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It's June 17th in Japan, which means it's Nino Day! Happy Nino Day! (No cut for you, because on Nino Day, we're all bratty and obnoxious. ♥)

A question to my homeslices: Do you have any favorite celebrities? If so, who are they?

Mine are obviously Arashi collectively (Neen Bean in particular) and Kamakari Kenta. My favorite seiyuu will always be Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichirou, Suwabe Junichi ("Junichirou", failfailfail ahahaha), and Ishida Akira (my seiyuu tetrafecta, if you will). As far as people in the English-speaking world go, I point to my long-lasting love affairs with Matthew Broderick and Colin Firth. I'm also getting to be a fairly big fan of John Krasinski via interviews I've read/watched, but I haven't quite gotten to the comb-his-Wiki-and-follow-his-every-move point in my relationship with him, so. On top of that, I like to watch Blake Lively, but that's mostly based on her looks. (Because the rest of my celebrity favorites aren't based on their looks. Really.)

Honestly, I keep up with a very limited range of television and movies, most of it Japanese in nature (outliers being Gossip Girl, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy, though I'm behind on all of those anyway), so I don't know that many celebrities. But the ones I do know and like are all very nice to look at. Oh yeah, and talented, too.
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I have a bad habit of fixating on things until I'm finished/up-to-date. Which means that since I randomly felt like watching an episode one day, I'm currently in the throes of a rewatch of Grounded for Life, and I'm absolutely obsessed with Bret Harrison at the moment. Well, his character, really, the next-door-neighbor nice-guy Brad. So adorable.

I've been taking screenshots throughout my rewatch. I should have enough to make mood icons when I'm finished with the series.

That is all. "Real" update pending.
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Apparently Saito Takumi's first dorama role was as a minor character in the live action version of You're Under Arrest! in 2002 (three years before Hyoumyu). I've only watched the first episode so far, so I don't know how often he shows up (or if he even shows up past the first episode), but it was fun to see him on screen.

Here he is, fraternizing with Natsumi. Naturally, he was on the good guys' side.
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I'm going to go back to the good ol' days of writing fairly regular LJ entries. I used to write 'em once or twice a day, and I'm impressed that a lot of you beautiful people are actually able to have some semblance of nigh-daily entries. I think that what sets me apart from you is that 1) I can't seem to write about daily life in an interesting way like you guys can, and 2) I'm a lazy bum.

But I've decided to give it a shot. )

Look forward to my shiny new LJ posts!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

(Just poking fun. I love these boys to bits.)
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Benji won So You Think You Can Dance! He was my favorite from the beginning (like Clay, who should have won American Idol, and who's more popular than Ruben is anyway). I'm so glad he won. He's so cute, aw. :3

And further proof that I still suck at katakana: I misread ライブ as "reipu" (though I can't see the little marks (forget what they're called, ahaha) on the FU very clearly on this computer). I panicked for a bit, wondering what Kusuda would start suddenly talking about rape for, but then I realized. Ah. It's "raibu". Ahahaha. >< I can't wait till I actually take a class on this stuff and learn it properly. And maybe I'll know more than five kanji by the end of the year. :D

P.S. The OLs are taking me out to lunch today, since it's my last day. How nice. :D
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Found this on IRC. Heh. It scares me.

[CM] Kamenashi Kazuya - The Television
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Kusuda blogged about going to Tenimyu to meet and meeting Kamakari. And he posted a picture of it in the photo section of his website. Hah. That's just cute.

Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out where that cutesy music was coming from, but then I realized it's from Kusuda's website. And here I was thinking, "Someone needs to answer their goddamn cell phone!"

P.S. Yomi, Nico: Kusuda's profile says he's 170. Kamakari can't possibly be 172. XD
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It seems that there's a bunch of Ohtori photosets left. WTF, Date's so cute, how could people not want his photoset?

I'd get it, but then I'd have to get his other photosets, and then I'd have to get his photobooks, and then I'd have to buy his music, and then I'd have to fly to Japan and take him home with me, and it'd be a frickin' mess.

'tis a good thing that I'm only obsessed with one person. Even if his merchandising people are fiends.
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They're quick. And there should be something for everyone. Maybe. :D Actually, if I threw Harry Potter in there, there probably would be something for everyone, but I don't have anything to say about it at the moment, so... :/

Puri Puri D )


Agatha Christie )

anime/manga/other buying list )

Click starring Adam Sandler )

Okay, I'm finished. :D
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I'm re50watching Pride and Prejudice right now... Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth are absolutely amazing. I just finished the third episode (which ends with Darcy's initial proposal and Elizabeth's refusal, wahhhhh ♥). Maybe I should go to sleep, but I'm probably going to wake up at 5:00 to finish the rest of it anyway, so what's the point...?

Mommy, Diki, and I ate at Great Wall for dinner. Admire those who succeed, and learn from their success. Your financial outlook is excellent. You will be showered with good luck.

And in other news, my brother's a virgin, my mother's a high-profile prostitute, and I get all the really good lays.
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So I'm at work... with nothing to do... so I'm just dawdling online. Don't you love these types of posts?

I have some fics to write/finish and some fansubbing to do, but I really can't do any of that on corporate time (especially without my fic-writing/finishing or fansubbing programs and equipment), so I guess I'll just type some uninteresting stuff for a bit.

