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For any Toma fans on my f-list!

Bokura no Jidai [2014.02.09]

MQ: 704x396, 200mb

HQ: 1280x720, 599mb

Oshareism [2014.02.09]

MQ: 704x396, 151mb

HQ: 1280x720, 387mb

All files re-encoded by me. Mirrors welcome!

Original source: himawaringo
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With GANTZ Perfect Answer hitting theatres this Saturday, we've got another navi DVD. It contains spoilers for the first movie and plenty of clips and tidbits from the second, so watch at your own risk!

Table of Contents: )

Download Links:
MU Folder
MF Folder

(I uploaded the split files with romanized titles because HJSplit doesn't really get along with Japanese characters, so people who use that program to join files don't have to worry about renaming them beforehand.)

As always, comments and credit aren't necessary but are appreciated. Enjoy~
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Ripped and uploaded for Chele, but if anyone else wants it (Japanese audio, English subs), it's here.

Inspired by the recent poll in which Ghibli favorites were ranked. Mine are Totoro and Laputa, so, heh. I guess I match up with the data here.

Fun fact, from an episode of Shukudai-kun that I can't remember off the top of my head: Sho's favorite is Totoro. Aiba's and Ohno's favorite is Laputa. Nino's and Jun's favorite is Whisper of the Heart. (And now you see why I uploaded it.) Also! Nino said recently in some magazine that the love story in Whisper of the Heart is his ideal love story, and that it makes him nostalgic for youth~ or whatever. Aw, Neen.

And now, a poll:

[Poll #1618010]

Since I had a limit of 15 options, I went ahead and eliminated Ocean Waves and Tales from Earthsea because I'm assuming that no one has seen them (also, Earthsea basically sucked, so...). Also eliminated The Borrower Arrietty because it's still in theatres in Japan, and I only know of one person on my f-list who's seen it.
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I've been listening to Just Want You to Know by the Backstreet Boys nonstop for the past few days. It's such a good song. Such a terrible video, though. XDDD

Meanwhile, in deciding between studying Japanese and catching up with chemistry grab bag problems today, I ate a lot (too much?) and watched the six-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. Again.

Oh, oh, and little trinkets and such from [ profile] emiriya and [ profile] twirlingkitsune came in the mail. I'm so happy~
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Found this on IRC. Heh. It scares me.

[CM] Kamenashi Kazuya - The Television
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I think I'm going to be sick... with the AWESOME!!! o(>0<)o Am so spoiled. Had so much mac and cheese today. Will not be able to move for a week. Yes.

I got an e-mail in German from Layla Hamilton today. Yes, the Layla Hamilton. As in that one blonde chick from Kaleido Star. But I just threw the e-mail away, because it was just an "invitation", and I wouldn't want to associate with her because she's kind of a jerk. :/

My pediatrician told me today that the way I smile all the time is an asset. 'cause if I can't disarm my opponents with a smile, then I have to pop ammunition out of my cleavage, reload my gun by spinning around, and fire from behind my back -- all without killing the target, oftentimes while wearing a really big straw hat.

Random file: Koori no Emperor II from Wintermyu. 'cause that's the one that has the best shot of that smexy, smexy leg roll thing.

And sudden realization! My favorite Tenipuri songs are
2. Next Gate
3. Go! Go! Meganes

But they should be
1. Go! Go! Meganes
3. Next Gate

or maybe
1. Next Gate wearing Go! Go! Meganes and speaking MEBACHIKO on a billiards table
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Ouran Koukou Host Club - Sakura KISSU
mp3 (audio rip)
avi (raw video rip) (with unhappy WMV9 compression)

TV version kanji lyrics ('cause I felt like it) )

I really can't get enough of that song. Like, seriously, OMG. It's so cute. Does anyone know when the single's coming out (if it isn't already out)? I mean, it's not like I'd be able to buy the thing, but I'm sure good ol' #nipponsei will handle it whenever it comes out.

</super-leecher mode>

And there is a second *pnish* photobook in the works. *weeps into empty wallet* No matter. I won't be able to order it until next year anyway (when I'm out of the house), so I suppose I'll be able to save up for it. :D

But none of that matters since I frickin' saw Jupiter and Saturn tonight. O_O Sarah invited her Science Research class to her house for a stargazing party, and, naturally, I came despite my distinct lack of being-in-that-class-ness and knowing-Dr.-Loughran-ness. XD Doc Lough brought the telescope, and we got to see Jupiter (though Cait was busy looking at Bobby's house through her binoculars XD). Everyone but Sarah and I got to see Saturn before it was swallowed up by clouds, but it cleared up by about 11:15 (after everyone had gathered around the bonfire to eat chips and smores and stuff), and we had a gorgeous view of it. By that time, though, my parents were getting testy, and it was getting pretty late, so we all ended up leaving before we tried to find Mars.

But wow. I've never gone stargazing before, and I was absolutely blown away. You could see Jupiter's stripes (and three of its moons) and Saturn's rings. Doc Lough said it was the best view of Saturn he'd ever seen, and, well, I believe it.

Definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done. Makes me wish I lived on a farm away from the lights of civilization. XD
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My presents for you~ (right-click save-as):
Robot Dance!
Crazy Asian Arcade!

The filenames were my brother's (or maybe the websites'?), not mine. But they're frickin' sweet, aren't they (the videos, not the filenames XD)?

And use Media Player Classic (again, right-click... well, hold-click save-as) if you happen to be using a machine that doesn't support wmvs. I guess.

But yeah, other than that...

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and you know what that means! It's time for... Inez's parody picks of the year (Note that I've never done this before. -_-)! I've found some nice parodies and featured them right here on my livejournal!

Please right-click save as...

This first one's for anime fans (CCS fans, you might recognize it):
worst_cosplay_ever.mpeg (aptly named)

This one's for everyone. It's better if you've heard the song they're parodying (you'll probably recognize it):

That's all for this year since I rarely pick up parodies anyway! So good night, folks, and perhaps I'll have a real post eventually!


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