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The NINOMIYA Exchange
because everyone loves Nino

I'm exchange pimping all up in everyone's faces, so sorry if you've seen this five times already. But! Two days left to sign up for NinoEx! Do it, do it, etc.

Hahhhh one last pimp on the comm itself, and I think that's it. I've worked hard today.
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Those of you who've been around for a while might remember last year's Lucky Man Challenge, where we voted on which Arashi concert is best based on the performance of "Lucky Man" alone. This time I wanted to give it a try with "Fight Song", one of my personal favorites and, according to listeners of Jun's radio show, fans' second favorite coupling song, after "Still..."

Based on Nino's original composition, with lyrics put together by Arashi, in concert this song ends up being the one where they do the least singing and the most messing around. And who doesn't love Arashi messing around?

Below the cut you'll find every officially recorded performance of "Fight Song", with all of the antics and tomfoolery intact. If you've got 27 minutes, give them a listen -- and more importantly a look-see -- and help decide which version comes out on top!

Fight Song Challenge )
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BACK! During the time I was on hiatus, I...

. realized I knew Nino's interpreter. (He graduated with a Ph.D. in comp lit from UCLA last spring, and he's been hanging out and organizing various events around campus. I get a lot of group e-mails from him, and I've also actually had long academic discussions with him before. Ahhhh I freaked out when it clicked... about a week after the fact. XD I also ceased plotting Nino/interpreter crackfic, so.)

. sorted my e-mail inbox. Back to 0, so beautiful~. But I still owe Harrison and Kat and other people e-mails. D:

. hung out with Armay and watched the latest A*ashi concert DVD (more on that later, in the filter). It was amazing to watch it live with someone who 1) is a fan who actually likes their concerts and 2) does not have to be liquored up to watch them.

. noticed that Nino got a haircut. Shut up, this is totally about me.

. took two midterms and wrote a paper. Eh! ._.

. got some songs stuck in my head. )

. changed my LJ layout and default icon. I know it's whatever to most people, but for someone who's only had, like, three layouts and five default icons in the entire time she's had a journal, this is a big deal.

. wiped Harrison and reloaded him from factory settings. Not that it'll help much with the overheating thing (though I did get a cooling pad for that), but at least he isn't as cluttered as he used to be.

. meditated on life or whatever.

. missed you guys. ♥
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I'm not going to try to translate because English can't begin to capture how beautiful the Japanese is [insert Inez's usual gushing about Japanese here], but.

I realized in the middle of the night that Kanjani8's "Michishirube" gets me crying, without fail, in 20 seconds with this line:
サヨナラは言わないで 歩いて行くよ
また会えるその日まで 忘れはしないよ
sayonara wa iwanaide, aruite yuku yo
mata aeru sono hi made, wasure wa shinai yo

And then I realized that it has some keywords that match the line in Arashi's "Step and Go" that gets me crying, without fail, in 15 seconds (quicker only because it's a more kinetic song):
ima bokura nosete toki wo koeru kiseki
itsumademo kono hi wo wasure wa shinai yo

Specifically, they share references to some specific day, and the phrase "wasure wa shinai yo" (that construction always gets me -- the noun + "wa" + some form of "suru", instead of just the conjugation of the verb; I mean, seriously, think about how much more weight that has -- a simple "wasurenai yo" vs. "wasure wa shinai yo" [more gushing about Japanese; blah blah blah no one cares, Inez]). Though I guess the specific days are different, and what they "won't forget" is also different.

Still, both are terribly beautiful. They get me crying every time (well, every time I'm actively listening to the lyrics). I can listen to them 100 times in a row, and I'll still tear up. (I'll note that the particular version of the line in "Michishirube" I like is the Ryo/Yasu version, because I like that thing they do a lot where they cut out most of the instruments after the bridge and then bring them back in; also, Ryo's voice is like butter slathered all over my body and then set on fire in all the best ways (uuuggghhh, guess who should be sleeping right now... this guy), and I'm pretty sure he knows it.)

So? Y'all have specific songs/lines in songs you always cry at?
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Ripped and uploaded for Chele, but if anyone else wants it (Japanese audio, English subs), it's here.

Inspired by the recent poll in which Ghibli favorites were ranked. Mine are Totoro and Laputa, so, heh. I guess I match up with the data here.

