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Just came back from seeing HBP. Will and I only made it to the 1am showing because the seven showings clustered around 12am and 12:30am were all sold out by the time we bought our tickets online. D:

Recommendation for watching it -- don't (re)read the book before you watch the movie. The movie strays from the source material more than the first five movies did combined. It wasn't even a just matter of omitting parts or shifting information to get it to fit into the allotted time. It was blatant disregard for the pacing and tone and information and mystery. There were a zillion and a half nods to Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, but I'm awed at how much they changed/left out/added. (Maybe I'm reacting this way because I'm fresh from rereading the book, which wasn't the case with the first five movies, but regardless, this one left a lot to be desired.)

I mean, it was okay. I enjoyed it well enough for what it was. I'm just sad because I know what it could have been.

Meanwhile, I have at least a very major cold -- congestion, sore throat, ridiculous sinus headache, finicky stomach. (Also a contributing factor to my discomfort in the movie theatre.) I'm hoping I didn't pick up mono from Will, but it's not like we swap spit often (ever). I'm just bangin' his mom, is all.

Dear you,
Good luck on your midterm today.

Now, let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, sleep.
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The problem with skipping out on LJ for two months is having to get caught up. I mean, I enjoy it, but my loverly friends list suffers from it. Sorry. ><

So I'll do as much as I can in as little space as possible...

Buchou~ *___* Shishido's album is really good. Like, really good. (I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to buy it once I can order stuff online.) Wintermyu is hot. Akadot Retail sent me OCEAN LINE. Kamakari goes, "Ko-Koorogi? Koorogi ya!" in his DVD. (I watched an idol DVD. Apocalypse Now, what?) I'm currently experiencing an unhappy allergic reaction to some strange facial medicine. I bought KKJ 2, Howl's Moving Castle, and My Neighbor Totoro with a large sum of paycheck money that my mother withheld from me for two years. I want the Gilmore Girls box sets. The only thing I saw of the Olympics was an hour or so of the opening ceremonies. Claire sent me a Singing Valentine "from the cast of Tenipuri". I contemplated getting fake glasses (still do; I'd probably do it if it didn't make me ridiculously pretentious). I'm getting better (less awful) at Japanese. I've forgotten everything there is to know about Spanish. Torishishi makes me so happy. I need to buy HP4. (Rupert Grint rocks my socks.) My Instrumental Ensemble ensemble kicks butt. I've already killed my computer with stuff I downloaded in one day, but I still have so much more to download. I'm trying to convince my mother to buy me Fastball's live albums (here and here), and she may be willing to do it since they're not of Japanese origin. We had a happy Indonesian dinner at Great Wall last week, and I ate some creepy-looking fish. Japanese Culture Club has made a subtle shift from "meeting after school in Kuharic's room" to "everyone coming home with me to watch anime at my house". (Which I wouldn't mind if the regulars weren't so potentially irritating.) I need to get a paid LJ account (for icons, yes). My mouth hurts.

And three pre-typed picspam posts coming your way. Right now.
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Went to see Harry Potter last night, which was a terribly complicated ordeal. I'd originally not planned on arriving at the theatre until 7:15ish (the movie started at 7:20; we already had our tickets, though, so it just would've been a matter of popping in after someone saved me a seat), but everything took a turn for the ideal when I listened to the message my violin teacher left me telling me that, since he was busy from 6:00-6:30, I could either come at 5:00 or at 6:30 instead of the usual 6:00. I, of course, got the message at 5:45, so that was that - I was off the hook.

I showed up around 6:15 to find a big chunk of the rest of my group there (they all filtered in somewheres between 6:00-6:45ish, probably). My group (well, the group I was in - it's Timo's group, if you want to get technical) combined itself with Caitlin's group, who got tickets for the same show, and post-ticket-ripping, when our theatre was finally open, there was a MAD DASH!! for good seats. Claire grabbed my hand and dragged me running past the several dozen others that had been in front of us in line, and through our MAD DASH!!, we were able to get nice seats at the perfect height, right in the middle.

It amuses me to no end that my group + Caitlin's group took up an entire row and a half.

I was sandwiched between Claire (whom I'd promised to sit next to and fangirl with prior to running down the hall toward the theatre) and Jay (quite a funny character, though sometimes you begin to wonder whether he can actually speak un-sardonically... which he can, I know, but seriously!), and we randomly chatted and went into excited hysterics until the movie started.

We're such freaks, I know. ><

So yes... the movie... It was good. Intense (I'd forgotten how intense the fourth book is), but quite nicely done. It had a lot of funny moments, too - hilarious moments, actually. The actress for Rita Skeeter is so funny. ><

And we get to see Daniel Radcliffe w/o his shirt OMFGOMFGOMFG.

(But seriously, he was only fifteen, people. Stop being creepy. And Rupert Grint is infinitely better and more adorable, and the only reason we aren't falling head-over-heals in OMFG with him is because he isn't the title character. He is a better actor, though, and Claire and I had numerous squeal-while-batting-our-hands-around-randomly moments over him and over exciting HPness in general. I also personally thought that James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) were delectable, as always!! <3)

I'd love to say more, but I don't feel like writing a spoilerific post until I know that I can actually discuss it with anyone out there reading this (well, anyone out there reading this who wasn't at the movie with me). I'll just leave you with one incredulous thought that Claire and I shared, whispered in hysterical giggles, during the movie:

"Why is he sitting in a tree?!"


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