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It's Mugenday! but I don't have a good Eito icon yet, so we're just going to go with Tokui wearing a loud shirt, y/y?

Still on a Yamada Tarou kick, so a clip from episode 10 (no subs (though guys, guys, Japanese drama DVDs come with Japanese closed captioning and it's so awesome *_*)). Not the one you'd expect from me when I say "episode 10", I think, but because I love Tabe Mikako so: )

My head's been hurting for the past few days and no matter how much acetaminophen I ingest, the pain won't go away. It just won't go away. (Did I mislead you with the title? Ha! You should know that if I were talking about the song, it'd have quotation marks around it!)

I tried to break my $100 bill at Starbucks today, but the lady at the window was like, "Uh, no." Actually, to make myself sound like less of a jerk (but also to make the story less interesting... damn), I'll explain what actually happened: I roll up to the window in my brother's classy dinked-up Saturn that doesn't have power steering and rattles in places I didn't even know cars could rattle, classic 80s hits blasting from the radio, and ask all friendly and polite-like if they'll take a $100 bill. I make nice conversation with the lady briefly, etc. etc. And then I buy my drink using my debit card, lug the car out of the drive-thru, and go home. All's okay with the world.

Except for the part where I still have a headache.

Feel like being productive today. I think I'm going to try to tie up some loose Honor Council ends or practice violin or something. (Three hours later, Inez wakes up from an impromptu nap. A single tear trickles down her cheek.)

ETA: a series of edited-to-adds in which Inez gets really angry and then talks herself out of her anger )
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(I actually never finished season 2 of Haruhi. I should get on that, but honestly? I don't really feel like getting through Endless Eight. Ahaha.)

As you may have guessed, South Paw Summer 2010 was a royal bust. Mostly I'm lazy, and it's too much work to write/open doors/eat/brush my teeth/use the touchpad with my left hand. So, nice try? Maybe?

But! August is upon us! And since August will always be the beginning of the year for me, I've decided to start off with a list of goals: )

Just caught my father playing with a light-up, chirpy yo-yo. "What does this have anything to do with work, you say?" he asked me playfully. And then he gave me a legitimate reason. Dammit, Father. D:

We've started going to the gym in the mornings again. We stopped for a few weeks because my mother's lazy, but she also likes to make me weep bitter tears, so we started up again.

Hope you all are having a glorious summer (or winter!) so far. Love to everyone busy with classes and work and moving and life, and maybe some love to those of you just sitting around. Like me. ♥
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Current Facebook status: "Inez literally cannot sleep anymore this week if she wants to get all of her work done. Ahaha."

Not an exaggeration (though the laugh might be sarcastic and/or desperately hopeless). But after tonight I'll have three portions finished (Chinese end-of-the-year nonsense (a total of five parts, are you kidding me?), Japanese test, and quartet recital). After that I'll have my Japanese Nationhood test (actually an essay, due Friday) and my Chinese Revolution test (on Friday afternoon) + research paper (due Friday faaaaaaaaack). And those are all going to be really enormously difficult to finish/be prepared for, so.

The quartet recital was actually last night. Instead of going in the usual black 'n' black, we decided to go with a "crayola" theme, so I wore purple (including the purple PJ pants that I got grass stains all over when I played Wink on Saturday), Halley wore blue, Evan (female) wore pink, and Katie wore orange. We were freaking adorable.

This time on top of Mendelssohn, we played "Tango Ballet" by Piazzolla. People seemed to like it because it was strange and different. (The entire recital was a conglomeration of strange and different music, including a percussion ensemble and a weird duet involving various blunt objects for two string basses.)

When we got out of the concert, it was raining something awful. I didn't care, though, so I walked slowly back to the apartment, wrung out my hair and clothes, and promptly fell asleep because I'M STUPID. Around 3am, I woke up, talked to Will (who'd just gotten home) for a bit, considered my workload for the rest of the week, and realized that I'm pretty close to screwed.

But! I can pull it off if I don't sleep. So. No more LJ for me until Friday at 5pm, which is the time by which I'll hopefully have triumphantly trounced my second semester of junior year.


(No comments. I am, as they say, keeping my eyes on the prize.)
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i.e., video spam. Forgive me.

Showed the boy the PV for my boys' new single. Upon seeing MatsuJun, the boy said, "What is he wearing?" soon followed by spotting Nino and saying, "What is HE wearing?" Apparently the video is something like a "lumberjack-laden prom".

But it's good. :3 The boy likes the chorus. He also enjoys the part where Sho "hijacks the video". (I enjoy that part, too.)

