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On the recent LJ mayhem: I'm not "jumping ship", as they say, because I have a permanent account here, and I'm optimistic about the one-of-these-days option of the old-version comment pages coming to us. But since it seems to be a thing, I suppose I'll let you all know that my Dreamwidth account is, in fact, ltgmars. I've had it sitting around for a long time without using it, but if people are actually going to start posting there, I'll do my best to cross-post and keep up over there.

So yeah, if that's your thing, or you feel like that might be your thing at some point, add me. :3

... real post at some point, I promise.
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I just want to say to anyone who friended this LJ for downloads (assuming this is the case because I always get new friend notifs after I've shared something), there's nothing here that you won't also find on relevant communities (presumably the ones you have on your f-list that brought you here in the first place). I don't mind meeting new people if you're here to be friends (if that's you, please do say hello!), but I feel a little deceitful being on people's f-lists when they're expecting something out of it, since all I really do is procrastinate on my homework by complaining about my homework. In fact, as a courtesy to my majority non-fandom f-list, most of my fandom posts are filtered, so literally all you're getting are videos of me making farting noises with my armpits.* I guess some people are into that, in which case... okay. But, you know, if that's not your thang and that's not quite the download you were surfin' for, feel free to take me off your f-list.**

* Not really. I am incapable of making fartpit noises. I've tried in all climates.

** This, of course, does not apply to my mutual friends. I know you're all here for the fartpit noises. Please keep cheering me on. Someday, I'll achieve!! (^0^)/

The NINOMIYA Exchange
because everyone loves Nino

It's happening! Go sign up so that I don't look like the crazy mod who signs up on her own exchange right away. Alissa's already signed up like a BAMF, as has someone not on my f-list, but the more the merrier~ :3.
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Now that I've given you sufficient time (six hours) to get used to the fact that I will be updating, constantly, faithfully updating, zealously updating, thanklessly and tirelessly updating my LJ, a fun fact for you:

Did you know! that if you refresh your LJ Inbox at the exact moment a new message arrives, the timestamp for how long ago the message came in is "Never."? I learned this several months ago! And it's happened to me maybe five or six times since, because I am always, always refreshing my Inbox.

(I'm so sad, I know.)
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I know, I know. For those of you who remember the soul searching that happened last time I changed my default, I'm sure there's just one thought running through your minds: "She's a fickle woman after all! It's barely been seven months!" And I think I agree with you, dear friends. I am a fickle woman. It has barely been seven months.

I don't know who I am anymore. It was a tough kind of ignorance to recognize in the middle of a Friday afternoon. In my anguish at my loss of self, I ran to the bathroom and wept loudly, melodramatically. (When I looked up, I saw my face in the mirror and said, "Hey, who's that crying chick?")

But... it was time for a change. It wasn't anything I knew on any identifiable plane of thought, and if you asked me to step you through the reasoning for my wanting change, I wouldn't be able to. All I know is that I'm absolutely enamored of this picture, enough so that it's trumped my number one favorite kind of Nino.

, my darling, my dearest green laughing Nino, you've been so, so kind to me. We had a good run, didn't we? I'll never forget the times we had together. Thank you, thank you, for your laughter.

Side glance Nino, welcome to my heart. Please enjoy your stay.
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(This involves a sizable amount of A*ashi talk, unfortunately, but it's not specifically about them, really. Almost. Kind of.)

I did it, guys. I changed my default icon. I never thought this day would come.

, I'll miss you. (Pretty KenKen, plus Fastball lyrics for extra awesome... by far one of my favorite icons I've ever made.) You've been my default icon for over 3.5 years. I'll always cherish the time we've spent together. But things change, and people (users and their icons) go their separate ways. You'll still be here, a part of me, but just not my default icon anymore.

... so what next? )

(Posted with my default icon.)
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I ended up getting an extension on my thesis draft, but of course I haven't had time to do anything for the past week.

That is to say, Cami came (saw, conquered). And it was awesome. No words for how wonderful a week I had. ♥

(Yep, that's all you get.)

And for the next couple of weeks...

- thesis (11/30, 12/18)
- grad school applications (12/2, etc.)
- Japanese manga project (draft 12/2)
- JLPT (12/6)
- Haverhistory term paper (12/11)
- piano listening exercises (12/11)
- piano (workshop 12/1, rehearsal 12/8, recital 12/15)

As always, absolutely nothing of substance in this post (procrastinatin' like a champ), but a pretty new icon. Nino pimp strut, yeah girl.
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Cami's going to be here in a week UNFUNFUNF YEAH GIRL.

