Feb. 10th, 2007 12:15
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Spent several hours sorting through doujinshi to sell. I still have another batch coming up eventually (read: all my Cheap Soup doujinshi) once I've scanned them, but my first batch is up now.

They're all ToriShishi. Go see if you want something?

(Sorry if you see some semblance of this post several times. Real update eventually.)
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... just how hot MoriEiji is. I mean, like, wow. Srsly.

And I hate that the sentence doesn't flow as well as "I can't believe I've forgotten...", but I had to set up the post properly.

But really. I wish I hadn't had to sell my *pnish* panic days book, but I think it was necessary. Or maybe I just need to stop spending money.

In other news, I'll be selling all of the doujinshi I have (miscellaneous doujin-ka first (including a bunch I bought from [ profile] emiriya) and Cheap Soup after I've scanned them all) when I get back to school. I'd make a list now, but I don't remember all of them and their stats. BUT if you'd like to take a gander at what I have (all ToriShishi) before I open it up to the public for a good old-fashioned auction-style sale, let me know.
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Yoinked from Rue... Stalker meme! (comments screened) )

In other news, I spent a bunch of money on classical music recordings on (specifically, chamber music I've performed ('cause I'm a nostalgic flake) and Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole + Saint-Saens violin concerto). I love classical music. I could probably live on classical music alone.

Tuesday night dinners are spent at Japanese table, where we talk in Japanese about culture and sing songs. Last night we sang Kimi wo Nosete from Castle in the Sky. :D Apparently we sang the song from Kiki's Delivery Service the week before, but that was Halloween and therefore the night during which I got candy from strangers.

I'll be selling off doujinshi (all ToriShishi, yeah), auction-style, once I figure out which ones I'm willing to sell. I'm not in any dire need for cash at the moment, but I kind of want the cushion. Oh, and I need to stop spending money.
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First package from CELGA. In three parts. )

Ahhhh, lots to read. And scan. :3
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It never saw it coming.

vacation(?) report, talk of food, Hyoutei at the zoo? )

I'm all moved in and stuff. The rooms here are pretty big. :D It actually didn't take too long, but when you're sitting on your butt and watching your mother do all the work, well, nothing takes too long.

There's much catching up to be had. It'll take a while, but Customs (freshman orientation) starts at 4:00, so I doubt I'll have a chance to breathe until late tonight. I will catch up, though, so don't worry. Your daily lives and bitchrants are important to me.

Oh, and I got some pretty things in my college mailbox today. I told my mom that I'd be selling some things that I bought during the summer, but I hope my mom wasn't expecting me to sell those, 'cause yeah. Ain't happening. :D I think I might scan the big-pretty one later, if anyone wants it (I know someone already shared pictures of it, but have proper scans been shared?). It's so fscking kira-kira, I can't even begin to explain it.

P.S. This song? My ears = dead. OMG.
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I just bought some things on LJ. 105 userpic slots... doushiyou, doushiyou~ XD

[ profile] minkyleigh, [ profile] emiriya, [ profile] x_beautyaintall: please join [ profile] project_nero. Everyone else can stalk, but only project members can join. It'll work, really.

I really wish my head didn't hurt like this, but I don't think it's getting better anytime soon, so I may as well edit now. *tooootally not in the mood ><*
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My "productive week" is not starting well. I was pulled out of my happy home this afternoon to sub for a flautist who got sick. Flautist. Yeah. Stupid flute range is hard to hit when you're sight-reading on a violin. But someone called at about 11:15 this morning asking if I could play at a gig at 1:50, and I was waiting for her to qualify that with something like "next Tuesday", but no. It was 1:50. Today.

There goes Fansubbing Sunday. And now my head hurts. I think I need a nap. Boo.

But here's the week, in cutesy names:
- Fansubbing Nothing Productive Sunday. (Maybe I'll finish editing after a nap. :D)
- [ profile] manga100 Monday. (88 icons in one day. That should be fun.)
- F-list Tuesday. (That's my "oh, you posted scanlations/fic/repo last week and I must download/read/comment" day.)
- Read Information in Anticipation of Moving into Haverford and Finally Post Your Dorm Address Wednesday. (Self explanatory.)
- Pack Your Stuff Thursday. (Or maybe "Figure Out What You Have to Pack Thursday".)
- Pack Your Stuff 2: Revenge of the Pack Your Stuff Friday (But seriously, what in the world do I need to pack?!)
- Are We Leaving on Saturday or on Sunday? Saturday. (Ditch effort to retain sanity before I'm sans internet for 3-4 days.)

All the while, I have to draw my doujinshi. I don't think I'll finish~ D:

Things I've bought this summer (holy CRAP) )

Hm. I'm getting stiff and achey, and I think I'm developing a fever. $20 says I'm bedridden-sick tomorrow. :D
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So yesterday was kind of depressing. I was sicksicksick but I forced myself to go to work anyway, and then I found out about Mr. Gerencher, and yeah. But it was his time, I guess, even if it feels so wrong. I think Neehar said it best -- he's timeless.

I didn't cry when I found out. I didn't cry as I told my brother, even though I choked on the words. I didn't cry while I chatted with Neehar and Ilse about it, solidified plans for making it out to the memorial mass. I didn't cry at all yesterday until I read the latest installment of Quicken to Silver, which is just so incredibly real that I couldn't glaze over the emotions anymore. So yeah. I guess that's a fic rec right there.

And in honor of Mr. Gerencher: Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There (YouTube)

You were a great man, Mr. Gerencher. Rest in peace.
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Mommy and I went to Target and/or the mall to get pajamas for college. Whenever she and I go somewhere, I drive. Whenever I drive, I play iPod music in the car.