Today my newly-put-together quartet is having its first real performance at Bryn Mawr. I say "newly-put-together" because the other violinist and the cellist were both abroad last semester, and our previous violist graduated last year, so we had to find a new violist. This time, we're all juniors, and 5/8 Asian (this is relevant somehow, I'm sure), so we'll be together until we graduate. But since we had to get used to the new violist, we decided on a fairly easy-to-put-together piece, Mendelssohn Op. 44. (Actually, I'd already played it in eighth grade, but this time I'm playing the second violin part, so at least it isn't totally uninteresting.)

(Minus the proud grandparents in the foreground, probably plus more mistakes.)


Dec. 17th, 2008 11:30
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. received some lovely Christmas cards from [ profile] athena8 and [ profile] reposoir. They definitely put me in a good mood when I got them. Thank you, dears!

. finished my final final at 6:27 this morning. It was a three-hour essay test, which means that yes, I started it at 3:27, but I laid down for about 15 minutes in the middle because my body was sore. (See below.)

. played Wink for the first time last night! For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Wink is a Quaker wrestling-type game in which you have two concentric circles with people in the inner circle trying to kiss a single person in the middle of the circles after they're called up for being a part of a certain category. The people in the outer circle try to hold the people in the inner circle back. Both circles can't stand. Basically, you have a dozen people rolling around on the ground, trying to crawl (or to keep people from crawling) to the person in the middle. It's good times.

. want to start taking private violin lessons again. The reason I stopped is because they stressed me out too much during the year, but I really miss, you know, being good at the violin. I still play in the orchestra, and my quartetmates are back from abroad next semester so I'll be doing chamber music again, but it's not the same as hunkering down and working hard on a piece for yourself.

. am headed to Japan in two days! I'm hoping to do my laundry tonight (after stopping by at a party to see some of my friends for the last time before they're abroad next semester) and then pack tomorrow. Getting everything together in time is going to be a little tough, but I'll try.
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0. The enumerated list thing is really handy. Sorry for being unoriginal.

1. Finally watched Rokkakumyu and Rikkaimyu last weekend! )

2. Yay for sheet music! My summer project just came in the mail: Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee (because Harrison wanted me to play it). I also need to work on the third movement of the Bruch concerto, to finally finish that sucker off after three years. D: To keep in mind for the future: Zigeurnerweisen, Lalo, Mendelssohn, Kabalevsky, Brahm sonatas. I'mma be a good violinist someday.

3.! It's probably going to be another collective, but I'll do one site at a time so that my ambition doesn't paralyze me. Ideas? I really think I need to do a violin website, and then some type of meganephile website.

Also, Anna, since I was pseudo-hosting you before, if you want a subdomain or something (it'll be reliable this time, since I'm doing it all myself), let me know.

4. To-Do List )
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Last night we had our spring semester orchestra concert. My stand/life partner Halley invited me and our quartetmates to dinner with her family at San Pietro, a nice restaurant on the Main Line. It was tasty. :D The concert was fantastic -- Halley won the concerto competition, so she played the Barber with the orchestra (gorgeous piece... please listen to it if you have access to it), and then we played Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky. What a terrific concert... I felt so good about it all afterward. And I cried a little in between when Halley returned to her seat, 'cause I just felt so proud of her that I couldn't help but tear up. Oops. ^^;;

So today the paycheck for last month's slaving away at my part-time jobs (Career Development Office and Phonathon) went through, so I went ahead and ordered some equipment for my violin:

Pirastro Obligato Violin Set-Loop E-4/4 size-Med. ($47.04)
Ebony Violin Tailpiece - 4/4 Size ($5.20)
Gold-Plated Hill Style Violin Fine Tuner 4/4 Size ($4.72)
Chinrest Tightener ($1.99)
Hill Peg Compound ($6.99)
Total: $65.94

Some of you know more about stringed instruments than others, but suffice it to say that I'm completely revamping my violin. I'm removing three of my fine tuners so that I only have a fine tuner on the E string, and I'm getting new strings (which generally I get pretty often anyway, but I'm hoping the Obligatos will warm up my violin a little more because they're synthetic... my violin's just so bright). I'm kind of retrospectively regretting not mentioning it to my private teacher first, but I've been itching to change everything for a while now, and they're all changes that he'd approve of anyway, methinks. So it should be okay.

Now if only I practiced...
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An excerpt from a review of one of the things I bought (which I mentioned earlier):

I have an inexpensive CD player, but this music emerges from it with the sharpness of etched glass, the smoothness of warmed honey, and the softness of rivers of silver in moonlight.