Today I've been more inspired to write fic than I have been in a while. There's an anonymous fic meme (for a fandom -- or at least its overarching umbrella, 'ella, 'ella, 'ey, 'ey -- that I'm not allowed to mention unfiltered) running around and I randomly wrote a goofy drabble (it was fun!) and later on someone said that she liked a fic of mine and someone else agreed and it was probably my mom both times but man I'm so stupidly happy. And then there's a fic feedback/concrit meme and people are petting my ego even though in this fandom I've only really written the one story (as well as some drabbles and a oneshot that I don't really like to think about) and it makes me feel good, so good.

Guys, I'm like a puppy who needs constant attention and positive reinforcement, and when I get it I become so hyper and out of control it's not really... human. Anyway, please forgive me. BUT HEY MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE MORE FIC BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT VERY GOOD AT WRITING PEOPLE ARE NICE TO ME AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY.


(Lately I've been listening to Shiina Ringo instead of Arashi (YEAH I SAID IT), but I'm excited about seeing Cami and feeling good about myself and in general extremely wired right now so I'ma listen to some more Arashi (TIMES TWO BITCHES) so that I can write it in my "Current Music" or whatever.)

... oh God, I'm so sorry about this post, guys.
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Instead of spending my precious remaining fall break time working on my thesis, I decided to make a new LJ layout. [ profile] ltgmars! I've had my beloved Silver Pair layout ([ profile] datenshi_blue ♥) for years now; as much as I love it, I decided it was time for a change.

I didn't do much beyond tweaking some margins on a premade layout and making a header (featuring KenKen looking distracted while nomming on ice cream; yes, my dears, that is from the new photobook *_*), but I do like it.

Also, going to S2 reminded me that a long time ago I named my LJ "Gorgeous Day: Redefined" in homage to my old non-LJ blog, so I figured I'd bring that back. Man, I used to be such a weirdo.

P.S. Does anyone on my f-list watch The Office? Namely the wedding last week? Frickin' aw, amirite? (... I cried.)


Jul. 19th, 2009 17:35
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This is apparently my 500th LiveJournal post. To think that I've only had 500 things to say in the span of nearly six years. (Though personally I'm surprised that I even had that much to say.) To celebrate, I'll treat you to some fun facts:

1. I intentionally mispronounce some words. One example would be "Chipotle", which I pronounce "chih-POT-uhl".

2. I unintentionally mispronounce at least two words for regional reasons: "miracle" ("MER-ih-kul") and "pillow" ("PELL-oh"). (I blame my Indiana hometown and the characteristic Midwestern pin/pen merger.) In addition, I unintentionally mispronounce at least one word when read but not when said out of a written context: "awry" ("AW-ree" -- the word splits in the wrong place in my mind when I see it). I also used to misread "determined" as "DEH-tur-mind", and for years I never made the connection to the spoken word "determined" (pronounced correctly), which I knew and used independently.

4. If you misspell something, I will judge you. In turn, if I misspell something, I expect to be judged very harshly and openly. (At least if I'm a hypocrite, I recognize and welcome the consequences. Eheh.)

5. I'm a shameless collector (anal completist). If I've decided to collect something, I collect to completion. One such collection (which I'm still working on) is of Agatha Christie books. I've probably only read a tenth of what I own so far.

6. As of yesterday, I've gone skydiving. *thumbs-up*

7. I'm afraid of the dark and sleep with the lights on.

8. I'm really weak at writing effective summaries (they're either a sentence long or almost as long as whatever it is I'm supposed to be summarizing), so OH MY GOD, CAMI, DON'T RUSH ME.
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I'm making a filter for Arashi. )

Note that I'll still be posting about dramas and the like without the filter. If it happens to have an Arashi boy in it, it's really not my fault. :D
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"Let's see how long I can keep up posting daily." Posted two days ago. Ahahaha.

How am I supposed to post daily anyway? My daily goings-on are nothing special. It works for you all because you have such interesting lives compared to me.