We had quartet rehearsal last night... Oh, how I've missed my quartet... We picked our way through old "favorites" like Euphonic Sounds and Clair de Lune (and our comfort music, Brandenburg), and we transposed Canon in D into C (usually we do it in Eb (or, well, D)) and sight-read some Borodin just for kicks. And Elizabeth got me plates/cups/bowls (all matching) for my dorm room at Bed Bath & Beyond, where she apparently ran into Alan and Brian(...?!), and Alice brought yummy baked goods, of which I had some orgasmic banana bread. I haven't had banana bread for such a long time... ^_______^

The stitches in my mouth are coming out, bit by bit. It's kind of gross and sort of distracting and pretty frickin' TMI, actually, but I find that as each piece comes out, my headache and toothache lessen. :O

Ah, I'm going to deposit a bunch of pennies ($20+) in the bank today. The teller is going to smack me. I'm looking forward to it.

So Kamakari's finally blogging again. Still no pictures, but whatever. He's cute. And Jiroh Takuya has pictures of him on his blog, so it's all good. :3

And I think I had something to say about Tenimyu, but I forget what it was now. :(
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Clay Aiken sang during the American Idol finale tonight. And he has a new haircut (cute!). It totally made this entire screwed-up season worth it.

Oh, God. Prince. :/

But yeah. Clay. He needs to release his new album soon.

Oh, oh, oh! Yay! ♥ I just need to come up with a layout now. =_=;;

P.S. (Someone on my f-list is going to be offended by this...) I think Hamasaki Ayumi has some of the most ridiculous music videos ever.

P.P.S. Taylor?!
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I've just come up with a brilliant idea for a ToriShishi fic. It's going to bastardize not only Tenipuri, but Hanakimi as well. I have an outline written up, and I'm going to work on the first chapter this week and next week. Anyone up for betaing?

And yes, this is my lame attempt to put off that AtoShishi fic I signed myself up for. ._.;;

Meanwhile, the Pokémon dub drama continues. This is insane. ><

Grr... Just... do it already!! ><!!

And what is it about guys wearing glasses that makes my heart go ドキドキ? And everyone (or at least Ilse) thought that Alan looked dorky when he was wearing his glasses at school last week, but dude. O_o
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The problem with skipping out on LJ for two months is having to get caught up. I mean, I enjoy it, but my loverly friends list suffers from it. Sorry. ><

So I'll do as much as I can in as little space as possible...

Buchou~ *___* Shishido's album is really good. Like, really good. (I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to buy it once I can order stuff online.) Wintermyu is hot. Akadot Retail sent me OCEAN LINE. Kamakari goes, "Ko-Koorogi? Koorogi ya!" in his DVD. (I watched an idol DVD. Apocalypse Now, what?) I'm currently experiencing an unhappy allergic reaction to some strange facial medicine. I bought KKJ 2, Howl's Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro with a large sum of paycheck money that my mother withheld from me for two years. I want the Gilmore Girls box sets. The only thing I saw of the Olympics was an hour or so of the opening ceremonies. Claire sent me a Singing Valentine "from the cast of Tenipuri". I contemplated getting fake glasses (still do; I'd probably do it if it didn't make me ridiculously pretentious). I'm getting better (less awful) at Japanese. I've forgotten everything there is to know about Spanish. Torishishi makes me so happy. I need to buy HP4. (Rupert Grint rocks my socks.) My Instrumental Ensemble ensemble kicks butt. I've already killed my computer with stuff I downloaded in one day, but I still have so much more to download. I'm trying to convince my mother to buy me Fastball's live albums (here and here), and she may be willing to do it since they're not of Japanese origin. We had a happy Indonesian dinner at Great Wall last week, and I ate some creepy-looking fish. Japanese Culture Club has made a subtle shift from "meeting after school in Kuharic's room" to "everyone coming home with me to watch anime at my house". (Which I wouldn't mind if the regulars weren't so potentially irritating.) I need to get a paid LJ account (for icons, yes). My mouth hurts.

And three pre-typed picspam posts coming your way. Right now.
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Except I didn't. 'cause that would freak the heck out of my parents. -_-;;

But really, it took me long enough (well, two days...?). >< Of course Kamakari's "Micchan" is Shinoda! It makes sense, seeing as Kamakari and Shinoda are such good friends. And they have blog posts about each other (with each other's nicknames as the titles).

Which, in this fandom, means they're married.

I wish Kamakari's blog would stop being so wonky (for me, at least). My parents'd kill me if they found out I was late to school because I was waiting for Kamakari Kenta's blog to load. ><
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will you marry me?

I'd give several limbs (mine, even!) just to meet someone like him. And Adrien Brody, dayum... I need to watch The Pianist some day. My mom had the DVD with her the other day, but I don't know if it's ours or if she was going to give it to someone for Christmas. ._.

And otherwise, I've been trying to decide whether I like Erabareshi elite syuudan or Koori no Emperor better. They're both really good, interesting songs with nice choreography. And one has KENN while the other has Kamakari, so it's not like I can base it on that, either. >< It'd be one bizarre song if they had Yuuta and Shishido (and even MoriEiji!Momo, even though he's not a great singer and he already graduated...) singing together for absolutely no reason, but I think that'd be the only way to really appease me.

Hm. "Such is my life." XD

P.S. I hope you all realize that I'll be shamelessly spamming your friends lists once my photosets and photobook (if I can get it... *stares hopeful holes into Akadot Retail*) come in. Heck, why haven't I spammed with *pnish* scans yet? I think I'll go do that...
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I realize that the people on my friends list who regularly read updates from the tenimyu-related communities will already know all this, but I really have to comment.

Kamakari's getting an idol DVD. )

But look at the pretty pictures (Katou, Saitou, and Kamakari)! Aw, why so angsty, Kenta-kun [I just want to eat you asdfafhlasgflasj]?

Enough of that.

quick blurb about Christmas )

I hope everyone has a nice rest-of-the-holidays, even if you didn't have particularly Merry Christmases. ;_;


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