Just a minute ago, she said to me, "I can sing this song now!" And right now, she's humming Next Gate as she's cutting up tomatoes. XD
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Trin? Wow. Just. Wow.

Red Threads commish (ToriShishi, boys on a billiards table, kind of WS maybe?) )

So a plug. If you like the pretty artwork, go commission something from them!

And on another front, [ profile] sublimeparadigm's lovespam doodle is the scariest one yet. Sorry, Jackie.
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I had to put plaque plates up today. )

Will finish BLEACH RP app tonight! Maybe.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing the Cheap Soup DJ project [...] )

OMG, me, please stop pinging out of IRC! :O

LOVE MEME (dooooooo it!)

1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock my socks.
3. Optional but fun: Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!

Since I like being reciprocal, [ profile] whisper132, [ profile] minkyleigh, and [ profile] sublimeparadigm are already on my hitlist (and [ profile] datenshi_blue, too, and she can't talk me out of it), but I'd love to wax pretty about everyone else. So comment to make sure that I smack you senseless with the love. :3
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Guys, this whole "writing" thing?

Never again.

Furuba (HaruxKyou, "chocolate fondue"; PG; for [ profile] sexyturtle)
BLEACH (Ichigo and Zangetsu, "hailstorm"; PG; for [ profile] iyori)
Utena (ChuChu, "potato muffin"; G; for [ profile] fiore777)
Blood+ (Kai, "regret"; G; for [ profile] sharona1x2)
Tenipuri (ToriShishi; G; for me)

They're all 100 words long.

Drabbles here. Slap me with the concrit.
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I feel kind of bad posting all happily and stuff when there are lovelies on my f-list with absolutely not-so-great things going on right now, but... eh... IT MUST BE DONE. Sorry. :(

Feel free to skip if you're not in the mood for it. )

And on an equally as fangirly (but unrelated-to-Kamakari) note, I went against my own vows and bid on three more auctions on Y! Japan. But they're all Cheap Soup ToriShishi DJ, and I'm limiting myself to nero-brand ToriShishi, so that's some form of restraint, right? :/

*shoots herself in the foot*
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Happy birthday, Jen! To celebrate, I'll see if I can get my mother to make some carrot cake. :D

This is for my own reference, though maybe it'll give you a good laugh to know just how much I'm spending. )
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Please stop selling stuff. I have no self-control. Things like this will happen. I also ordered those pretty Kamakari things on Y! Japan Auctions via CELGA. And now I'm going to sit on my hands and not pay attention to it for a while so that I don't stress out and get anxious. If I get them, then yay (but there goes all my money), if not, then boo (but I get to keep my money).

So yeah. Anyway. How've you been? Lots of crappy stuff going on, huh? But that's okay. KenKen came in today. But his monitor's wonky, and spending the past hour+ on the phone with patronizing tech support did nothing to help, so we're getting another one sent to us for free. Which means I can't do any file transferring and whatnot yet. And I can't install my printer/scanner/copier yet. And it's kind of funny that Kamakari is small but likes to think that he's big, and KenKen is literally 10x smaller than the PSC that I got. Teehee, funny how that works out.

But yeah. I'm tired. And absolutely, positively broke from spending money that I should be saving for life. But whatev, come late August/early September, I'm going to be the frickin' happiest person alive.


P.S. If you're a dental hygienist, I HATE YOU.

P.P.S. My LJ friends rock. I really, really like them. :D
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So apparently Scot and USA both have birthdays today. Happy birthday! d(^_^)o

I was just thinking about ToriShishi (ahaha, as if there's any time when I'm not thinking about them, and with Nico's recent entry, it's been worse than usual). But yeah, I was thinking... since, in the buttsecks formation, Ohtori stands behind Shishido, that officially makes Ohtori the seme, right?

I've been pinging out of IRC for the past two days. It's driving me nuts. >< But Blood+, yay... I have to finish editing before we go over to my brother's friend's family's house for 4.July festivities.
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They're quick. And there should be something for everyone. Maybe. :D Actually, if I threw Harry Potter in there, there probably would be something for everyone, but I don't have anything to say about it at the moment, so... :/

Puri Puri D )


Agatha Christie )

anime/manga/other buying list )

Click starring Adam Sandler )

Okay, I'm finished. :D
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<LTGMars> it's beaaaaaaaaaaautiful
<Ayu-sama> it's girly and sweet and horribly cheesy
<LTGMars> i.e. perfect for me :P

So for the past almost-a-year-now, Ayu-chan ([ profile] datenshi_blue) has slowly but surely been seducing me into mailing myself to her.

Ladies and gentlemen, this (WTF, I love it so much) had me running for the packing tape and a spare oxygen tank. ♥ Mm, ToriShishi just for me... or should I say Silver Pair, since Ayu-chan is in the ShishiTori camp? XD BUT THAT'S OKAY, I STILL LOVE YOU, AYU-CHAN. o(>0<)o

You know, it all began with a little discussion about Suwabe Junichi, and it turned into this whole Tenipuri lifestyle. She sucked my very soul away, and it's more than I could ever have asked for. Thank you, Ayu-chan, you're wonderful! I love you~! *molest Ayu-chan shiyou* ♥♥♥

And no, you can't have her. She's my Ayu-chan. :O
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I commissioned it, and Sam (Kitsune!Sam, not T-Dawg or Samwise... too many female Sams on my f-list) drew it!

ToriShishi~! )

P.S. I don't think she'll mind if I plug her... Sam needs money for stuff, so if you like what she drew for me, go commission something...?
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Pseudo-fic at parts... I'd rate it PG-13 overall for sexual references and language. It's kind of hard to follow, actually... =_=

ToriShishi 100 Questions... now with answers! )


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