Today my Chinese drill professor (I have two -- the male drill professor and the female main class professor), who also speaks French and a little bit of Japanese, commented on the similarity of the Japanese word for "shoes" (kutsu) and the Chinese word for "pants" (kùzi). As many of you know, when you enter a house in Japan you have to take off your shoes. My professor talked about how once his Chinese friend was asked to take off his shoes before entering a Japanese house and started to reach for his belt buckle to take off his pants. Just a minor misunderstanding.

Also, I'm a proud owner of a permanent LJ account now. :D Trying to fill up my icon slots... At this point, I've filled it to the amount of slots I had back when I still only had a paid account. (I don't use too many icons. Then again, I don't post too often.) I really enjoy making my own icons (I like having icons that no one else has/can have), but they're not very shiny. I'll take another crack at it soon.
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So when I tried to pay my parents back for the plane ticket to Japan, they told me to pay me back after the trip. I've been saving up money so that I could pay them back all at once, but they wouldn't take it, which was a really, really bad decision on their part. Since they left (they were here for Thanksgiving), I've been hemorrhaging money. To be fair, some significant chunk of that was spent on ink for my printer, but since rediscovering the joy and curse that is Y!Japan Auctions and eBay and the interwebs in general, I've been a horrifying, unstoppable force.

Long story short: I'm going to buy a permanent LJ account. In two days I'm going to have some leftover paid account time (~9 months), and as I understand it, I can give it to someone else. So, if you want it, let me know. (Don't be shy, now. I don't want to let it go to waste.)
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I'm going to go back to the good ol' days of writing fairly regular LJ entries. I used to write 'em once or twice a day, and I'm impressed that a lot of you beautiful people are actually able to have some semblance of nigh-daily entries. I think that what sets me apart from you is that 1) I can't seem to write about daily life in an interesting way like you guys can, and 2) I'm a lazy bum.

But I've decided to give it a shot. )

Look forward to my shiny new LJ posts!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

(Just poking fun. I love these boys to bits.)
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I started a foreign-language journal. [ profile] motocompo, named after the type of motorbike that Natsumi rides in You're Under Arrest! (I also paid for it because I forgot that the ads make me cry.) I'll primarily be posting in Japanese, with some Spanish (and next year some Chinese) thrown in. So if you have any foreign-language journals, let me know and I'll happily friend you, even if I don't understand the language. It'll be a collective of amazing non-English.

I have to finish a website that's been several months in the making. Tonight. As well as catch up on some Japanese studying that I'm behind on, and another website that should have been finished months ago, and some Flash videos (Flash? Do I know how to do that yet?) that are due Friday. It's summer but I'm school-year busy.

Most of the studying is going toward the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (which in Japanese is just called the "ability test"). Harrison and I decided to go for L3, and while it isn't whoa-impressive, that we took the test and (hopefully) passed it at all will look good on our resumes. (Of course, that's not why we're doing it. We're doing it for the love of Japanese. Really.) We met with our Japanese professor, who highly suggested that we watch a lot of Japanese dramas to practice listening to real people talk in Japanese. XD So any drama suggestions? I'm sure I've asked this before, but this time I'll really make sure I watch things you suggest... it's teacher-prescribed and everything.

Real update (like, about my life and stuff) soon. Maybe.
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Because I know you all care, I'm going to tell you a tale:

Bored at work today, I went through my LJ icons and redid the tags and stuff. Which means none of them will show up in my old posts or comments, which makes me sadface, but the drop-down list looks so shiny and organized, which makes me happyface.

I also stalked some communities to find icons, because I've been too lazy to make my own. Plus, my iconing skillz = eergghhh... But I found this kira-kira icon of Haine from Shinshi Doumei Cross! I'm on such a Tanemura kick right now (she's one of my favorites, after all). I think a Tanemura website is on the list of things to do for bwg!


Ehhh, that's all.
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Does anyone know how to edit an old post so that it's posted to a community? For example, if I posted something a month ago to my LJ and I wanted to post it to a community after the fact, [how] could I do that? If I remember correctly, you could do it pretty easily with the old post layout, but with the new one, not so much. :/

I'm asking because I feel like shuffling some old, perhaps sensitive, stuff around. Thanks in advance if you can help. :D
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I just bought some things on LJ. 105 userpic slots... doushiyou, doushiyou~ XD

[ profile] minkyleigh, [ profile] emiriya, [ profile] x_beautyaintall: please join [ profile] project_nero. Everyone else can stalk, but only project members can join. It'll work, really.