Fun fact, from an episode of Shukudai-kun that I can't remember off the top of my head: Sho's favorite is Totoro. Aiba's and Ohno's favorite is Laputa. Nino's and Jun's favorite is Whisper of the Heart. (And now you see why I uploaded it.) Also! Nino said recently in some magazine that the love story in Whisper of the Heart is his ideal love story, and that it makes him nostalgic for youth~ or whatever. Aw, Neen.

And now, a poll:

[Poll #1618010]

Since I had a limit of 15 options, I went ahead and eliminated Ocean Waves and Tales from Earthsea because I'm assuming that no one has seen them (also, Earthsea basically sucked, so...). Also eliminated The Borrower Arrietty because it's still in theatres in Japan, and I only know of one person on my f-list who's seen it.
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Stolen from Jess (I learned your name and I'm usin' it because I like to use my friends' real names instead of their usernames since it makes me feel close oh so close to them)!

* Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.**
* Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
* Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

** Pisses me off that they use "their" here for "anyone". "Anyone" is so clearly singular. Also, I should maybe stop caring about grammar because I get wound up about things like this, and it makes me look like a grammatically awkward douche when I use "whom" properly and "none" as a singular pronoun.*** Additionally, my rant right now makes me look like a super-douche, because I know that I'm not perfect with my grammar all the time and it's like, "Get off your high horse, Inez, you kind of suck at grammar so stop thinking that you're better than everyone else." I'm, like, a hypocritical super-douche (the worst kind!). But whatever. My journal, my douchewanking. :|

*** Hahaha, I also totes don't use proper grammar when I'm RPing as Nino, and it pains me to have to be grammatically incorrect. I love you, Neen, but you're not the kind of person who'd use "whom" in the right place (and especially not during schmoopytimes).

Anyway! Are you ready for the pretty wallpaper?! :D???!!!****

**** I don't know why I drink coffee when I don't need it.

No surprises here! )

Getting mopey about my writing again. Baww why can't I be as good at writing as my favorite fic authors, etc. WHAT ELSE IS NEW, AMIRITE?

Can't stop listening to this song. You know. This one. Ves said very astutely, "Such a pissy title has to be a Nino song." And I laughed, because it's so true. But GDI, guys, I love this song. I've had it on loop all day. The lyrics, the lyrics... they're all about the title, you know. I love that he tells stories in his songs. Also, I think he knows how to use his voice really well. I especially love the part in the last refrain where he sings "wakannai kedo". I literally made a "hnnn" kind of noise when I first heard it. And every subsequent time I heard it.

Somehow this became a fully fandom post. I love you, non-fandom friends......******

****** Another compulsion! I always have to do periods in groups of three, because they're like sets of ellipses to me! And I have to have the volume on the TV set as a multiple of five (same with things like layer transparencies in Photoshop).
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1. There was an article below the fold in the South Bend Tribune (the local newspaper) today about a ten-year-old boy who found and returned a wallet with over $1000 in it. He was honored... )

2. Will texted me yesterday and asked me if it'd be okay for him to drop by early next week, I guess on his way home. Definitely yes, dearest William! Ahh, I've missed my Haverford people. ♥

3. Throwing in some fandom things, because they are also quite happy-making:

a. Kanjani8 is the ultimate fic-writing music. It so fun -- it makes me excited and giddy. And hey, maybe I'll finish this fic today! (Probably not. Dammit.)

b. Today's episode of VS A*ashi is the literally the best thing that's ever happened to me. Thanks again for the warning, Ves -- I nearly slapped my arm against the desk in my excitement, but I was being extra-cautious, so I got away unscathed.
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A wise man (woman. boss?) once said:
I judge how good a concert is by how good its "Lucky Man" is.

"Lucky Man" is a crowd favorite. It's an Arashi favorite, too. It's loud and peppy, and a performance in which the individual members' personalities shine through. It is a defining part of any Arashi concert experience.

Ladies and... ladies. Ladies? Ladies. [And gentlemen, too, now that this is public.] Are you ready for the Lucky Man Challenge? Under the cut you'll find the seven "Lucky Man" performances released on DVD. Watch them -- relive, reminisce, ruminate. And once your trip down memory lane is over (with some turns more awkward and sympathetically embarrassing than others), fill up your gas tank and return to the real world, and use your favorite "Lucky Man" (use him, use him) to decide which concert reigns supreme.

