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After nearly two years of scrambling to build and manage a new institute essentially by myself (it's been two bosses and one person who actually does all of the everything), we've finally hired a new guy! And with that I finally got the promotion and raise that had been promised to me at the beginning of the fiscal year last summer, since I finally have someone under me and can finally justify to the compliance powers that be that I deserve a better title since I'm ~no longer buying coffee~ and whatnot. You're now reading the LJ entry of an Assistant Director~

Just in time to get ready for a sooner-than-later move to Japan that very few people know about, oops. XD My bosses know and are happy that I'll be following my dreams, etc., and a few close colleagues know, but mostly the faculty fellows and other staff who've seen me put everything together for the past two years have been congratulating me and thanking me in advance for my hard work in this new position that they're saying I've deserved for so long, and it's a very weird feeling because people are sending me so many happy thoughts while I'm suffocating on my own guilt for wanting so badly to leave.

To specify, I have a tentative/proposed job offer from a company in Nagoya whose president we met when the institute went on a faculty delegation to Japan last December. Over super fancy shabushabu dinner that was so fabulous the cow meat came with a birth certificate, he turned to me and said, "I'm going to hire you," and I was like "lol okay dude" and he was like, "No, I'm serious. :|" Boss N is like my dad and he just wants me to be happy so he talked me up all through dinner, and here I am a couple months later just waiting for an official offer. Details forthcoming, as they're settled.

Was obviously hoping to be with Massiel 5ever in Tokyo so she could stress out my cat and we could share a shoe collection, but Nagoya is sufficiently between Tokyo and my heart's real hometown, Osaka, so I'll make visits when I can to see all the faces (celebrity and otherwise) that I love.

Speaking of which, my Twitter these days has been bogged down, for better or for worse, by a whole gaggle of Kansai children. These folks I've peripherally known of/followed for years have in the past few months swallowed me whole, and now I'm desperately, irrevocably in a bad way with Bun-chan. I added him to my tessellating Nino/Pikachu background today and I feel like there's nowhere else to go but down into the soul-crushing depths of actual love in a way I never love celebrities. Recently Brigit tortured us with a renewed favorite Johnny's ranking, and when I was asked where Bun-chan would fit (because he's a Junior and thus not included in the ranking of debuteds) I realized he actually, literally, for real real wouldn't fit anywhere since no one has ever made me feel the way he does -- not even Nino, who has defined who I am and shaped me as an individual and been so, so important to me that he will always and forever be my Favorite. Even so, even so, Bun-chan is the first ever in this strange new category of indescribable feelings and it seems like I have no choice but to let myself sink into them.

So here I am. What am I supposed to do with myself? What have you done to me, Bun-chan?? D:

We'll continue to report on this story as it unfolds.


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