I really wish my head didn't hurt like this, but I don't think it's getting better anytime soon, so I may as well edit now. *tooootally not in the mood ><*
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I know what GIP means now. Heheh. I'd do the icon meme, but I can't make graphics worthy of my friends' awesomeness. D: But that's okay I still love you [ profile] athena8!!! ♥

Purdue-ing was nice. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I'm almost positive my family has scarred Ilse for life with our dorkiness. While we were waiting for my mother to pay for dinner at Steak 'n Shake, my dad, brother, and I were discussing the functionality of the seat grooves in the floor of the van and what the grooves would be used for/why some grooves are different from others. Daddy says I won.

Received my Fastball live CD in the mail today. It's a 2-CD set (yayz), so I'll listen to the first one in bed tonight. :D Now I just need their best of CD (which they released after their third album... come on, guys, seriously), and I'll have them all. Not that there are a lot. I've just been spending my money on non-English things lately. ._.

I have so much to do in one week. I have to make a list. But first things first: 88 icons by Monday for [ profile] manga100. Meanwhile, I'll be catching up on scanlations/fanfiction/other things, and I'll be working feverishly to draw a decent doujinshi, because I just realized that I have a week to do it (I won't have any free time the week before it's due, so yeah). O_O;;

And I have to organize my stuff for that "college" thing, too.
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(What is a "New York state of mind" anyway?)

Sorry that my posts have been kind of morbid lately (for the most part; my posts about Kamakari are borderline creepy, but never morbid). The funeral's on Thursday (I don't think I can go, 'cause it's in the morning and Thursday's my last day of work... I don't really want to go anyway, because dude, it's a funeral; I cried the entire afternoon during/after the memorial mass yesterday, so I don't think I can manage a funeral). The wake's today. Again, I don't really want to go. Besides, I think I've given Mr. Gerencher his due and thought enough about him and cried more than too much on his behalf. </terrible person>

But I had a lovely evening yesterday with my favoritest people ever. We ate dinner (though I just drank water) at Papa Vino's, and then we went to Alan's house, where I gave Alan his promised Super Smash Brothers Melee pwning (not really. I lost 3/4 matches with him, though I blame the stage for at least one of them. XD The last match was on Hyrule, and it was a beautiful match, though he won with a clutch move when we were both down to our last lives and injured like whoa). I really will miss these kids. So fscking much.

But Beth and I were talking in the car beforehand, and it really is odd that it all felt like some last-minute-happy-happy-before-we-all-ship-off-to-college reunion instead of a solemn-Gerencher-memorial reunion. We all get together for the purpose of remembering Mr. Gerencher and celebrating his life, but in the end, we end up goofing off and having fun like we usually would with such a close-knit group of friends. Realistically speaking, though, I think Mr. Gerencher would have wanted us to have fun instead of sit around and be sad for a long time. He was a nice guy when he wanted to be, after all. :D

So there you have it. Much quiet depressitude for the past few days and maybe a couple more days to come, though I've been keeping up with the RL posts on my f-list. After the sad stuff that I'm too much of a coward to go to today and tomorrow and moving Diki into Purdue on Friday, I'll spend the weekend catching up with scanlations/fics/whatevers that I've mostly skipped over recently, and then next week is my "organize your stuff, loser!" week. And also the week when I finally reveal my mailing address so that you guys can flood my college mailbox with LOVE~!

But yeah. Thanks for putting up with the rather :( :( :( me lately. ♥
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If you haven't signed up for the love meme, please do! I'd love to write pretty things about each and every one of you! :3 I start tonight~

Conversation from last night:

Mom: Remember, Nezzy, you should always wear really nice underwear whenever you go out.
Inez: ...
Mom: If you get into an accident and have to go to the hospital, you don't want to be wearing ratty underwear.
Inez: ...
Mom: Though nowadays, that's probably not the first thing that comes to mind when I tell you to wear really nice underwear.
Inez: Yeah, no kidding.

Someone brewed "flavored coffee" in the coffee room today. If by "flavored" they mean "doesn't-taste-like-absolute-garbage", then I'll take it.

Making a Kamakari moodtheme is the single most distracting thing ever. You find a good picture, pick out the right mood, and then stop and stare while you make gurgly noises for an hour or so.


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