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It's amazing how much free time I have when I'm not busy fending off the lost souls of my long-neglected academic endeavors.

This time I was a little trigger happy, so the second half of the concert will have to be split into three parts. This was also the part I watched with Halley and Evan, though I had to get them drunk beforehand and they still didn't enjoy it. But in the end, they still had favorites (yay)! Evan's was Nino; Halley's was Sho. They were also grossed out by Jun, even without my prompting, and I felt very gratified.

Also? So many screenshots. I can feel the interesting comments seeping from my grasp as I type.

Part 1 - Arashi's Fight in Kokuritsu
Part 2 - Concert: "OVERTURE" to "Still"
Part 2.5 - Concert: "Still" Moment, Take Two
Part 3 - Concert: "Lucky Man" to "Kaze no Mukou e"

Part 4 - Concert: "Re(mark)able" to "Ichioku no Hoshi" )
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Useless post, really. I just wanted to tack on some (two) better screenshots of the tender Ohmiya moment at the beginning of "Still". Also, whenever I get/make a new icon, I like to use it right away. </loser>

Part 1 - Arashi's Fight in Kokuritsu
Part 2 - Concert: "OVERTURE" to "Still"

Part 2.5 - Concert: "Still" Moment, Take Two )

Part 3 - Concert: "Lucky Man" to "Kaze no Mukou e"
Part 4 - Concert: "Re(mark)able" to "Ichioku no Hoshi"

Also? When did I become so comfortable with RPS? Seriously. D: Sorry if it squicks you. I find it terribly amusing (just this pairing, really).
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I didn't realize this would be such an undertaking. Also, I'm not interesting, and neither is my commentary. Forgive me.

Part 1 - Arashi's Fight in Kokuritsu

Part 2 - Concert: "OVERTURE" to "Still" )

Part 3 eventually. And then I have to take screenshots of the second disc. Ah. D:

Part 2.5 - Concert: "Still" Moment, Take Two
Part 3 - Concert: "Lucky Man" to "Kaze no Mukou e"
Part 4 - Concert: "Re(mark)able" to "Ichioku no Hoshi"
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The title used to be "Spazz Digest", but since this isn't much of a digest of anything -- I'd probably say that most of this has been left undigested and unabridged -- I've changed the title to "Spazz Fest". It comes in a few parts because I really did take too many screenshots, and having them load all at once would be a doozy. Also, LJ has stupid character limits.

Apologies for the crappy screenshots. I'm bad at timing things well, and the problem with capping straight from the DVD is that sometimes we get interlacing artifacts. Though I guess it's good, since that made me scrap a bunch of other pointless screenshots that I would have added to the already unnecessarily-large pile.

Also, excuse my bias. It's... really obvious.

Part 1 - Arashi's Fight in Kokuritsu )

Part 2 - Concert: "OVERTURE" to "Still"
Part 2.5 - Concert: "Still" Moment, Take Two
Part 3 - Concert: "Lucky Man" to "Kaze no Mukou e"
Part 4 - Concert: "Re(mark)able" to "Ichioku no Hoshi"
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As a foreword, I'm not big on shipping the actual actors. I mean, obviously I like it when they're friends and all (and really, it's cute when friends hang out), but going beyond that is usually a bit too "eh" for my taste.

And really, much of the reason people ship particular actors together is because their characters are omfgsomarried. Certainly the actors get to be good friends because their characters necessitate it, but that doesn't mean that the actors themselves are shippable.


But yeah, I have a few screenshots I'd like to direct your attention to... And yes, they have to do with Date and Kamakari, because as much as I preach, I can't help but think they're cute together. As friends.


HyouMyu full-cast bow outs ("spoilers"?) )

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I've been [sort of] catching up on Fushigi Yuugi lately (I finished the fifth DVD, which means I need to buy the last three to finish off the series ><), and I came to the semi-sudden realization that I have a terrible onii-chan complex. Now, it's not a brother complex ('cause I have a brother... that'd be weird), it's an onii-chan complex. Good onii-chans.

my favorite good onii-chans )

Okay, that's it. Back to the regularly-scheduled program.
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... especially when I have a paper to type up and some sleep to... do. :/

But I just wanted to share some random Yotsuba&! crappy!scans. It's so cute and stupidly funny. And the scans are crap, which makes it that much more fun.

