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If you had to recommend one (and only one) book for me to read, what would it be? Assume I've read nothing (because that's pretty close to the truth). It can be anything -- fiction or non-fiction -- from your favorite childhood book to your guilty pleasure to the book that changed your life. Give me your one book and I will read it this summer. (If I've already read it, I'll read it again.) The only limitation is that it has to be in a language that I can read (that's English, of course, and I can deal with Japanese and Spanish as well).

I've been restless lately. Being restless leads to my taking long walks on Lancaster Avenue, which subsequently leads to my buying things I don't need. In the past four days I've taken three long walks, and I've gotten three grande caramel frappuccinos at the Bucks. I've also picked up a book at Borders (I'm slowly but surely filling in the holes in my Agatha Christie collection) and staple removers, a letter opener, and post-its at Staples.

Today before coming home, I sat on a bench and listened to music for a while. When it got dark enough, I went to Founders Green to lie on the grass and look at the stars. I'm pretty good friends with one of the dippers now. I don't know which one.

I can't quite figure out what it is, but I'm dissatisfied with who I am right now. I just want to be... I dunno. Smarter. More confident. A better friend. A more serious student. I'm not particularly unhappy, but it feels like I should be more than I am, and it's disconcerting.

That's all. Lying on the grass to watch the stars makes a person introspective, apparently.


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