Take the Lucky Man Challenge! )

[Poll #1587670]

Comments on why you picked the one you did are quite welcome. As Sho sometimes asks, "How y'all feeling [about these particular performances of "Lucky Man"], ladies?"
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Because I leave with my parents to go to the gym on the way to work at 5:45am (which is a little silly but wouldn't be so bad if I didn't regularly go to bed around 2~3am), and my brother doesn't go to work until after noon so he wakes up around 11am, and my package is all special EMS from Japan and needs to be signed when it arrives at my door at 9:20am.

Need it. It's a package from Amazon Japan which holds within its hallowed cardboard walls the July 2010 issue of More and the Saigo no Yakusoku LE DVD, chock full of goodness (Ohmiya goodness). I assume there will be a package slip waiting for me when I get home, which means my father will chew me out (rightfully so) for spending my money and not saving it for things like shelter and clothing and food. Like I haven't heard that lecture before.

Meanwhile, at work, I had to wait an hour for my dad to finish having his meeting with the boss before I could go in and have a five-minute check-in with the boss (we have the same boss this summer, though obviously my dad's job is more important than mine). Got strange looks from some engineering post-docs, I think because I fell asleep curled up in a corner of the hallway, clutching my thermos to my chest like it was my only friend.

(It is my only friend.)

And since June is the month of resolutions... oh, it isn't? Ah, first.

I resolve that June will be the month of resolutions.

... yes? Okay.

I resolve to post more often, because you all are so interested.
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1. It's been a while since I've done a meme, so here's that one that's going around (should have used protection).

FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

Favourite song right now
Typical, but "Monster" by Arashi would be it. I don't think you understand how much I like this song. It's my favorite since "Step and Go" or maybe even since "Happiness", and "Happiness" is my all-time favorite.

Etc. )

SECOND: If you want to do it, do it. (It used to be "tag eight people", I think.)

2. Happy June!

3. I spent all day yesterday cleaning my room. Well, part one of three. I gutted my closet and my night stands and reorganized a bunch of my grade school/high school/college notebooks, trinkets, etc. I also have a giant trash bag filled with things that I don't need (because honestly, who's going to care that I got a 97 on a math test in sixth grade?). Now my stuff actually fits, and it's pretty wonderful.

Part two is my books (tonight). I had to get a second bookshelf for the ones I brought back from school, but hopefully they'll all fit somewhere. (But hey, don't be fooled by the rocks that I got. I'm the kind of person, unfortunately, who buys books but doesn't have time to read them, so I have all these unread books sitting on my bookshelf. Bookshelves.) Part three, scheduled for Wednesday night, is my clothes, which will include picking out clothes that don't fit me and giving them to a local charity.

4. Harrison (my new computer; that's what you get for being cheeky and telling me to name something after you) is hopefully going to be in today. More updates on that later, I'm sure.

5. Have a good day, everyone!

ETA: This entry makes me feel so materialistic. All I did was talk about things that I have or that I bought, or mention that I have to organize my giant collection of books or do such and such with my excess goods. It's like I'm bragging that I have things or buy things. I don't know. D:
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I had this whole cute little intro thing planned out for when I was going to post next, and you all were going to laugh until you cried and shout to the rooftops, "Clever girl!" and then get eaten by a velociraptor like the guy did in Jurassic Park, but it just didn't happen.

Lucky you.

I went to and came back from Florida. It was good times. In my wake I left an attempt (a K8 DVD) to get Cami to stop getting her jollies from little boys, but apparently it has had little effect. (I haven't read the pimp post or your wild rampaging afterthoughts yet; plz be patient.)

And now I've begun to get my jollies from little boys, and I don't like it.

Except that I do.

Back in school now. How crazy is it that this is my last quarter of college, forever, forever-ever, forever-ever?? I'm glad that I have a future of sorts to look forward to (though if UCLA doesn't give me the fellowship I applied for, I'm kind of financially screwed), but I still have to power through the rest of the semester to get there.

Taught my first college class on Tuesday. In Japanese.

For 90 minutes.

Sensei, I love you, but your idea of what college students consider a reasonable fourth-year Japanese "project" is a bit... optimistic. Well, I got it out of the way, and Jill and Ricardo were good sports about participating, so at least there's that. And we played the flyswatter game, what up.

