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... and I have a few precious minutes left to post something. To Nino this time.

Nino, just remember that Ohno will come back to you, no matter what Cami anyone else says! To quote a highly inspired song from the Spice Girls,

Never give up on the good times, gotta believe in the love you find
(Never give it up, no, never give it up, no oh)

Stay true to your heart. Ohno loves you. And as long as you remain adorably bratty and complex and progressive and cool, so will your fans. Happy birthday! ♥
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... and he wins at being 10 years old.

Even if he's an award-winning actor, sometimes he just can't keep a straight face. It's adorable. ♥
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... and he's better at pranks than you are.

During the Mirrorman segment of Odoroki 5, he pranked an unsuspecting passerby remotely by getting Mirrorman Aiba to move at the right time. The passerby's reaction was priceless. (Fun fact: Odoroki 5 was the first and only Arashi program I saw on live Japanese television. I have fond memories of sitting curled up under a blanket with Isaac, watching my boys try their silly experiments. Needless to say, Odoroki 5 has a special place in my heart. ♥)
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... and you wish you were as good at sneaky bansen as he is.

For the last two episodes of 2008, Nino used Himitsu no Arashi-chan to promote his drama. The first was in the form of encouraging Ohno when the latter was trying to beat the Guinness record for the number of t-shirts worn simultaneously, and the second was at the end of their bounenkai when the members were told to say something about the year. Sho talked about eating good things next year, and Jun had a straight message about having another good year. And then Nino said, "Well, there's really been a lot this year, but there's only one thing I want to say: tomorrow is the last episode."

Ahaha. ♥
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... and I'm using a non-Nino anecdote as an excuse to post a picture of Nino.

So Liz was flipping through the DVD booklet for one of my Arashi DVDs, and she stopped and said, "Jun Matsumoto? There's a Haverford alum named Jun Matsumoto." So Jun secretly went to Haverford while he was busy becoming famous as a super idol in Japan? No one knew!

I told Liz that I had to post about this in my LiveJournal, and she was like, "But you're the only one who reads your blog...?" D: D: D:

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... and you will not be spared. I'm shirking my inhibitors as long as it's June 17th in Japan + where I am (so really, it's Nino 37 Hours). Forgive me for these 37 hours. Hopefully I won't be struck by fangirl delight that much today, but whenever I am...

A picture:

And a comment (not necessarily related to the picture):
In yesterday's episode of Shukudai-kun, Ohno took too long to read a cue card, and Nino said to the others, "Just wait... basically it's around Windows 95 in his head, so it's a little slow." Ahaha, Neen. And then after Ohno read the cue card, Jun took it from him and explained it more quickly and clearly, and Nino said, "As expected of XP, it's fast." Ahahahaha. ♥
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It's June 17th in Japan, which means it's Nino Day! Happy Nino Day! (No cut for you, because on Nino Day, we're all bratty and obnoxious. ♥)

A question to my homeslices: Do you have any favorite celebrities? If so, who are they?

Mine are obviously Arashi collectively (Neen Bean in particular) and Kamakari Kenta. My favorite seiyuu will always be Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichirou, Suwabe Junichi ("Junichirou", failfailfail ahahaha), and Ishida Akira (my seiyuu tetrafecta, if you will). As far as people in the English-speaking world go, I point to my long-lasting love affairs with Matthew Broderick and Colin Firth. I'm also getting to be a fairly big fan of John Krasinski via interviews I've read/watched, but I haven't quite gotten to the comb-his-Wiki-and-follow-his-every-move point in my relationship with him, so. On top of that, I like to watch Blake Lively, but that's mostly based on her looks. (Because the rest of my celebrity favorites aren't based on their looks. Really.)

Honestly, I keep up with a very limited range of television and movies, most of it Japanese in nature (outliers being Gossip Girl, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy, though I'm behind on all of those anyway), so I don't know that many celebrities. But the ones I do know and like are all very nice to look at. Oh yeah, and talented, too.


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