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Firstly, to those of you who happened to catch my post from last night, thank you for reaching out. It was a terrible night made worse by academic/life burnout, but I'm really okay and usually quite the opposite of how I was when I wrote that entry. But regardless, I'm really grateful that I have people who take care of me, so again, thank you. ♥

Question: How is The Hunger Games different from Battle Royale? This isn't a diss or anything; I'm legitimately curious. It just seems like the overarching premise is the same (though the way they get there is different, I suppose). But I've heard such good things about The Hunger Games. Can someone explain how they're different?

And a meme that I didn't realize I would get tagged for (damn you, Ashley...):

Five Things Meme )

We're at the end of the quarter here. I have to finish up some stuff, and then I'm at home for a couple of weeks, which'll be nice. I really, really need a break right now. Meanwhile, it's been quiet on my LJ, but I do still read your entries. :D I suppose I'll write up things on San Diego/Philadelphia/Oakland/San Diego at some point... one of these days.
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I'm not so big into (pseudo?) self-advertisement, and if you're going to donate, just do it already... but if incentivizing helps, so be it. I'm not doing any of the fandom auction stuff, but I stole a neat Japan-fundraiser idea from the oh-so-lovely [ profile] reposoir; details here.

In terms of the actual tragedy and the response on the internet and otherwise, I'm not going to get into it here. Suffice it to say that I'm doing and feeling what I think is appropriate for me to do and feel, and I sincerely hope that you're doing the same for yourselves.

Check out Inocchi with a cigar. Badass.


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