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Firstly, to those of you who happened to catch my post from last night, thank you for reaching out. It was a terrible night made worse by academic/life burnout, but I'm really okay and usually quite the opposite of how I was when I wrote that entry. But regardless, I'm really grateful that I have people who take care of me, so again, thank you. ♥

Question: How is The Hunger Games different from Battle Royale? This isn't a diss or anything; I'm legitimately curious. It just seems like the overarching premise is the same (though the way they get there is different, I suppose). But I've heard such good things about The Hunger Games. Can someone explain how they're different?

And a meme that I didn't realize I would get tagged for (damn you, Ashley...):

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We're at the end of the quarter here. I have to finish up some stuff, and then I'm at home for a couple of weeks, which'll be nice. I really, really need a break right now. Meanwhile, it's been quiet on my LJ, but I do still read your entries. :D I suppose I'll write up things on San Diego/Philadelphia/Oakland/San Diego at some point... one of these days.
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Current to-read list for the summer: contemporary Japanese lit for a class I'm sitting in on, Karl Marx's Capital for a summer reading group, more thorough read-throughs of Tsubaki Ayana's and Haruna Ai's memoirs.

Many of you know the drill. Every summer I ask for book recs from my f-list, and every summer I get through exactly 0 of the recommended books. But! I love getting book recs, and I have them all in a giant list, waiting for the day (which will never come~) when I can finally sit down and dig my way through them all. The fact that the recommendations came from my friends makes it doubly nice, because I love being reminded of all of the great people in my life.


So please join in again this year:

If you had to recommend ONE BOOK for me to read this summer, what would it be (and why)? Just one. I will accept series if they're directly related, but otherwise, just one.

Is there something you've read recently that really made an impression on you? Something that you read every single year and still grow from? Something fun and simple that you think I'd enjoy? Let me hear it.

Please please please~
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and other possibly euphemistic lines: a picture entry.

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I finally sat down and organized my bookshelves. )

So, my dear friends of the flesh-and-bones variety, summer reading 2010, LET'S GO. If you could recommend one book to me to read, what would it be? Basically, give me your deserted island book. (For those who gave me a book to read last year, give me a different one.) The likelihood that I'll get to read it anytime soon is slim, but it really means a lot to me to have recommended books from people I know and like. It makes it more personal, somehow. I read a book and feel closer to you, knowing that it was a book you felt strongly enough about that you recommended I read it.

... shut up, it just happens, okay?

ETA: Okay, I love that you guys read, but seriously, stop cheating. Give me one book. Just one.
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If you had to recommend one (and only one) book for me to read, what would it be? Assume I've read nothing (because that's pretty close to the truth). It can be anything -- fiction or non-fiction -- from your favorite childhood book to your guilty pleasure to the book that changed your life. Give me your one book and I will read it this summer. (If I've already read it, I'll read it again.) The only limitation is that it has to be in a language that I can read (that's English, of course, and I can deal with Japanese and Spanish as well).

I've been restless lately. Being restless leads to my taking long walks on Lancaster Avenue, which subsequently leads to my buying things I don't need. In the past four days I've taken three long walks, and I've gotten three grande caramel frappuccinos at the Bucks. I've also picked up a book at Borders (I'm slowly but surely filling in the holes in my Agatha Christie collection) and staple removers, a letter opener, and post-its at Staples.

Today before coming home, I sat on a bench and listened to music for a while. When it got dark enough, I went to Founders Green to lie on the grass and look at the stars. I'm pretty good friends with one of the dippers now. I don't know which one.

I can't quite figure out what it is, but I'm dissatisfied with who I am right now. I just want to be... I dunno. Smarter. More confident. A better friend. A more serious student. I'm not particularly unhappy, but it feels like I should be more than I am, and it's disconcerting.

That's all. Lying on the grass to watch the stars makes a person introspective, apparently.
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As you may recall, I've been rereading the Animorphs series this summer. I'm currently on book 30, so I've got about 25 books left, ahaha. Just a couple of books a day (a simple feat, really; the books each take about three hours to read, and that's because I'm slow and distracted), and I should be finished by the time I head back to school.

Anyway, I looked up the old TV series, just for kicks. It was one of those low-budget Nickelodeon shows that butchered the original series. It reminds me a little of Power Rangers in the way of awful effects and bad acting and alien suits and stuff (*cough*), but it's kind of fun to watch. And of course, they totally play up my favorite couple, Rachel/Tobias. Teehee. ♥

But seriously, these books are ridiculously fun to read. K.A. Applegate (and her ghostwriters) do a great job of emulating teen drama and tension and silliness and humor, and she throws in a lot of fun action and adventure and whatnot. Reminds me of my childhood, almost, sans the alien invasion and morphing powers and tragic human/hawk romance. (Spoiler alert? It happens in, like, the first book.) But really, as "low-brow" as the series may be, I'm grateful that I can still enjoy something that so intimately ties me to my childhood.
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A lot of you are probably annoyed by these types of entries, but if you could... hit me with some book recommendations? Like, actual literature, not anime/manga-related or whatever. I've decided that I have to read more, so... if there are 3-5 books that, in your opinion, I must read in my lifetime, which would they be and why? Assume I haven't read anything (because it's true... I just don't read).

I want to function as a mildly cultured part of society, please and thank you!


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