybe some love to those of you just sitting around. Like me. ♥
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Me? I'm raising my left hand, because this summer, as the case has been many random summers in the past, I've decided to try to be left-handed. Or, well, ambidextrous enough to be able to write with my left hand. Ambidexterity seems so handy (ahoihoi!), after all.

I think we all have certain skills attributed to our non-dominant hand, right? For me, I can move individual fingers on my left hand pretty well since I'm a violinist, but I'm much more clumsy when moving the hand or arm or entire left side as a whole. So in order to facilitate true ambidexterity, I'm going to spend the entire summer left-handed. I'll make a concerted effort to write with my left hand and do most of the things I usually have to do with my right hand with my left hand.

In the hour or so I've been doing this, I've found that wearing my watch on my right wrist feels funny and using the touchpad on my laptop is incredibly difficult. But! I will persevere! I got to write my "a"s, "g"s, and "z"s the way I do because I was consistent and deliberate, so maybe by the end of the summer, I'll be ambidextrous!

I haven't installed my tablet software on Harrison yet (and the UCLA computer store shipped me the wrong version of CS5 (because apparently I can afford the freaking Master Collection) so I'm waiting for Photoshop anyway), so a picture this week:

South Paw Summer 2010: 2010.06.21 )

So, fine folks, what are your summer goals?


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