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Yoinked from Rue... Stalker meme! (comments screened) )

In other news, I spent a bunch of money on classical music recordings on (specifically, chamber music I've performed ('cause I'm a nostalgic flake) and Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole + Saint-Saens violin concerto). I love classical music. I could probably live on classical music alone.

Tuesday night dinners are spent at Japanese table, where we talk in Japanese about culture and sing songs. Last night we sang Kimi wo Nosete from Castle in the Sky. :D Apparently we sang the song from Kiki's Delivery Service the week before, but that was Halloween and therefore the night during which I got candy from strangers.

I'll be selling off doujinshi (all ToriShishi, yeah), auction-style, once I figure out which ones I'm willing to sell. I'm not in any dire need for cash at the moment, but I kind of want the cushion. Oh, and I need to stop spending money.
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My "productive week" is not starting well. I was pulled out of my happy home this afternoon to sub for a flautist who got sick. Flautist. Yeah. Stupid flute range is hard to hit when you're sight-reading on a violin. But someone called at about 11:15 this morning asking if I could play at a gig at 1:50, and I was waiting for her to qualify that with something like "next Tuesday", but no. It was 1:50. Today.

There goes Fansubbing Sunday. And now my head hurts. I think I need a nap. Boo.

But here's the week, in cutesy names:
- Fansubbing Nothing Productive Sunday. (Maybe I'll finish editing after a nap. :D)
- [ profile] manga100 Monday. (88 icons in one day. That should be fun.)
- F-list Tuesday. (That's my "oh, you posted scanlations/fic/repo last week and I must download/read/comment" day.)
- Read Information in Anticipation of Moving into Haverford and Finally Post Your Dorm Address Wednesday. (Self explanatory.)
- Pack Your Stuff Thursday. (Or maybe "Figure Out What You Have to Pack Thursday".)
- Pack Your Stuff 2: Revenge of the Pack Your Stuff Friday (But seriously, what in the world do I need to pack?!)
- Are We Leaving on Saturday or on Sunday? Saturday. (Ditch effort to retain sanity before I'm sans internet for 3-4 days.)

All the while, I have to draw my doujinshi. I don't think I'll finish~ D:

Things I've bought this summer (holy CRAP) )

Hm. I'm getting stiff and achey, and I think I'm developing a fever. $20 says I'm bedridden-sick tomorrow. :D
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So I'm at work... with nothing to do... so I'm just dawdling online. Don't you love these types of posts?

I have some fics to write/finish and some fansubbing to do, but I really can't do any of that on corporate time (especially without my fic-writing/finishing or fansubbing programs and equipment), so I guess I'll just type some uninteresting stuff for a bit.

We had quartet rehearsal last night... Oh, how I've missed my quartet... We picked our way through old "favorites" like Euphonic Sounds and Clair de Lune (and our comfort music, Brandenburg), and we transposed Canon in D into C (usually we do it in Eb (or, well, D)) and sight-read some Borodin just for kicks. And Elizabeth got me plates/cups/bowls (all matching) for my dorm room at Bed Bath & Beyond, where she apparently ran into Alan and Brian(...?!), and Alice brought yummy baked goods, of which I had some orgasmic banana bread. I haven't had banana bread for such a long time... ^_______^

The stitches in my mouth are coming out, bit by bit. It's kind of gross and sort of distracting and pretty frickin' TMI, actually, but I find that as each piece comes out, my headache and toothache lessen. :O

Ah, I'm going to deposit a bunch of pennies ($20+) in the bank today. The teller is going to smack me. I'm looking forward to it.

So Kamakari's finally blogging again. Still no pictures, but whatever. He's cute. And Jiroh Takuya has pictures of him on his blog, so it's all good. :3

And I think I had something to say about Tenimyu, but I forget what it was now. :(
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We had our last orchestra concert today -- my last SBYSO concert ever. I don't really know what to say. I'm kind of overwhelmed... these are the kids I came to know and love over weeks and weeks and months and months and years of years of music, and I can't believe that my weekly Sunday routine of going to rehearsal, hanging out with my friends, and making jokes -- all over the common denominator of our love of music -- is over.

Six years is a long time to be a part of a non-school, non-professional orchestra.

Before the concert (after rehearsal, during which Dr. Graulty finally figured out how to say my name properly... it took a couple of years XD), a big group of us (the Cafe regulars + a couple of extras) went to the Chocolate Cafe, as per the usual, and ate ice cream as if it were just any other concert. I took copious pictures before and after the concert because, realistically speaking, this very well may be the last time I'll be seeing some of them.

