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My photosets have arrived! [cue triumphant music] The envelope was sitting on my keyboard (that's where all my mail goes; my parents know me too well), and I was like "wahh!!!" and stuff. 'cept not really, because my dad had a plumber/bathroom guy here to look at something weird going on in their bathroom (I swear, it's growing legs now).

But yeah. They're here. I'm so happy. And I'm so speaking in short sentences. Again.

Shall post scans later. Whenever I get around to scanning them (later tonight or, more likely, tomorrow, but maybe tonight... maybe in a few minutes (but maybe not... if my parents are around, then most likely not, because as shameless as I am, it's sort of embarrassing for my parents to know that I find guys attractive (I mean, the whole Alan thing (yes, back to him again... I'm sorry I'm such an eternal loser) goes beyond looks... and besides, he's always been fuzzy anyway). Strange, I know, amongst the other things I do that I should be embarrassed about...)).

And I'm sorry for all the weird random posts lately. I haven't paid you guys the attention you deserve (and even though I haven't posted comments extensively in the past, one of my unofficial new year's resolutions was to pay more attention to/spend more time with my friends (online and in real life), so I'm going to try harder this year).

But ho~ly crap. They're so pretty. O_O

P.S. I totally hated how Cheeseman missed that "which is the biggest stringed instrument" question. "Viola bass", WTF? I thought I was going to cry.

P.P.S. Beth, Ed Peed is from Mona Lisa Smile. He was "Taxi Driver". XD
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I realize that the people on my friends list who regularly read updates from the tenimyu-related communities will already know all this, but I really have to comment.

Kamakari's getting an idol DVD. )

But look at the pretty pictures (Katou, Saitou, and Kamakari)! Aw, why so angsty, Kenta-kun [I just want to eat you asdfafhlasgflasj]?

Enough of that.

quick blurb about Christmas )

I hope everyone has a nice rest-of-the-holidays, even if you didn't have particularly Merry Christmases. ;_;
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Whittled my parents into paying for some photosets (I have to pay them back, of course). I find that being calm and collected in explaining how the entire process works (and thanking God profusely for having a dad who understands just how secure Paypal is) is most effective. The whole throwing-a-fit, streaming-tears thing only works if you're really, really loud.

With that said, I'm in an amazingly good mood. I think I'll go thwack Vicious around a bit. ^^
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So someone uploaded the music video for the NaBs' (that's pronounced "nay-bees") Wake Up Your Heart and shared the link in the tenimyu LJ comm. Bad idea... now I get the chance to squeal poetic (post screenshots, rather) about (of) KENN!

KENN-chan~ )

I feel sorry for my parents (especially my dad, who sits next to me, working on his laptop, and occasionally looks over at what I'm doing, sighs, and goes back to work). I have such weird fandoms. >< But KENN is younger than MoriEiji (23 as opposed to freshly 29 as of October 3rd... BUT WAH~ I LOVE YOU~~~~~)... And they're both younger than Tony Scalzo (40) and Matthew Broderick (43), but neither really speaks English (though MoriEiji says "sexy" a lot XD).

Speaking of MoriEiji... I watched the *pnish* radio show this morning. Tuti and Washio hosted it, so no MoriEiji, but I was highly amused to see that Tuti was wearing a "trendy" scarf (like, a thin one that doesn't keep you warm or anything) and a t-shirt and blazer, which adds to his awesomeness. I was going to take a screenshot, but I forgot to.

But seriously, I love Japanese fashion. It's so funny... >_>


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