Feb. 13th, 2015

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My phone does this thing where if one file in a directory has an image attached to it, that image infects the directory and becomes the "album image" for all of the files inside. It isn't so bad when the directory is actually an album with an album cover that should be attached to those files, but when it's a headshot of a random middle-aged woman that was associated with a radio show file that then becomes associated with the 250+ backlogged radio show files I have in that directory, it means that I'll be staring at this random woman for a very long time until I make it through the entire directory.

At some point she'll become warm and familiar, like a dear friend watching over me, and when I finally get through the entire directory and clear it out I'll find that my life is a little emptier without her smiling face, but for now she makes me incredibly uncomfortable and I nearly drop my phone every time I look at the screen while listening to music and her face is staring straight back at me.

Tonight I went to a (free! delightfully free) concert that I wasn't planning on going to. It took some time for me to warm up to one of my office suitemates who, upon first encounter, struck me as relentlessly direct and unfriendly, but over time I found that she was interested in engaging with me as a peer and was happy to discuss any commonalities we found -- including, as it turns out, classical music. I ran into her in the back room at the end of the day when she was lamenting that she couldn't go to a Wagner/Debussy vocal performance at the university's performing arts center, and she asked me if I was interested in European classical music and I mentioned that I happened to be a classical violinist by training. So she trotted me back to her office to look up details about the concert, and right then and there she called the box office for me and let me reserve a free ticket under my name.

At first I was reluctant to go because I'm the kind of person who wants to stay at home forever, but in the interest of good will toward this suitemate -- and, yes, appreciation for classical music -- I went and had a nigh-spiritual jolly old time. I'm not so arrogant as to believe that music has more of an effect on me as someone who identifies as a musician -- that's unfair and untrue (and that's the very magic of music) -- but I would wager that I've at least had more opportunities than many to directly engage with and reflect upon the role music plays in my life. So it was nice to sit for a short and intimate program and spend an hour appreciating just how much music means to me.

Between the two I prefer Debussy because he so masterfully straddles the line between delicate and desolate, and all you can do is let it unravel you.

That was supposed to be my little happiness for the day but all the words I had about music made it big and ruined everything! So my little happiness is the fact that I updated my LJ profile yesterday (since my last profile's table coding got messed up with the LJ revamp and needed to be redone) and I still quite like it today. It strikes the perfect balance between friendliness, pretentiousness, and thinks-she's-clever-ness that defines me as a human being.


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