Chinese is getting harder and harder, mostly because I'm retaining fewer and fewer vocab words. Stacy (and Liz) and I had a music swap party a while ago, so I have some Chinese music to listen to now. Too bad I still only listen to A*ashi. (And little boys. Dammit.)

[I would like to take a brief moment to break from my usual Arashi ban to just say that I preordered their concert DVD and I'm literally flipping with excitement.]

PoliSci and English are fine, too. Still lots of reading, still some quick-BSed papers (though apparently the English professor is a tough grader, and she's also fantastically brilliant, so I'm nervous), but I'm enjoying them.

That's all for now, I suppose. Maybe I'll post more often so that you don't have to see these stupid long nothing posts on your f-lists. (Instead, you'll find a brief series of slightly shorter nothing posts.)
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Cami's going to be here in a week UNFUNFUNF YEAH GIRL.

Today I've been more inspired to write fic than I have been in a while. There's an anonymous fic meme (for a fandom -- or at least its overarching umbrella, 'ella, 'ella, 'ey, 'ey -- that I'm not allowed to mention unfiltered) running around and I randomly wrote a goofy drabble (it was fun!) and later on someone said that she liked a fic of mine and someone else agreed and it was probably my mom both times but man I'm so stupidly happy. And then there's a fic feedback/concrit meme and people are petting my ego even though in this fandom I've only really written the one story (as well as some drabbles and a oneshot that I don't really like to think about) and it makes me feel good, so good.

Guys, I'm like a puppy who needs constant attention and positive reinforcement, and when I get it I become so hyper and out of control it's not really... human. Anyway, please forgive me. BUT HEY MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE MORE FIC BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT VERY GOOD AT WRITING PEOPLE ARE NICE TO ME AND IT MAKES ME HAPPY.


(Lately I've been listening to Shiina Ringo instead of Arashi (YEAH I SAID IT), but I'm excited about seeing Cami and feeling good about myself and in general extremely wired right now so I'ma listen to some more Arashi (TIMES TWO BITCHES) so that I can write it in my "Current Music" or whatever.)

... oh God, I'm so sorry about this post, guys.
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"I hate it when..." Not quite pet peeves because they don't occur often enough, but still things that bother you by virtue of their happening.

I hate it when someone knows my name and I don't know his. Usually I'm pretty good about remembering people's names, but when you're one of the supposed "student leaders" on a small campus (Q: Big head much, Inez? A: Yes.), it's inevitable that you'll meet someone and introduce yourself with a, "Hi, I'm Inez," and he'll respond with an, "Oh, I know."

I hate it when I know that two highly-anticipated DVDs are on their way to me, but I don't know when they're going to arrive. KenKen's newest DVD and *rashi's PV DVD are in the mail, somewhere. I just don't know where. I've been checking the mail feverishly for the past few days, just to be heartbroken each time. Want them want them want them.

(Tag, you're it. "I hate it when...")
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I'm making a filter for Arashi. )

Note that I'll still be posting about dramas and the like without the filter. If it happens to have an Arashi boy in it, it's really not my fault. :D
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Nabbed from Leigh!

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Guess who! )

And, because I felt like playing with my tablet, an artful and startlingly lifelike rendition of my boys in preference order (because it's clearly not obvious enough when I talk about them).

Insert tablet fail here. )

Now. Gotta be productive today. D:
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General pet peeves:
  • When people say "biweekly" when they mean "semiweekly"
  • When people don't understand the concept of correct aspect ratio
  • When ants crawl all over our dishes
  • When I've just brushed and flossed my teeth for the night and I suddenly want to eat/drink something

    Today's highlights:
  • Grades came out today. Basically, I pwned. Appropriately, this was the first semester I was truly happy with my classes. (Too bad it took six semesters to get to this point; my other semesters were miserable enough to damage my GPA irreparably, oh woe.)
  • There was a spelling bee on ESPN. Favorite word was "eurystomatous" (having an expandable mouth). Favorite example sentence was the sentence for "crystophene" (buried sheets of ice in the North American tundra): "Joe had fallen asleep and left a puddle of drool on the section of his textbook about [word]."
  • I finished a simple demo Flash video (and relearned some basic computer science coding in the process). It had examples of clicking on the correct answer and typing in the correct answer and a video. It was about Arashi.
  • A cat followed Aimee home! And since Aimee lives in the apartment next to ours, we had a fun, furry visitor. So cute. >< We fed him tuna but took him back outside once he looked like he was going to crap all over the floor.
  • Nino x apple is my new OTP. But remember that apple = food = Ohno, so it's basically Ohmiya. Apple is just Ohno at an advanced age, when he's lost all of his hair and features and has been reduced to his shiny, red deliciousness. Nino partakes with a smile.

