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Basically the only way to get me to post is to make me make a new icon. Fun package full of goodies of the they-who-shall-not-be-named and KenKen variety came in, and one magazine photo shoot in particular inspired me to make a new icon (though I'm lazy and I piggybacked off another person's scans instead of scanning the magazine myself... Neenyay).

Speaking tangentially of which, I have more KenKen goodies (including another (earlier) CastPrix DVD and his latest photobook), which I'm thinking of sharing eventually. Usually someone else shares the photobook scans, so if that happens I won't be sharing them myself, but the CastPrix DVD has Nagayan in it, and it's pretty much amazing, so that eventually, maybe, once I clear off space on my hard drive.

Currently on fall break, yahoo. Visited Claire at Princeton for the weekend (lots of fun, lots of debauchery, A+ would do again except for the vomiting). Currently trying (and failing) to peel through some thesis research as well as more finalized grad school application plans. (Took the GRE. Didn't kill the GRE, but didn't get killed by the GRE. I'm envisioning from now on a mutual, standoffish relationship for the most part. B- would not take again.) But really, I've been spending a lot of time sleeping. So much sleeping. Planning to hire a personal cheerleader to yell at me: "Be! Productive! Be, be productive!"

Worth noting is that I am on financial lockdown, what up. Aside from the necessary expenditures and moneys owed, I'll be buying nothing. Nothing. :|

Watched the Yatterman movie. Truly, truly awful. I actually didn't watch maybe the last third or so; didn't really have the patience for it, and didn't foresee anything spectacular happening anyway.

I recently watched a drama called Haken no Oscar. It was only six episodes and not yet subtitled, but I watched it for Tokui Yoshimi (Tutorial). ♥ It's a story about a haken whose ideal lifestyle is that of Oscar from Rose of Versailles, and I felt like I was missing something since I'd never read the series. Haken no Oscar overall: kind of strange, kind of cute, didn't like the female lead's facial structure for a really long time.

Hey, it's October 14th. [One of my best friends from high school]'s birthday. I hate that kind of singular-plural-idea sentence construction, but it's so common. :/
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I still have about a day and a half in Japan, but I'm packing up my things and getting ready for the night bus which will lead to my eventual afternoon flight back to the States. As I'm pretty much finished collecting things, I've taken a picture of all of the fun and exciting goods I got. Actually not that fun and exciting, but artfully arranged on a small table, so maybe that makes up for it.

Follow me for picture and categorized list! )

All in all, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y.

ETA: Actually, decided to give Harrison the Pocket Monsters DVD. Instead, I'm keeping an adorable Pikachu movie short cine-manga (but in Japanese, so it's cool).
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So when I tried to pay my parents back for the plane ticket to Japan, they told me to pay me back after the trip. I've been saving up money so that I could pay them back all at once, but they wouldn't take it, which was a really, really bad decision on their part. Since they left (they were here for Thanksgiving), I've been hemorrhaging money. To be fair, some significant chunk of that was spent on ink for my printer, but since rediscovering the joy and curse that is Y!Japan Auctions and eBay and the interwebs in general, I've been a horrifying, unstoppable force.

Long story short: I'm going to buy a permanent LJ account. In two days I'm going to have some leftover paid account time (~9 months), and as I understand it, I can give it to someone else. So, if you want it, let me know. (Don't be shy, now. I don't want to let it go to waste.)
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Back from the dead... ish. I hope everyone's been peachy since my last stint on LiveJournal.

In other, better news, KenKen's back, too! I have lots of old blog entries to read... :D :D :D

school update )

I've been watching The Office like nobody's business. Zipped through three seasons in two days. SO GOOD. Am now embarking on the fourth season. Pam and Jim are adorable. ♥

Need to sell things (old, unsold doujinshi and stuff). Buh.


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