The concert was great (and I got to sit concertmistress, finally, even though I should have sat concertmistress at least one other concert this season but never did, for whatever reason). We started off with some random announcements, including recognition of all of the graduating seniors (we got carnations) and scholarship winners (Rachel K. won $1000 for college!). Then we played some music. Dan played Lalo spectacularly (though I'm going to very biasedly say that Alan plays it better), and we handled Tchaik and Dvorak pretty well.

Vicious, Excalibur... Wonderful job. I'll still be seeing you guys, but not in that context. Never again in that context.

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Diki's home.

Yaaaay. :| )

Good to have you back, Diki. T___T

It was crew prank night at the musical last night. Pranks included, but weren't limited to, filling a piñata with rice instead of candy and replacing a recorded cue with a sound clip of what I think was the Wicked Witch of the West laughing maniacally. We could hear the cast (onstage and off) and crew laughing the entire time. XDD

Afterwards, I watched about 1.5 bands at Battle of the Bands and then went home. Spent a heinous amount of time online (and now I don't even remember what I was up to), went to bed pretty late (early). And I did stuff this morning, too, but I don't really remember what I did then either. Listened to MabeRajio after I came back from teaching, edited Blood+, then had to help unpack.

Diki and I just watched the first episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuu(uuuu)tsu. Cute. XDD Reminded me of this Pokémon spoof, so we watched that afterwards. And now I have the musical to play for. Again. =_=;;

Can't wait for prom (six days and counting)... I'm so excited... ><;;
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Happy half-birthday to me! \(^0^)/ I was typing out the ID3v2 tag for MabeRajio, and I noticed the "04.29" part and was like, "Oh, 04.29! That's my half-birthday! ... Today's my half-birthday!!"

And I love MabeRajio. They did this hilarious "jitensha" bumper... Higuchi was Kamakari's mother, and Katou was the father, and Kamakari was so~ cute, WTF. But yeah, apparently Papa finally learned how to ride a bicycle. XDDD And I think Higuchi came up with "KatoKen" to refer to Katou and Kamakari together... Is she slashing them now? Frickin' fangirl... XDD

The musical was disastrous last night. But we got through it (somehow), and people didn't seem to notice the blatant mistakes because we live in a world of fools, so it's all good. But you know it's bad when, after the overture, your stand partner turns to you and says, "Oh well. Maybe tomorrow." XDD

One down, five to go...

I hear the new dub cast for Pokémon sucks (I don't watch it anymore since I teach on Saturday mornings, but I'm bound to catch an episode eventually). T_T I wish they could have kept the old cast... I loved them. I really can't imagine anyone else doing the characters' voices... And I'm really starting to miss Pokémon now. T_T

</reliving of childhood>
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There's a fine, fine line... )

And hey, my mother apparently found my soulmate. Mommy's coworker's son, a senior at Penn, is going to study chemistry at Notre Dame. He also wants to study east-Asian languages in anticipation of studying abroad in Japan.

Oh, and he started an anime club at school.


Mew, remind me to read your essay later. I have to go now... I think I'm going to be late for call. ><;;

Ayu-chan, ♥. ^^
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They're performing South Pacific on TV!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! That was what we played for Firefly last year!!!!! ><;;;;

And I was totally thinking that the musical (Bells Are Ringing) wasn't worth my time until I realized that I absolutely love being stupid with Alan and Brian and Neehar and Jun and Rob (and Cheeseman), or, as Mr. McLean calls us, "the dorky string section". XDD
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Short little update (even though I have nothing to say) simply because I think I'm addicted to LJ. Do they have a support group for this? "LJ Whores Anonymous" or something?

  • Sick yesterday. Edited Blood+, took a shower, and crawled into bed around 17:30; freaked out when I woke up at 22:00 and noticed that my lights were off in my room (I never go to bed with my lights off). Then realized that I was being a freak and that I forgot to turn my lights on before I went to sleep. So yeah. Turned my lights on, went back to bed.
  • Appointment with the fake!dermatologist dermatology nurse this morning. He got all annoyed when my dad asked, on behalf of my mother, for the Latin name for whatever's going on with my face (the rash-thing). =___=;; Went to my dad's office afterwards (before I actually went to school) because I had some homework that I never did while I was completely incapacitated the night before.
  • Was supposed to take my calc test after school today, but I also had a PM for being late to school. So Wojo gave me my test to do as a take-home test, [three dots arranged in a triangle] I have calc, micro, and apologetics take-home tests to finish. By tomorrow.
  • ... which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have to play for the musical. But I do. Rehearsal today and tomorrow from 17:00-21:00. So no time for three take-home tests. Or homework. Or fansubbing. Or LJ. Weep, weep.

