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[ profile] sublimeparadigm represents every denotative, connotative, era-set, and colloquial definition of the words bitchin', wicked, sick, twisted, and nasty, and she does it in the best way possible.

I first met [ profile] sublimeparadigm in a dark pub in Argentina. Our eyes met across the floor, and I was like "dayum", and she was like "dayum", and the smexin' was like dayum. It was magical. But I think she was dead-drunk at the time, so she probably doesn't remember it. I'll savor the memory forever, though.

Years later, I found her on livejournal and friended her because she wrote that pretty, pretty SP fanfic, All Things Signified, that I adore so very much. The first thing I did when I friended her, though, was realize that her username was the coolest thing ever. Because "paradigm" > you.

So thinking back on the first (second) time I met her always reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which is basically a combination of two of my favorite fetishes and one of my favorite characters.

In short, [ profile] sublimeparadigm is the embodiment of everything I find orgasmic. II TENSHON DA! (^0^)b

But that's not all! Your order of [ profile] sublimeparadigm comes with attachable parts like )

Sure, there are lots of things that cross my mind when I think of her, but there's only one image in my head that clearly represents the all-encompassing greatness of ) [ profile] sublimeparadigm!

Much, much love! ♥
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[ profile] minkyleigh lives in Japan. ThatjerkI'msojealousbutshe'ssupercoolanyway.

I first met [ profile] minkyleigh when she started sharing Flower Place scanlations with [ profile] tori_shishi and other comms. It was incredibly generous, and I was yoied by her bigi, so I wanted to maybe perhaps get to know the face behind the happy scans. Friending her involved reading her userinfo, though, and that began with a realization that she's Canadian.

We haven't been friends for too long, so the beginnings of such a beautiful friendship -- and the realization of such Canadianness -- are quite fresh in my mind. Just thinking about thinking about that day reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which is something that you all know I feel very strongly about.

But I don't think you get just how significant this connection is. It's kind of ridiculously important. It deserves a flowchart. )

But that's not all! Along with being cool enough to get a flowchart, there are plenty of little things that put [ profile] minkyleigh on top of the chain of cool! Here are some examples: )

So yeah. You can't deny that she's prettyfrickin'sweet. And even if my hand can't truly express it, I'll always appreciate the prettyfrickin'sweetness of ) [ profile] minkyleigh!

Much, much love! ♥
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[ profile] whisper132 makes people laugh and cry and squeal and "aww" and a bunch of other things, and she quite seamlessly strings it all together. She's like a shapeshifter without all the gross, squelchy in-between-ness.

In the beginning, I stalked her like I stalk many people, shyly and quietly and with dark sunglasses on, but the first time I was inspired to stalk her openly was when she posted loverly crackdrabblage about Sentai Shishido and his minions. That day changed my life.

Thinking about that beautiful encounter reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me of this ) which reminds me that copper burns green. You all know that the only reason I like chemistry is because I get to burn stuff, right?

So basically, [ profile] whisper132 is my constant reminder of the beauty that is pyromania. If that isn't awesomeness in a highly-flammable jar, I don't know what is.

But if that hasn't convinced you of how truly spectacular she is, I'll throw a few facts at you. )

So she's pretty cool, huh? Yeah, she rocks my socks. And even though this visualization does her absolutely no justice, I'll give you a glimpse of my vision of the coolness that is ) [ profile] whisper132!

Much, much love! ♥
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If you haven't signed up for the love meme, please do! I'd love to write pretty things about each and every one of you! :3 I start tonight~

Conversation from last night:

Mom: Remember, Nezzy, you should always wear really nice underwear whenever you go out.
Inez: ...
Mom: If you get into an accident and have to go to the hospital, you don't want to be wearing ratty underwear.
Inez: ...
Mom: Though nowadays, that's probably not the first thing that comes to mind when I tell you to wear really nice underwear.
Inez: Yeah, no kidding.

Someone brewed "flavored coffee" in the coffee room today. If by "flavored" they mean "doesn't-taste-like-absolute-garbage", then I'll take it.

Making a Kamakari moodtheme is the single most distracting thing ever. You find a good picture, pick out the right mood, and then stop and stare while you make gurgly noises for an hour or so.
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I had to put plaque plates up today. )

Will finish BLEACH RP app tonight! Maybe.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing the Cheap Soup DJ project [...] )

OMG, me, please stop pinging out of IRC! :O

LOVE MEME (dooooooo it!)

1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!
2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock my socks.
3. Optional but fun: Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!

Since I like being reciprocal, [ profile] whisper132, [ profile] minkyleigh, and [ profile] sublimeparadigm are already on my hitlist (and [ profile] datenshi_blue, too, and she can't talk me out of it), but I'd love to wax pretty about everyone else. So comment to make sure that I smack you senseless with the love. :3


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