Remember, read from right to left )

Hehe, it's so cute. I love the
"So what grade are you in?"
"... I love my dad!"

bit. And the cicada thing. XD Now I feel like trying to watch Azumanga Daioh again... ><
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So someone uploaded the music video for the NaBs' (that's pronounced "nay-bees") Wake Up Your Heart and shared the link in the tenimyu LJ comm. Bad idea... now I get the chance to squeal poetic (post screenshots, rather) about (of) KENN!

KENN-chan~ )

I feel sorry for my parents (especially my dad, who sits next to me, working on his laptop, and occasionally looks over at what I'm doing, sighs, and goes back to work). I have such weird fandoms. >< But KENN is younger than MoriEiji (23 as opposed to freshly 29 as of October 3rd... BUT WAH~ I LOVE YOU~~~~~)... And they're both younger than Tony Scalzo (40) and Matthew Broderick (43), but neither really speaks English (though MoriEiji says "sexy" a lot XD).

Speaking of MoriEiji... I watched the *pnish* radio show this morning. Tuti and Washio hosted it, so no MoriEiji, but I was highly amused to see that Tuti was wearing a "trendy" scarf (like, a thin one that doesn't keep you warm or anything) and a t-shirt and blazer, which adds to his awesomeness. I was going to take a screenshot, but I forgot to.

But seriously, I love Japanese fashion. It's so funny... >_>
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Finished the Kantou Tournament Seigaku/Hyotei match today (which finishes at episode 68)... yeah, only 110 episodes to go, right?

POT is so~ addictive.

But yeah, before the sinful-for-various-reasons (>_>), four-episode Tezuka/Atobe match, there was episode 64, the first (super-hilarious) SD episode. I decided to make a new icon from it (chibi Tezuka, hanya~n) and base my LJ color scheme around it.

Heh, I used to be afraid of the color orange. >_>

And now for some Tenipuri screenshot spam... (spoilers up to episode 68) )

Heh, enough of that. Sorry. ><
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No, seriously, read it even if you don't care about anime/manga/otakuism. It's fun.

I just finished watching the first Tenipuri musical with (well, at the same time, in our respective corners of the world) Ayu-chan (the infamous [ profile] datenshi_blue). Now, for anyone who doesn't know what Tenipuri (Prince of Tennis) is, here's the basic outline: Tennis prodigy Echizen Ryoma gets a regular spot on the team of one of the most prestigious tennissing schools (as in, schools that play tennis) in the Kantou region, Seishun Gakuen (Seigaku). Almost entirely male cast. Much male-male innuendo and slashiness ensues; each character is slashable with about 3+ others (and it's all canon). It is, as Ayu-chan's said before, a "crack series", and the fangirls (myself included) love it.

I've only watched the first season and some odd episodes, but that's enough to be able to watch the first musical, which just outlines Ryoma's rise to Seigaku regularity. Included are pictures of the crowd at the end of the musical. I've counted all the men in the enormous crowd. Eight.

onto the pictures~ )

And seriously, since Claire (heh, got you to read this part, didn't I?) looks so unfavorably upon finding anime characters attractive (well, hello? they're drawn to be perfect! psh, girl... *flicks wrist metrosexually*), I've also taken a happy screencap of Takigawa Eiji, the actor who plays Tezuka.

Tezuka-buchou~ )

"Makoto ni, makoto ni, makoto ni arigatou gozaimasu!" (augh, Suwabe-sama~) to Ayu-chan, my Tenipuri senpai and resident Tenipuri maniac at Conclave and Shinsen. Without her past (and future, if I can help it :D) guidance, I would never have encountered the pure fangirl joy that is Tenipuri.


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