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The NINOMIYA Exchange
because everyone loves Nino

I'm exchange pimping all up in everyone's faces, so sorry if you've seen this five times already. But! Two days left to sign up for NinoEx! Do it, do it, etc.

Hahhhh one last pimp on the comm itself, and I think that's it. I've worked hard today.


Apr. 2nd, 2011 19:11
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. going to make an effort once a month to have a me day. Unplug from the internet, sit, read, think, write. Treat myself to dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant. Probably not get a drink next time (one drink gets me warm and somewhere between buzzed and drunk (severely vibrating?), you see), but definitely get those fried oysters again. Mmm. Though the waitress needs to learn to card. I'm 23 so it's fine, but it's the principle of the thing.

. mildly upset that taxes are done online now. I like doing things with pen and paper when I can.

. listening to the frat boy in the apartment above mine cough while he smokes. If you don't like coughing, stop getting high. :/

. crazy excited about my JEOW assignment! I've been thinking about what I want to write all day, and I hope it ends up being something my recipient likes, whee~

. also excited about Nino Exchange! I was honestly hoping for 14 participants (two for each day of posting), and we've already passed that (largely thanks to some lovely ladies on my f-list), which is more than I could have asked for! So, you know. I'm pleased. :3. Just think about it... the Nino fic, the Nino fic~

. on the top of the world, looking down on creation~

. (still severely vibrating.)
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I'm not so big into (pseudo?) self-advertisement, and if you're going to donate, just do it already... but if incentivizing helps, so be it. I'm not doing any of the fandom auction stuff, but I stole a neat Japan-fundraiser idea from the oh-so-lovely [ profile] reposoir; details here.

In terms of the actual tragedy and the response on the internet and otherwise, I'm not going to get into it here. Suffice it to say that I'm doing and feeling what I think is appropriate for me to do and feel, and I sincerely hope that you're doing the same for yourselves.

Check out Inocchi with a cigar. Badass.
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I hate reading good fic. I never want to write again.
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Not that I have a lot of ennui. I just like the word.

Feeling bleh about my writing, as usual. I won't get into it since I've already angsted about it enough, but I just haven't been excited about anything I've written lately, and I feel like I'm never going to get back to the writing that I've done that I really liked. Eh.

Stopped by my history professor's office the other day because I totally phoned in on the assignments last week and I wanted to apologize. Ended up crying in his office about how I don't feel like I belong in grad school because what seems to come so easily to everyone else is jarringly, frustratingly difficult for me. He basically told me that none of the other students necessarily knows any better than I do and that he can tell that my discomfort isn't from not understanding the material but instead from not liking what it is I understand. I guess it makes sense, because this one history class is single-handedly deconstructing the way I've learned and thought of the world for 22 (now 23! woo!) years, and maybe I'm just having trouble coming to terms with it. Though it doesn't help that it does so through thousands of pages of dense European philosophy. I don't care what you think I'm feeling, Professor, that stuff's hard to get through. D:


Headed up to Seattle for the weekend to see Halley~. No rompin' around in West Hollywood this year (apparently the Philly South Street equivalent?). Though the friend I'd actually go with, Michael, wouldn't be able to make it anyway, since he works on Halloween. I guess we'll save it for next year.

On the fandom front, I'm slowly coming to terms with how adorable I find Ryo (though his drunken escapades will never not be funny). I lead such a difficult life, I know.
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I put together a fic index. Ain't that special? Shall be adding to it eventually, apparently. (See, Cami? I use "shall".)

Heh, I'm not quite sure why I'm linking it here. Harrison's going to see it and go to the first fic he finds and command-F "lips" like he did last time. But I guess if anyone's interested? Arashi fanfic is obvs. the main thing now, though I haven't written anything in the past few months besides a solemn little Totoro drabble. It's at least kind of funny to see the hop from 2006 to 2009 between fandoms.
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So after being miserably sick for a week and then writing a fic in five days that clocks in longer than my thesis -- longer than my thesis* -- I've decided that it's time to get back to business.

*Though to be honest, 35 pages isn't long for a thesis. It's just... why couldn't that have been written in five days? (I did a word count for comparison, because I'm curious. The fic was 15,731. My thesis? 11,275. Cruel, cruel world.)

William is showing up sometime tomorrow, and then we're heading to Maryland to visit Abby on Saturday, going to back to Haverford on Sunday, screaming mindlessly at each other for a long time for not having been productive over break on Monday, and getting back in the classroom on Tuesday.

I'm actually more excited than you might think. But seriously, world, riddle me this: How is it that break goes so quickly, with so little productivity?
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Cami's going to be here in a week UNFUNFUNF YEAH GIRL.

Today I've been more inspired to write fic than I have been in a while. There's an anonymous fic meme (for a fandom -- or at least its overarching umbrella, 'ella, 'ella, 'ey, 'ey -- that I'm not allowed to mention unfiltered) running around and I randomly wrote a goofy drabble (it was fun!) and later on someone said that she liked a fic of mine and someone else agreed and it was probably my mom both times but man I'm so stupidly happy. And then there's a fic feedback/concrit meme and people are petting my ego even though in this fandom I've only really written the one story (as well as some drabbles and a oneshot that I don't really like to think about) and it makes me feel good, so good.

Guys, I'm like a puppy who needs constant attention and positive reinforcement, and when I get it I become so hyper and out of control it's not really... human. Anyway, please forgive me. BUT HEY MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE MORE FIC BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT VERY GOOD AT WRITING PEOPLE ARE NICE TO ME AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY.


(Lately I've been listening to Shiina Ringo instead of Arashi (YEAH I SAID IT), but I'm excited about seeing Cami and feeling good about myself and in general extremely wired right now so I'ma listen to some more Arashi (TIMES TWO BITCHES) so that I can write it in my "Current Music" or whatever.)

... oh God, I'm so sorry about this post, guys.


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