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Happy birthday, Bridge!

Lots to report on/talk about/whatever, but I just had to get that in there today. :D
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Heh. )

Finally got to watch some Juuousei (the first two episodes a la Black Sheep's super-big fansubs that barely fit on KenKen's screen). Um, yeah. WOW! Really interesting so far. Third is really attractive. >< And I love the synchronization of the opening theme. :D I really need to go watch more, but I have college things to organize and stuff... Seriously, how is it August already?

P.S. Daddy got me a cool little headset with a microphone and headphones. Well, technically, he didn't specifically get it for me, but I was like, "Ooh," and he was like, "You want it?" and my eyes kira-kira'ed and stuff. But it's so much fun to wear. I feel so official. Or fast food-y.
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I commissioned it, and Sam (Kitsune!Sam, not T-Dawg or Samwise... too many female Sams on my f-list) drew it!

ToriShishi~! )

P.S. I don't think she'll mind if I plug her... Sam needs money for stuff, so if you like what she drew for me, go commission something...?
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* Buchanan does not like square pizza
<LTGMars> well, square pizza doesn't like ALAN'S FACE!!
<Buchanan> no one does.
<LTGMars> Oh!!!!

Hope you all have an equally super-awesome night. ^^
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It worked! My connection didn't die on me! \o/ And Ge-pyon(!!) and I have figured out how we're going to record/share MabeRajio from now on. :D

Bu looks hawt in his prom pictures. XD

Purdue wasn't anything special. :/ The pot roast wasn't anything special. :(

I really like this icon. >< The transparency makes it kind of hard to read on a dark/black background, but meh.

Tomorrow's the last day of Spring Break. So much work to do in one day... T_T
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* AuraJaganshi will go write the final battle scene O_o
<LTGMars> afterwards, suggest something on my latest LJ post
<LTGMars> well, second-to-latest ^^;;
<AuraJaganshi> Pixel something. :D
<LTGMars> ahhh
<LTGMars> !!!!
<LTGMars> hmm
<LTGMars> who should I pixel? XD
<AuraJaganshi> One of the YUA girls?
<LTGMars> ooooooooooooh
<LTGMars> you're so clever
<LTGMars> wahhhhh
<LTGMars> <3<3<3
<AuraJaganshi> :D
<LTGMars> (yeah valedictorian!!)

So yeah, here's Natsumi. It's only my second pixelization project ever, so it's not great, but it looks a lot better than it should because I pixelized it as a larger-sized image and then Photoshopped it down to size (and added the background and all - it says "TSUJIMOTO NATSUMI", even though you can't see it). Total time: 2:15 (plus the 10ish minutes I spent figuring out what to do with the background).

pix progression )

And no, she's not naked in the source image. Freaks. She's just wearing a bikini, and I failed to realize until it was too late that it looks like she's not wearing anything. ._.

Oh, and if you're curious...

my first pix project )

I love Nakajima Atsuko for how intricate her drawings are, but that's precisely why it's difficult to pixelize her stuff. Bridge is good at it, of course, but I'm a n00b at it, so yeah... :/


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