    Mm, I think I'm going to be late to rehearsal. ._.
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    Oh, Vicious, how I've missed you!

    I'm so glad I'm in Instrumental Ensemble this semester, because it forces me to make time to practice. And really, it's been too long. ;_; I really, really enjoy practicing... makes me wonder WTF is wrong with me when I'm so reluctant about it so much of the time. ._.

    Vicious and I had a nice hour together tonight (and we might spend some more time together after this post). Really, an hour isn't all that much, but it was a bit strenuous... I need to fix my pinky finger (it's really quite weak, and it doesn't sit on the string as nicely as it needs to), and the only way to do that is to practice -- hard -- through my bad habits... which can get physically painful (especially in the higher positions on the E string... it's a frickin' wire, I tell you!). But it's worth it, because it's kind of pathetic that I've had the same pinky problem for 13½ years. ~_~

    I want to head into college in really good musical shape, so I've got some work ahead of me...

    Violin Goals for 2006.05.31 (graduation and Claire's birthday!)
  • finish (memorize and polish) Mendelssohn
  • get Zigeurneweisen in playable condition (dunno if it's physically possible...)
  • fix my pinky problem
  • pay more attention to my bow arm in general

    So this'll be a fun second semester. My fingers might fall off when I'm finished, but I'll be a better person for it. Or something.

    *ties hair back*


    P.S. Ohtori plays the violin (and the piano). But I think his music is still less important than tennis, unlike what a lot of fanfiction seems to suggest... I mean, they're just his hobbies (sort of like Shishido's billiards... and dude, if it isn't a frickin' sign that Kamakari's hobby is billiards as well, I don't know what is), and even though music's his best subject, it's still second to his Shishido-san tennis.

    P.P.S. I couldn't help writing the post-script. I'm sorry. And I was trying so hard not to write anything about Kamakari today. ><
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    Well, Evelyn wanted it. :D And Fiore likes violin music, so that's two. XD Oh, and Rae hasn't heard me play for a while, so that's three. \o/ The quality (both of the recording and of what was recorded) sucks, but this is what I'm sending MIT. They'd better frickin' like it.

    This took an enormously long time to record (several hours), and it turned out to be a six minute clip. Blame 1) my being a perfectionist, 2) my not having touched the piece for months, 3) my having played the piece atrociously when I had touched it (definitely not kidding - it's my worst performed solo to date), and 4) my taking frequent fanfiction breaks. ><

    It all sounds pretty seamless (though badly played), and there's this one part where I do this big long set of chromaticky stuff almost perfectly except for one majorly noticeably false note. I was near tears (not really, because I still had more to record)...

    So yes, if you want the "acoustic version" (funny to think of it that way, though it can be argued that pianoless/orchestraless = acoustic) of the first movement (yes, it ends in a minor key; it actually goes into the second movement instead of just finishing) of the Bruch Violin Concerto a la yours truly, feel free to download it:
    right-click, save as, AHHHHH!!

    Yes, it's an enormous file (~30 mb), but it's getting "late" (and my father wants his laptop back...), so I can't reencode it as an mp3 right now. Besides, the plugin I usually use to encode things as mp3s requires stereo tracks, and since it's a mono recording... Yeah. :/
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    Well, no drunken Irish parties for me, but Claire says that she'll have to endure some.

    Her dad got remarried, after all!!

    So Saturday was our super-awesome quartet day, involving our quartet roadtrip to Chicago, our quartet playing-in-the-blazing-sun-for-four-hours gig, our quartet eat-catered-food that-wasn't-brought-for-us break, our quartet sleep-on-the-way-back-home car ride, our quartet eat-at-the-Great-Wall-and-piss-off-the waitress-because-25%-of-us-is-vegetarian dinner, our quartet symphony outing, and our quartet barely-get-home-and-wish-Alice-a-safe-trip-home-because-it's-late-and-she-lives-in-Elkhart-and-we're-all-crazy-tired drive home.

    Note how I got all of that in one sentence. That takes massive amounts of skill.

    Today was the last SBYSO concert that Diki'll ever play in. ;_; Augh, so many "lasts" and yet so many "firsts" come this time of year. I'd alternate between tears of joy and tears of sorrow if I didn't get dehydrated so easily. I got lots of pictures of people!

    Select pictures, by the way, are in the next entry. It's been privatized for "creepy real life people" since there are too many local people in them, though, so sorry if you're an online person and you wanted to see them. You know I luff you.

    Bah, I hope my parents find a Spanish copy of 100 Years of Solitude at Borders. That's my self-inflicted Spanish assignment for next year.


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