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Tony writes the nicest/prettiest/catchiest/most melodic music. It's amazing. (You can listen to some of it on his myspace.) Too bad his lyrics are kind of weird sometimes... :X

Tony Scalzo - How Did I Get Here )

Well, see, that one isn't so bad. Try this stanza on for size, though.

stanza from Tony Scalzo - Reality )


I wish his EPs weren't LE. His first two EPs are sold out at his website's store, but his third EP is out. I'm itching to click on the Paypal link...

Wisdom teeth are coming out tomorrow. I'm going to try that thing where you start counting as you're being anesthesiaized and you return to consciousness sometime later in the recovery room, still counting.

Oh, and random thought for the day, courtesy of Tokyo Toshokan: "The Duchess of Busty Mounds".

Hahahahahahahaha, what a stupid title. Spanish-subtitled anime pr0n, no less. I love it.
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Ouran Koukou Host Club - Sakura KISSU
mp3 (audio rip)
avi (raw video rip) (with unhappy WMV9 compression)

TV version kanji lyrics ('cause I felt like it) )

I really can't get enough of that song. Like, seriously, OMG. It's so cute. Does anyone know when the single's coming out (if it isn't already out)? I mean, it's not like I'd be able to buy the thing, but I'm sure good ol' #nipponsei will handle it whenever it comes out.

</super-leecher mode>

And there is a second *pnish* photobook in the works. *weeps into empty wallet* No matter. I won't be able to order it until next year anyway (when I'm out of the house), so I suppose I'll be able to save up for it. :D

But none of that matters since I frickin' saw Jupiter and Saturn tonight. O_O Sarah invited her Science Research class to her house for a stargazing party, and, naturally, I came despite my distinct lack of being-in-that-class-ness and knowing-Dr.-Loughran-ness. XD Doc Lough brought the telescope, and we got to see Jupiter (though Cait was busy looking at Bobby's house through her binoculars XD). Everyone but Sarah and I got to see Saturn before it was swallowed up by clouds, but it cleared up by about 11:15 (after everyone had gathered around the bonfire to eat chips and smores and stuff), and we had a gorgeous view of it. By that time, though, my parents were getting testy, and it was getting pretty late, so we all ended up leaving before we tried to find Mars.

But wow. I've never gone stargazing before, and I was absolutely blown away. You could see Jupiter's stripes (and three of its moons) and Saturn's rings. Doc Lough said it was the best view of Saturn he'd ever seen, and, well, I believe it.

Definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done. Makes me wish I lived on a farm away from the lights of civilization. XD
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高まる気持ち おさえて振り返る 手を振るあなた (Buchou~!! *swoon*) )

As always, not proofread. >< Anyway, let me know if you want anything else transcribed! :D
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Just three because I lose. And because I'm going to sleep over at a friend's house so we can romp around Purdue tomorrow. :D

ラララー )

Again with the non-"proofread"ness. Enjoy~!! ._.
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Because it's Spring Break and I have no life... )

Some of the lyrics were alternate words/translations used (set off by furigana -- 眼鏡 was "レンズ" in CRAFTY, 星 was "ひとみ" in Tsukiyo no Shita de, etc.), but I couldn't type the furigana, hahaha. ><;; Also, the audio doesn't match up with the lyrics sometimes, but what I have typed is as true to the written lyrics as I could manage.

And I didn't, uh, "proofread", so errors abound. Please fix if you find any... m(_ _)m

P.S. MEBACHIKO is seriously the best song ever. Like OMG I'm not even kidding. ><


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