    ETA: Cat? We've adopted him, at least for the night. It's raining and unhappy outside, and he was so eager to eat... I will be more than happy to give him some love. ♥ Aimee and I picked up some cat litter and food at RiteAid, and we just watched him successfully take a dump and bury it (in a litter box we fashioned out of a paint tray, oh how resourceful we are), so I'm feeling pretty okay about that as well. In my head I've named him Neen Bean, but since to Will that would be just another sign of my obsession and another reason to tell me to stop watching Arashi DVDs, I'll keep that in my head.

    Right now he's camped out under Aimee's bed, so he'll stay in her apartment tonight. He's pretty clearly a pet cat as opposed to a stray, since he's housebroken and he responded to the sound of the can opener, but at least until it stops raining and he can go find his home again, at least for now, he's our Neen Bean.

    ETA2: Aimee mentioned that we should come up with a name for him. I admitted that I've been mentally calling him "Neen Bean". Will gave me a stern, "Inez..." And Aimee said, "We'll name him in the morning." Foiled again. :/
  • ltgmars: ([arashi] nino ~ bingo)

    Letters from Iwo Jima was a doozy, though it was the first time I've looked forward to watching a war movie since Matthew Broderick in Glory (I know, I have weird celebrity crushes, don't bother me). I can't say that I didn't want to watch it entirely because of Nino, but I was glad in the end to have seen it. It was a good movie in its own right.

    I watched it with Andrew. Originally I had convinced William to watch it, too, but he... still hasn't finished one of his finals... so he was theoretically working on that tonight. Andrew, though, has been a good boy and has been learning all of Arashi's names and characteristics. I said last night, "Tomorrow we're watching a depressing war movie because my favorite's in it." He nodded obediently.

    And really, it wasn't as depressing as I was expecting. It was almost triumphant in a way I didn't think a war movie as seen from the losing side could be. But the entire thing was just so honest -- from the brutality of war to the writhing emotions of the characters themselves -- that in the end it seemed as if they accomplished something. Or maybe it's that the movie itself accomplished something in terms of what it's trying to say, whatever it is that it's trying to say.

    It was a little annoying when we were interrupted periodically with Will's roaming around the living room and asking, "How's Nino?" ("Still alive," was my mumbled response, eyes glued to the screen as if in a trance.) After it was all over, though, we sat in silence and watched the credits roll until Andrew laughed when "Kazunari Ninomiya" came up.

    I mean, I dunno. I'm sure I've covered it up well, what with my endless articulate wit and all, but I've always been bad at talking about things or critiquing things. "It was good. I liked it." Nino was really fantastic, no joke. They all were.

    (Also, I hated that when Nino's character mentioned that he was a baker from Ohmiya, all I could think of was, well, Ohmiya. Having to squish down my fangirl glee took away from the experience a little bit.)

    And then I came back to the internet and watched Arashi's latest Music Station performance. Cathartic reflection on war and friendship and family and the meaning of life, broken by the song and dance of a Japanese boy band, both featuring the same man. Yes. Good. This is my life.
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    Cami promises me SHINee next week. But for now...

    I just finished watching the Ultra Strong Game special. My favorite going in? Nino. My favorite coming out? NINO. With sparkles and blinking and shit.

    [Here I wrote several hundred words on Nino's merits and talents, but I decided to cut it because I sounded too much like a zealous fangirl. *in denial* Basically, he's good at everything he does, and he looks cool even though he's a brat with a hunchback. This part ended with a comparison of Nino's and a monkey's agility. I went that far.]

    The part where he runs up the conical wall? He just runs up it like it's a flat stretch of springy track. And then he crawls like a beast. And completes a swimming course faster than an Olympic swimmer (though to be fair, there's a reason she took so much time) despite his hating the sea (truth). And clears the last stage in a third of the allotted time.

    Ahh, so cool. ♥

    Beyond that (this is still Arashi-related, if you had any doubts), I've been clipping through Shukudai-kun episodes fairly quickly. )


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